Kayfabe Preview Show Democracy Rules: Tag Team Roulette

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Who should be the team captains?

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  1. El Pecador

    11 vote(s)
  2. Al Blizzard

    1 vote(s)
  3. Ryder Parks

    4 vote(s)
  4. Azrael

    11 vote(s)
  5. Aleks Grayson

    1 vote(s)
  6. Chris Young

    4 vote(s)
  7. Slate Bass

    4 vote(s)
  8. Alex Valander

    0 vote(s)
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  1. [​IMG]
    Lion's Crown Qualifying Match: Eight Man Roulette Tag Team Match

    Confirmed Participants:

    El Pecador (The Sinner) @Geek773 / Al Blizzard (The Returning Bruiser) @DemonHunter1257 / Ryder Parks (Seattle's Favourite Son) @TheShadowSoulja / Azrael (The Black Heart) @El Curry / Aleks Grayson (The Crazed Prince) @Finniis / Chris Young (The Amazing One) @impactking / Slate Bass (The Mysterious) @Project Jonny / Alex Valander (Maestro of Malign) @Omega Maniax


    Only the competitors can post here.

    You can promo outside the ring if you like. In-Ring promos are also available to you.
    Promos must be done by the 11:59 pm on August 4th British Time.
    Please don't post any OOC posts in here. Use the General Discussion thread for those posts.
    There is a 2 promo limit.
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  2. *Al Blizzard's theme hits and the crowd erupts in cheers, at the cue of the lyrics he walks out onto the stage, the crowd erupt in cheers, giving the returning Blizzard his due reaction*

    Blizzard: *Shouted* Wooo! Let's go! I'm back baby!

    *He carries on down the ramp and, slides into the ring, he then calls for a mic and one is then thrown to him and he catches it with ease, he then starts to speak*

    Blizzard: What's up guys?

    *The crowd cheer*

    Blizzard: Well I have had a wonderful time off, well I was injured so that wasn't good. I thought my career was shortened, really. But it isn't! I am grateful to be back!

    *The crowd cheer at this and Blizzard stands back a moment, taking it all in, for a second time*

    Blizzard: Wow!

    *The crowd start to go quiet*

    Blizzard: Well let's talk about the people in this match shall we? First up we have Mr El Pecador, Ryder Parks, Azrael, Aleks Grayson, I am pretty sure I have heard a name similar, ahh nevermind! Chris Young, well he's been everyone, I have fought him before. Slate Bass, I have heard of him before and Alex Valander.

    *He Pauses*

    Blizzard: Who should be the team captains? Well if I'm honest It should be me and Chris Young, cause I have to go me and if anyone else deserves it, it's Chris.

    *The crowd cheer*

    Blizzard: Wow! I have missed this...

    *The Chant of 'Blizzard' begins to run through the arena*

    Blizzard: Thanks guys, you have never been more supportive ever, well apart from when I was injured, but then that was for an injury, everyone has support when injured. But now I have support when I'm back and that is great from you guys here and you guys at home watching this, and I thank you for that.

    *They begin to chant 'Blizzard' again*

    Blizzard: Well listen guys, no matter who is on my team at Democracy Rules, I will prove to everyone that my road to redemption starts at Democracy Rules and I will go on to face the RWK European Champion Christopher Jordan, now I know it's only the European Title, but I am good enough for the Imperial Title, no, not yet.

    *The crowd stay silent, with the odd shouts from single members, giving Blizzard his time to talk*

    Blizzard: Thing is, is that there is seven others in this match which gives me a one in eight chance of being crowned with the Lion's Crown and trust me on this, I will don the Lion's Crown and become RWKs' New European Champion!

