Kayfabe Preview Show Democracy Rules: Red King vs Brad Adams

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What Stipulation Should They Face In?

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  1. Into the Wild Match

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  2. Lions Den Match

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  3. Dog Collar Match

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  1. [​IMG]
    An Animalistic Showdown:

    Red King (The Crimson Ape) @Grievous vs Brad Adams (The One-Man rEvolution) @BradAdams


    Only the competitors can post here.

    You can promo outside the ring if you like. In-Ring promos are also available to you.
    Promos must be done by the 11:59 pm on August 4th British Time.
    Please don't post any OOC posts in here. Use the General Discussion thread for those posts.
    There is a 2 promo limit.

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  2. Red King/Gaia Promo #9: Swings & Chains, Thoughts & Pain...


    *The Segment begins by showing Gaia sitting on small a wooden chair beneath a large oak
    tree in a public park in Toronto. Sitting around her is a small group of children who are playing
    with a small collection of baby farm animals. Gaia herself holds a small black rabbit in her arms
    silently smiling enjoying the fresh air and the company of innocent children.

    Suddenly her thoughts are interrupted by one of the children speaking to her*

    Child #1:
    Miss Gaia...are we going to meet the Red King today?

    *Gaia shakes her head as she replies*

    Gaia: I'm sorry...but the Red King is preparing for his next fight. He is...
    learning to be...comfortable...in a cage.

    *It suddenly cuts to a shot of the Red King (covered in neon pink war paint)
    held in place with thick chains around his neck, sitting motionless in a small
    jail-like cell shrouded in darkness before it quickly cuts back to Gaia and the

    Child #2: But you told us that animals should only be placed in cages for their own protection.

    Gaia: That's right...Its nice to know you have been listening to me.

    Child #2: But why is the Red King being placed in a cage?

    *Gaia looks away as she answers*

    Because wicked and evil men know the only way to contain an animal...to contain
    nature...is to lock it in a cage...to try and hinder and restrict it.

    *Gaia turns back to face the children who are hanging on her every word*

    Gaia: But as a wise man dressed in black once said...life...finds a way.

    *Gaia's expression then slowly changes, a flash of hatred and anger is seen in her eyes.
    Her next words come out in a hiss, like a snake preparing to strike*

    Gaia: And those wicked and evil men will soon learn...that being locked in a cage with
    a wild and dnagerous animal...is something no one should ever ask for.

    *The children all exchange a confused glance before Gaia snaps out of her anger
    induced haze*

    Gaia: I'm sorry children...I...I'm just a little distracted. I have have some very
    important things on my mind at the moment. Thank you all for joining me here today
    and be sure to thank your parents for me. Now...lets put all the animals carefully back
    into the holding pen so the people for Far Enough Farm can collect them.

    *Some of the children groan in sadness but all of them stand and gently pick up the
    small farm animals and place them in the nearby pen. The children all say their goodbyes
    before walking off to rejoin their parents before the most of the families leave the park.

    The staff from Far Enough Farm arrive shortly after to collect the animals and
    their equipment. Gaia helpfully assists them in loading the animals inside their
    special transport cages, making sure to say goodbye to every single one. She reminds
    the staff about the Democracy Rules event and hands them some promotional flyers
    before they to take their leave.

    The park is now mostly empty as Gaia takes a seat on a nearby swing set. She
    glances at her watch and realizes she will need to return to the factory basement where
    the Red King and her were currently staying soon. A hotel would simply not do and thankfully
    they had found a business owner who would let them stay in their basement. A basement
    that for some reason looked more like a prison.

    She knew the Red King hated chains & cages...even feared them...but she knew to defeat
    Brad Adams in the Lion's Den he would need to overcome his fears and use his size,
    strength and speed to once again crush the so-called One-Man rEvolution.

    She let out a giggle remembering how easily the Red King had crushed his two foes at
    Peace Of Mind. Once his two opponents had stopped working together and turned on each
    other...they were broken and crushed...just as she had promised.

    Prey for the Predator.

    Gaia glanced over and saw a long, white limousine pull up next to the park. She sighed
    as she thought about the money that had been wasted on such an ugly extravagance as she
    began to swing herself gently on the swing set. She began to get some real height with her
    swings and began laughing to herself before she caught a glimpse of someone...someone
    she knew would destroy her and everything she had worked for.