    *His theme returns and blasts through the arena as he leaves and the screen begins to fade to black into a commercial break*
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    Buried Souls
    The shot opens to static as it cuts in and out for several seconds before the shot focuses and reveals a vast cavern seemingly going on for miles. As the camera pans, it passes by many walls with bones and skeletons piled up and mixed in with large and small barrels of wine. Due to the many bodies lied to rest it is presumed that this is, in fact, a catacomb, a final resting place deep underground. At the farthest end of the cavern, a crypt is identified. A slight shiver is heard from the cameraman as the damp air makes the hairs on his arm stand up as he increases his walking speed in an effort to reach the crypt as fast as possible. Along the path, a number of skulls lined along the walls seem to be increasingly making the cameraman uneasy as they stare directly towards him as if they are protectors of the lifeless cavern. After a minute or so of walking the man holding the camera finally reaches the outside of the crypt, but before entering the crypt the camera pans to the right where per usual rows of skulls were lined along the walls, but compared to the other skulls these skulls had been tampered with as each skull along the wall had black duct tape across its mouth with white writing across the tape which read ‘’Beware The Black Heart’’ & on others ‘’Resurrect The Angel Of Death’’ the camera pans towards the left wall which again features what seems like infinite amounts of skulls which have their mouths covered by the black duct tape. After several seconds of staring at the skulls, the camera pans back towards the center which reveals an open passage ahead, a man with his back towards the camera is seen sitting on a solid concrete block a few meters inside the room. The man is surrounded by light as there are two touches one placed on the right wall and the other placed on the left. These touches bring life to what otherwise feels like a bleak, cold and lifeless room. The cameraman slowly begins entering the room taking a few steps before the man on the concrete block spins himself around and is now directly staring into the camera lens. The man removes his hood revealing himself to be Azrael. Azrael sits cross legged as he smirks wickedly towards the camera.

    ''Welcome to the home of lost souls… A place where the dead roam free…. A place where there is no after life and a place where four men will be laid to rest in one months’ time, but they won’t be alone because move forward another month and they will be joined by another three men… If you enter this catacomb, you either rest peacefully without ever seeing the surface again, or you recapture any killer instinct you may have lost. I know for a fact once I’ve dealt with those other seven men they will be forced to fulfill option one and rest peacefully in the depths forever….''

    Azrael pauses as a look of displeasure crosses his face.

    ''Two months ago I went to war with a man deemed unstoppable, and I proved myself to be a force that will haunt RWK, but moving forward one month and I slipped out of my killer instincts. I not only underestimated my opponent, but I was eliminated far too easy… In saying all of this, I didn’t let the loss burrow itself inside of me… I took action immediately to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. I visit the catacombs, not for death, but merely to channel my inner darkness… My inner killer instincts. I now have something to prove and Lion’s Crown?''

    Azrael releases an unpleasant chuckle before staring directly into the lens with no emotion on his face.

    ''A golden opportunity… I take this as an opportunity to lead a following into war and a chance to once again prove how destructive I can be as my team brutalizes the opposing team in unimaginable ways… I already know these fans will vote for me. Why? Because as much as they hate to admit it, they love watching as a man gets his arm snapped or as a man is beaten into a pool of his own blood… These fans aren’t innocent they buy tickets, sit in the stands and cheer as blood is spilled. I know these fans will vote for me as a captain and I predict El Pecador as the opposing captain because they have already witnessed the damage we can do to each other and I’m convinced they will be wanting a part two of Pecador and I putting ourselves through endless hours of agony and anguish. I’m ecstatic to be able to give them that… As for Lion’s Crown, I have no issue with it. I will eliminate the opposing team as I lead my team to glory and it will all come full circle when I obliterate my team members the following month and capture the Lion’s Crown… As far as my team members go I don’t need to be informed of who they will be, I’m confident in my own abilities, and these seven other men are just props in my path on the way to the crown. As for these seven men, I’d like to address a few of them now.''

    Azrael removes his jacket revealing a sleeveless shirt with a Black Heart positioned where his heart is. Azrael runs his hands through his hair before staring back towards the lens.

    ''Let’s start with The Amazing Chris Young. A man who has grown as a person yet remains the same performer. I’d like to mention some demons of my past because I know that Young will most defiantly use my loss to him in 2015 as a type of weight above my head. Yes, Chris Young pinned me in the middle of the ring back in the days of NGW, a simpler time. But clearly, two years can do a lot to a man. I have been through personal wars, physical wars, and mental agony. After all of it, I can finally state that I’m at peace. I know the type of person I am, and I’ve accepted it. Young defeated me in 2015, but that broken, poor excuse of a man is a mere shell of the man that stands in front of you now. I understand my limit which is simply no limits. I understand what it takes and accepting my pleasure for harming others is a prime example of how much I’ve reset my mind. No longer do I have endless thoughts of consequences concerning my actions. I act and inflict pain.''

    Azrael breaks out a malicious grin as he stares into the camera.

    ''In relation to Young, I would like to reach out to the RWK management if you would indulge me for a moment. I’ve been a deadly force inside that ring for over six months since arriving. I forced my mark upon this company, and I inflicted suffering upon every single wrestler this company placed in front of me. I clawed, and I fought… What happened? RWK may not have agreed with my methods, but they certainly couldn’t ignore the path of destruction I’d left behind. Thus I was rewarded with an opportunity at the RWK Imperial Championship if I were to have won a number 1 contenders match. Now, what does any of this information have to do with Chris Young? It’s quite simple. Certain occasions RWK makes the correct decisions, but there are also times where RWK make senseless and foolish decisions. An example of a foolish decision made by RWK was granting Chris Young an opportunity at the RWK European Championship… Allow me to explain. Young arrived in RWK in January losing his first match. One month later Young participated in his second match which resulted in a second loss. No strings attached. Both losses were straightforward and fair as Young was erased by both of his opponents with ease. Leading into the next show Young was left off of IWT Mania V. Why? Because clearly, the company was distancing themselves from a flower that never sprouted… Young possess traits of an easily broken man. Despite all of this RWK decided to place Young in a number 1 contender’s match for the European Championship…''

    Azrael showing more character than usual places his thumb on the left side of his temple and his index finger/middle finger on the right side of his temple before shaking his head with a look of disbelief on his face.

    ''Through everything, Young will still preach from the rooftops that he defeated Judas Frye and that he isn’t a failure, all this does is increase my thirst to crack open Chris Young’s skull because of how such a small win can swallow a man. Defeating Judas Frye is nothing to be proud of… Studio 72 are the most pretentious group of people I’ve ever encountered in my life. Kidnapping employees? They are more focused on mind games and making people believe they are a part of some bigger picture, yet they haven’t shown one ounce of promise in the RWK ring. Young beat a mirror image of himself. Another broken man with no purpose in life…. Another failure looking for the next excuse.''

    Azrael leans forward and stares directly into the lens with an emotionless face.

    ''I must say I do pay a close eye to many of the other wrestlers in this company as I am always looking for another person to inflict hurt upon… Young isn’t an exception which brings us to our finale. I understand attacking somebody if it’s for the pure pleasure of it, but Young decided to attack Vitor Mata and Christopher Jordan, the two men fighting for the chance to face Young. He attacked them because he wanted to prove himself?... Pathetic what an absolute waste. You wanted to make an impact right Chris? Again we witness the lost soul of Chris Young a man trying to find purpose… Young could have directly faced the winner of that match, won the European Championship and proven himself on a much larger scale, but Young expected RWK just to hand him the championship. Instead, he forced the RWK management to have Young face both men and of course to the surprise of nobody Young was pinned in the ring by Christopher Jordan… Young once again highlights himself as a failure and a poor excuse for a man. Young and I started our RWK careers at the same time… While Young was failing to find himself, I found my true following and brutalized all…. I hope I’m not forced to team with you, Chris…. My team wouldn’t benefit from a man who doesn’t know what his true calling is… A man who fears the darkness of the RWK locker rooms…''

    Azrael cracks his necks and continues to stare without any emotion showing across his face.