    She fell backwards off the swing and hit the ground with a thud.

    She moaned in pain for a few seconds before quickly spotting her enemy again.

    An incredibly tall, white haired woman dressed in a long white fur coat stared at her from
    a distance. Standing next to her was a much shorter woman dressed in simple business attire
    wearing a strange pair of black goggles.

    Gaia was frozen with fear...she couldn't move...she couldn't breathe...all she could do
    was lay on her stomach beneath the swing set and stare back at the two women who
    themselves remained perfectly still.

    A few minutes passed by before the woman in white turned and hopped back into the limousine,
    her shorter goggle wearing friend soon followed. Gaia watched as the limo pulled away and drove
    slowly with the rest of the traffic away from park.

    She then realized as fear began seeping into her very soul...that she was out of time...
    she was already out of time*


    *The scene cuts back to the Red King still chained by the neck in his make-shift cage but now
    the beast of a man is moving erratically, seemingly trying avoid an invisible swarm of bees*

    The world is a vampire

    He struggles in the dark...there is no light...there is nothing...
    Just the metal chains around his neck...and the steel bars around his body...

    sent to drain
    Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames
    And what do I get, for my pain?
    Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game

    He has nothing to do but think...but he doesn't think like them...
    He can barely understand them...their words sounding like radio static...

    Even though I know - I suppose I'll show
    All my cool and cold - like old job

    He tries to think but his mind is a mess...he could shout for help...
    If only he could remember how to talk...but he doesn't remember anything...

    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
    Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved
    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

    He doesn't understand any of this...why she has locked him in here...
    In this cage he hates...there is no light...there is only the sound of rattling chains...
    The chains that try to hold him still...the chains that try to bind him in place...

    Now I'm naked, nothing but an animal
    But can you fake it, for just one more show?
    And what do you want?
    I want to change
    And what have you got, when you feel the same?

    Any normal person would lose their mind...but he doesn't even realize he lost his years ago...

    In these chains...in the dark...he stops struggling and sits...and he thinks...
    He tries to think...he tries to focus...but only primal urges surge within him...

    Even though I know - I suppose I'll show
    All my cool and cold - like old job

    He shakes his head...trying to focus...trying to think...even if he doesn't know what thinking is...
    His mind is like a shattered mirror...that someone tried to fix...but they failed miserably...

    She must comeback soon...he needs to eat...he is hungry...he needs to sleep...he can't sleep like this...
    Nothing makes sense...to a mind that doesn't know what sense is...he shakes his head again...

    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
    Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved
    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

    They all seem so different...they all talk in static...static he should understand...
    They all stand upright...they walk on two legs...and he walks on all fours...

    Why are they different from him? Why does he feel like he should be like them?
    Was he one of them? Why does he feel empty? Why does he only feel full when he fights?

    Tell me I'm the only one
    Tell me there's no other one
    Jesus was the only son, yeah.
    Tell me I'm the chosen one
    Jesus was the only son for you

    He stands upright shaking his head again...trying to clear the fog from his mind...but he doesn't understand...
    but he suddenly stops moving...an image begins to form in his mind...its faint...but he sees her...

    It isn't the girl in flowers...its someone else...he's seen her before...in a dream...in a memory...
    In his mind...he knows her face...she is beautiful...more beautiful than anyone else...

    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
    And someone will say what is lost can never be saved
    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a-
    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a-
    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

    And then she begins to disappears in a flurry of teeth and fur...a cackle and howl...
    She screams...and it seems so real that he recoils from his own thoughts...

    Tell me I'm the only one
    Tell me there's no other one
    Jesus was the only son for you

    He roars in anger and struggles against the chains around his neck as she start to disappears from his mind...
    And the fog rolls back in clouding his thoughts...he roars again...this time at himself...as whoever she was slips away...

    And I still believe that I cannot be saved
    And I still believe that I cannot be saved
    And I still believe that I cannot be saved
    And I still believe that I cannot be saved

    He falls to his knees...tears falling from his eyes...and he goes to roar again...
    But it sounds different this time...he screams...a sound that could shatter glass...