    ''Speaking of darkness... RWK is quite a dark place… I’m an example of a man who enjoys hurting people I feel at home in RWK, but I’m not the only one. RWK has hired literal beasts? In the form of Red King and names such as Victor Sokolova comes to mind when I think about the darkest corners of RWK. I mean this company has even turned sane men into insane men who are willing to do anything to win a fight. An example is Ryan Vendetta, a man who had all the right values but slowly descended into darkness… The significance of all of this is Al Blizzard. I predict you are all feeling puzzled about what I’ve just said because Blizzard is the furthest thing from dark... The furthest thing from resilient, but that’s the entire point. Al Blizzard competed in RWK for two months before crumbling under the pain. He began by venturing off into singles competition only to be defeated in the first round of the European Championship tournament, losing to an entertainer… An Actor. Following this failure Blizzard reunited with his tag team partner Ricky Daniels and faced KJ Kidd in a two on one handicap match… Blizzard and Daniels had all the odds stacked in their favor, but despite everything, the buffoons tripped on their own shoe laces and failed again.''

    Azrael runs his hands through his hair and releases an annoyed sigh.

    ''That was it for Blizzard as he would suffer an injury that lasted for six months. As cliché as it must sound in a place like RWK, only the strongest will survive. Blizzard is the type of man I would eat alive inside two minutes… He is fragile and isn’t suited to an environment like this. It’s laughable that Blizzard believes he could lead a team. RWK has only gotten darker since Blizzard left and I suspect it won’t be long before Blizzard is placed back on the shelf and permanently erased from RWK… I dread the thought of teaming with a man who will collapse under the pressure. I’d much rather eradicate you myself….

    Azrael gives off an evil smirk as he finishes his sentence

    ''Enough of the weak minded let’s move on towards… Ryder Parks… Fresh blood…''

    Azrael eagerly smiles in a disturbing manner.

    ''I am unsure if any man in this match would be able to team with me due to nobody understanding or being on board with my methods… An exception for El Pecador as we are more alike than he would like to believe, but this isn’t about him. This is about Ryder Parks. A newcomer who I believe could join my team and ride the path to glory. Thus far Parks has demonstrated that he can fight, but in saying that Parks is still unproven. Parks defeated a man who will also be participating in this match, and that man can be considered many things, but a nobody fits well as he simply hasn’t achieved anything notable. Despite all of that Parks still exhibited signs of grit and wonderfully squished his opponent. I would accept the idea of Parks joining my team, but if Parks is selected to accede to the opposing team… I will push him to his limits and test him in unimaginable ways. Fresh blood is the easiest blood to claim… They aren’t prepared for the onslaught… Instantly rattled from the suffering…''

    Azrael abruptly stops as he stares emotionless into the lens of the camera. His eyes aren’t moving nor is he blinking as he sits as if his frozen, it’s evident he is lost in his thoughts. Azrael stares for several seconds before snapping back to reality.

    ''I am more focused than I’ve ever been Parks… You better be sure you're prepared to go to war with a monster like me. I watched you hesitate before you jumped from the top rope at Peace of Mind…. Understand that the smallest amount of hesitation and I will annihilate you….''

    Azrael stares intensely into the lens making the person watching feel uneasy as they can feel his eyes watching them.

    ''Before I go back to my training and preparation, I’d like to address one more man for now. The Crazed Prince, Aleks Grayson.''

    Azrael smiles with delight as he stares into the camera.

    ''I believe you, and I share some of the same ideals… I understand what it feels like to have a thirst for pain… I understand your desire to hurt your opponent in unimaginable ways, Grayson. I know that you would fall into line and follow me into war… In saying that if we are forced to fight each other, I hope you leave a mark on me, Grayson… I hope you bring that thirst for pain...''

    Azrael climbs off the cement break and walks towards the camera getting directly in front of it and smiling devilishly.

    ''I assure you I will not hesitate to inflict endless amounts of pain upon you until you scream for mercy… A privilege which isn’t granted…''

    Azrael turns around and walks back towards the cement block where he reaches behind it and picks up a skull which has the black duct tape across its mouth with the writing ‘’Fear The Angel Of Death’’ Azrael holds it in the palm of his hand and directly points it into the lens of the camera as the shot fades out before it ends a message shows up on the screen ‘’The Black Heart will be back for the others..’’ the message appears for several seconds before the screen fades to black.

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  4. The Drums Of The New Age

    The shot comes into a very dark room, nothing is seen as it is dark but the glare from a light bulb that hangs from the ceiling on a thread. The camera which this is being recorded from has a HUD similar to the old VHS recorders, the date is seen to be the 22nd of July 2017, the time is 20:26 and the battery is flickering red.

    The light begins to flicker on, the tint to the light is ever so slightly red but isn't too red. A chair is then ever so slightly seen situated in the, what is seen to be middle of the room, it looks as if there is some wear and tear on it, as if it has been through a war. A slightly tanned hand places itself on it, another hand appears which holds a wrist watch which also has its own fair share of tear. The hands firm grip on the chair makes it seem as though it is going to be picked up but it isn't, it is swiveled so the rest is closest to the camera, a man then sits down on the chair and rests his arms on the top of the back rest, he is wearing a ripped and shredded grey hoodie, he then pulls off the hood to reveal a familiar Al Blizzard.

    "Hello, my wonderful people, I am Al Blizzard, you will know me, or you won't as said by many, I am unknown, un-heard of, I wouldn't disagree. My track record isn't much, I am yet to win a match, I am not ashamed in the slightest at this as I have put in work and fight in my quest, this is not the first time i have been criticised for my work so I have begun to adapt toward fighting that vision of me not being able to get things my way. I have seen a vision, of my doomed future and what is wrong and what needs to be corrected. I have modelled and created a new me, ready for the perfect opportunity, I have created the new me, the new harbinger of doom, but that is for one later date and you shall know his name."

    He begins to laugh and the camera begins to crackle and the video becomes distorted and what is heard is demonic.

    "I know you shall be scared, I have made *Crackle* and I know how it'll go, it'll destroy the person under the name of *Crackle* and will destroy him for being on my wrong side. I do not control this thing but I choose when he is released and that is soon *Crackle*"

    The video becomes less distorted now and everything is back to what seems to be normal.

    "I am going to now release my words upon these members of this 8 man party and you will sit back and enjoy this feast I am about to bestow upon you. First up is El Pecador, Lucha Libre's Darkest Child even though he is probably American but we know little about him, we just guess by what his sidekick Deacon MacFarlane says and that can be puzzling at times. He is not against you or with you which is very similar to most people but then again he isn't one to speak up, as a matter of fact, he doesn't speak at all."

    Blizzard pauses for a second as the light continues to flicker on his face.

    "Next up we have Ryder Parks or Seattle's Favourite Son. I don't know who this guy is but he seems, well quite underwhelming but I digress, I am yet to see him so I shall not doubt skillset or abilities"

    The light then finally flickers and blows, for a brief second nothing is seen but then a strike of a match is heard and a ever growing light glows from a candle which Blizzard has just lit, he then carries on.

    "Up next is the man who spoke very strongly, he was up there with the greatest in that little catacomb sequence and this man is Azrael, The Angel Of Death or The Black Heart. He is from Cape Town in South Africa and he is mysterious, I was once going to be teamed with him but unfortunately or fortunately I got injured so he was left all alone but I don't know what happened, I was in hospital for god sake"

    He seems to sigh but not fully, keeping that slightly dark tone to his figure rather than breaking that.