    And just for a second...for a brief moment...he nearly remembers...his mind nearly lets him see everything...
    But then the fog clouds his mind again...and he's left a broken mess...a man who thinks he's a beast...

    He growls to himself...his simple primal thoughts return...thinking about the next time he gets to fight...
    About how next time he's going to make his prey beg for mercy...and then show them none...

    He looks around and realizes the cage and chains can't hurt him...there is nothing to fear from a cage...

    Only those who set foot in a cage with him have anything to fear...

    He will sit on a throne...of rock and stone...

  3. Red King/Gaia Promo 10: Missing Flowers & A Cage Full of Ash...


    *The segment opens in an alley way in the busy factory district of Toronto. A man can be heard struggling
    as he appears to mounting the now functioning camera on a tripod. Seen in the shot is the Red King, neon
    pink paint covers his head, face and shoulders and he still wears a large heavy chain tied around his neck.
    He is squatting next to a small, white wire cage as he plays with a packet of matches.

    Suddenly the voice of RWK cameraman Jackson Pickett is heard from off camera*

    Pickett: Hey...didn't your mother tell you never to play with matches?!

    *The Red King looks past the camera at Pickett for a second before he continues to play the packet of

    Pickett: I guess not.

    *The camera is adjusted for a few more moments before Pickett walks into the shot, clearly looking
    nervous and slightly annoyed. He takes out a piece of paper from his pocket and unfolds it. He looks
    into the camera for another moment before he begins*

    Pickett: Okay...so...most of you don't know me. I'm Jackson Pickett...the head cameraman for most of
    the RWK events. I'm normally behind the camera...but today I have to be in front of it. Gaia asked me to
    do this for her...and frankly she seemed a little distraught the last time I saw her.

    She told me she would be at Democracy Rules but she asked me to take care of the Beast for the next
    few days...and she also asked me to read you all this brief message.

    *Pickett now begins to read from the note in his hand*

    Pickett: "Dear Fans of the RWK. I'm afraid some important personal business has arisen that I must
    attend to.The Red King will be fighting at Democracy Rules and I will be there to witness his victory in

    I have nothing more to say about Brad Adams...as he is a vile man who will once again be crushed
    brutally and absolutely by the Red King...and he will live in regret requesting to ever set foot in a cage
    with a wild animal.

    The last few weeks the Red King has be undergoing intensive training to rid himself of his fear of cages
    and chains...and I promise you...Brad Adams...that nothing will stop him from breaking your wicked will
    and leaving you afraid of cages and chains for the rest of your pathetic life.

    Now I understand that actions speak louder than words...so my King will display exactly what awaits
    you at Democracy Rules.

    Thank you all for listening...and have a beautiful day.

    *Pickett smiles faintly as he folds up the note and sticks it back in his pocket*

    Pickett: She's got a lot of spirit that one. Okay big guy...what are we filming?

    *Pickett moves out of the shot and stands back behind the camera as the Red King smiles, his bright
    white teeth standing out against the neon pink paint on his face. The beast suddenly rips off the lid
    off the cage next to him before grabbing a small satchel bag from off camera.

    The Red King first pulls out a T-Shirt and shows it to the audience. Its a plain black T-Shirt with a white
    rEvolution logo on it. The Red King quickly throws the T-Shirt into the now lidless cage before quickly
    taking out a bottle of lighter fluid and carefully opening the lid*

    Pickett: Please don't drink that...

    *The Crimson Ape sniffs the open bottle for a moment before turning his face away from it. He then
    pours the lighter fluid all over the shirt inside the cage, a wide smile spread across his face*

    Pickett: I don't think you need to use all of that...

    *The Red King then throws the now empty bottle into a nearby trash can*

    Pickett: And I'll just work the camera.

    *The Red King then picks up the pack of matches and stares at them for few moments*

    Pickett: You know how those work right?

    *The Red King strikes the matches on the pavement, igniting most of them. He holds the flaming sticks
    at an arms length for a moment before dropping them into the wire cage. The soaked shirt bursts into
    flames as the antler man smiles and begins to laugh, a funny but in many ways unnerving sight*

    (This is here simply as a visual guide as to how exactly the Red King is acting and moving.
    I also want to state this promo was heavily inspired by this scene)

    *The camera then focuses in on the burning shirt, the rEvolution logo clearly shown being swallowed by
    the fire as the Red King can still be heard laughing and barking like a chimpanzee. The footage begins
    to speed up as it shows the shirt becoming nothing but a pile of ash. The footage speed returns to normal
    as suddenly, from out of the frame a stream of yellowish liquid begins to douse the the remains of the shirt
    and puts out the remaining embers.

    The camera pans back and up to show the Red King pouring what appears to be iced tea on the ashes.
    The Red King then points at the camera and once again starts to laugh in his ape-like manner*

    I'm sure everyone is really happy that turned out to be iced tea big guy.

    *The Red King again smiles widely as he throws the now empty bottle and ruined cage filled with ashes
    into the nearby trash can. The Crimson Ape gorilla-walks up to the camera and his smile suddenly disappears.
    His face goes blank for a second before he roars at full volume directly into the camera. The Red King then
    moves out of the shot before the segment ends and the picture fades to black*

  4. I - Speaking Out

    *We open our scene up in a dark alleyway, similar to Brad Adams' last message about Adrian Atlas and The Red King. Now, he faces Red King at Democracy Rules, with the stipulation being set as a Lion's Den match. Brad walks into the scene, and walks down the alleyway, hands stuffed in his pockets."

    Adams - "I've been keeping quiet lately, not like me at all as many of you are aware, but I needed to recollect on a few things. I was close, I was so close to winning that triple threat match at Kings of the Empire, it's almost like I was meant to win and then it just dropped out of my fingers. The Red King was lucky that night, very lucky. He was lucky that there was a third guy in that match because Red King and Gaia both know that he can not beat Brad Adams one on one, where I can see him, and i'll repeat something I said a month ago, you can't prepare for Brad Adams."

    *Brad turns towards a window, opens it, and jumps through it, rolling across the floor and sitting down on a sofa. He grabs a can of Fosters and cracks it open. He then begins to take short sips of it in between his dialogue."

    Adams - "Red King lets his owner do the talking, he's a fucking pet, when we're face to face at Democracy Rules i'll pet him so hard the next day i'll be receiving a letter from the RSPCA. I admit you found a way to beat me at Democracy Rulesyou ebut we're playing by my rules now. I just hope you've trained in playing fetch. I'm locking myself in a cage with Red King, why? I show him that i'm an evil man like he says that I am, i'll break his legs, i'll break his arms, i'll dislocate his jaw, the list goes on. All that fucking rambo, jambo that I seen through, Red King in chains in a basement, talking in all these riddles. Cut the bullshit. I know what you are, you're just a man - A man who is frightened, frightened of the things that I can do to you inside the Lion's Den. Let me guess you animal, they have a newspaper for you to piss on as well? I let my cocker spaniel's got more in him than you, and he's got no testicles any more!"

    *Adams puts his empty Fosters can down on the table in front of him, grabs the TV remote and turns the TV on, it displays Sky Sports, but the camera can't get a good enough view of it before it switches back to the view of Brad himself.*

    Adams - "Now I get the impression you feel trapped, you've been trapped by Gaia and so henceforth, you don't like cages. Well guess what you blubbering bastard, you're in a cage at Democracy Rules with a man who thrives in tight situations, you can rant on in your shitty poems as much as you want, you're too sensitive to step into a ring with 206 lbs of blackhaired steel and sex appeal. It's like I said last time, the throne of rock and stone will crumble and there isn't shit you can do about it. especially when i've got you shitting all over the ring mat, when we next meet. I just hope for the audience's sake you're potty trained in time for Democracy Rules."

    Adams - "Brad Adams signing off."

    *The camera fades out as Brad continues to watch Sky Sports on his TV."
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  5. II - Training like an animal

    *The camera opens up to Brad Adams in a forest, a much different setting to that of last time, Adams reaches down below him and picks up a hat off of the floor, he looks at it for a bit and puts it on, almost like he's going out on some sort of adventure.*

    Adams - "Hello everyone, Brad Adams here... again. I've decided that I need some intensive training to ensure that I defeat that rabie infested creature known as The Red King. I've thought of many different methods, but what seemed to make sense to me is that in order to defeat an animal, you need to think like an animal, so what's happening is I'm going to explore this forest, which is near my home. As you can see I'm pimped out in the latest exploration attire, I think my primal instincts have begun to kick in as well as I've already pissed on this tree."

    *The camera shows a wet patch on the bottom of the tree, presumably from Brad Adams himself, which isn't very pleasant to think about.*

    Adams - "It felt good. First thing first though I need to address Jackson Pickett, the little fucking dwarf and apparent assistant to Red King and Gaia. Listen here Jackson, I have not noticed you before and I apologize if I ignored you or something but a piece of advice. Next time you want to talk to me, get a stepladder so I can hear you. Twat."

    *Brad continues to march deep into the forest where a bird seems to swoop past him.*

    Adams - "Oh shit, it's Adrian Atlas, now I get why they call him the blackbird."

    *Brad soldiers on towards a bridge, he stops just before it.*

    Adams - "Now I've heard the Red King is going under intensive training, I would do it if I was facing me, a very intense human being. Guess I should try some, just going to put my camera on the floor."

    *The camera is put on the bridge, positioned so it can show Brad Adams doing pull ups on a tree. After a few pull ups, he stops his 'intensive training' and pulls himself up onto the tree, sitting on the branch.*

    Adams - "That's some intensive training right there. Anyway, Pickett said that Red King is going to break my will. I've probably said this before, but please understand that I am iron, that steel chain and that steel cage are exactly like me, and at Democracy Rules I intend to become one with the Lion's Den to defeat Red King."

    *Brad jumps down from the branch.*

    Adams - "Mr.... King. I'm ready for whatever you throw my way. Whether it be a fist, a boot, your own head or even the cage itself. I am ready for you. Revenge is on my mind, I will utterly annihilate you, not even someone built like yourself can prepare for me, and especially with what I'm going to do to you. The Red King can't handle Brad Adams, and after our match, this will be your destination, to go sulk off in the forest, maybe you won't come back, but if you do then I will stand in your way. I will prove that I don't need Victor or anyone to help me, whilst Victor is recovering it is my time to shine, the time of Adams, but now time for more intensive training!"

    *Brad then walks over towards the bridge, firstly placing the camera with a full view of the bridge, he climbs underneath it, hanging off of the edge and traversing his way across the bottom. The camera can't see what's underneath him, but it's presumed that if he were to fall, a long drop and water would await him below. Adams however, doesn't seem nervous at all but still has sweat dripping from his head. He comes to a stop and then scales along the bridge the way he came from, reaching the start, he drops to the ground and goes over towards the camera again.*

    Adams - "Intensive training has been put on standby for now, because 'Michelangelo on a Microphone' is going to talk some more. The way that Red King is training to be comfortable in a cage, it simply won't work, there isn't going to be chains or anything holding him down, it's a full on fight between me and him and I am superior in every way to this animal. I have a fully working brain, I can actually speak the English language, and most importantly I am actually a winner, Red King is a loser. Even if he did win last month at Kings of the Empire, so fucking what? It was luck, pure luck. You know what, I think I need one more session of intensive training!"

    *For the apparent last intensive training session of the day, Brad Adams walks over to the edge of the bridge, he places the camera down and then sprints across the bridge, reaching the other side fairly quickly. After a few breaths, he sprints back over again slightly slower than the last time. This goes on for a minute before Adams stops, slightly out of breath but still looking normal, the sweat more intense.*

    Adams - "With a big guy like him, my speed will be key in stopping whatever he has got planned, because I know that fat fuck won't be running very far and it honestly won't take much to put him down. I'm not going to go on about 'oh, the bigger they are, the harder they fall', because it's a stupid saying, but it has some truth to it, because after all of the strikes he will take from me, he won't be getting up at all. They'll probably have to get a crane just to move him an inch off of the mat."

    *Brad picks up the camera and goes to the middle of the bridge, and looks over towards the horizon.*

    Adams - "At Democracy Rules, Red King dies."

    *Brad then turns around to where he just was on the edge of the bridge, camera in hand.*

    Adams - "Hopefully for good."

    *He smirks at the camera again and turns it off.*

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