    "Oh up next is the man that The Amazing H cast a shadow upon and that is The Crazed Prince Aleks Grayson. He is said to be H's sidekick, now I don't know much of what this kid has going but I think he is some sort of Indie Darling which probably makes him a suck up. He teamed with H up in TWF but that ended a long time ago."

    He then smirks but carries on.

    "The next pick in my little talk is The Amazing One Chris Young, he blends aerial domination, power, speed and the passion they call 'Amazing', this is somewhat true but when he steps in the ring either against me or with me, I am better so I will show how I possess the power to overrule him and his little Lilith."

    He laughs to himself, he seems to be losing sanity at this point but he doesn't seem to care much about that and more about winning.

    "Slate Bass is my next little pick, the guy whom looks like he was in the middle of a funeral and was called in to wrestle a quick match. He is said to 'feel empty' and the only thing that'll be empty is the slots he was meant to wrestle in after I potentially get my hands on him."

    He then holds his hands together and continues.

    "And the finale, The Maestro of Malign, Alex Valander. He's cocky get that right. He was born in the Midwest. Well, their isn't much to blabber on about him to be honest, but that's good, that means I'm not wasting my time on him."

    "But back to me, they all doubt me but little do they know I have a lot in my pack and it will be released, I am a lone wolf, I am what is to be the holder of the Lion's crown and I will destroy all in this match even if they are my teammates and they will learn that the Blizzard isn't a let down but the Blizzard is something that they should've feared for a long, long time."

    Blizzard then blows out the candle and the screen cuts to black but then a video starts to play.

    Tags: @Geek773 @Finniis @impactking @Project Jonny @Omega Maniax @TheShadowSoulja @El Curry Hopefully you guys think this promo is good! Good Luck guys!
  5. Making a Statement

    *At a live event co promoted by RWK in a full bingo hall in New York “Ignition” by TobyMac starts to play in the hall Chris Young steps out. He is dressed in jeans, boots, a Xtreme Couture Mixed Martial Arts t-shirt under his sleeveless entrance jacket. He stands in the walkway and behind him walks out Ashley and Lilith Young both in a “Team Young” shirt that looks the style of an affliction shirt, Also joining them is a man who is identified as Fergal Kanyon, The man who trained Lilith and teamed with Chris in the past. He is also in the same shirt as the rest. Chris enters the ring full of confidence and starts to hype up the crowd. Chris does this for a few minutes before he is handed a microphone, He stands dead center in the ring where the camera has Chris dead center in shot,*

    'Now, I’ve been given this time to speak about the Lion's Crown Qualifying Match: that I’m going to be competing in at Democracy Rules. Now I currently do not know who my tag partners are or who I’m even facing and you all and the ones watching at home get to vote on who the team captains are. Now, I’m all for the power of voting and that’s great. Now everyone in this match has a right to qualify, but let me ask you this, Do you want a guy like Al Blizzard or Alex Valander leading the teams? I mean it takes them an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes. I mean come on bro, When we haves guys like El Pecador and Ryder Parks. A Vet and a youngblood. Now I would be If I said I should not be captain.*Laughs* they used to call me the captain. I’m a veteran of this ring and at Peace of Mind I took Christopher Jordan to his limit and even though I lost that man earned my respect that night even if his pal is a cheap shot bastard, that’s not why I’m here. '

    *Chris Stops as he receives a mixed reaction from the crowd. He smiles as he walks around the ring. He talks with his team before returning to the shot. He raises the microphone to speak and it’s not working. A sound of laughter from the crowd is heard even his own team is holding back the laughs. He is handed a new microphone. He checks it before speaking again.*

    'Ok, Now if this damn mic goes out I'm kicking your ass. Now, where was I...oh right Democracy Rules? Let’s see who should I tackle next? How about Mr.cryptic Slate Bass. Now, I do kinda hold a grudge for this guy after what happened two months ago. You see you play this game with all this weird crap. I mean come on you’re almost as bad as Frye and those crazies.and come on look at my past I know crazy. So, Slate come play all those mind games. If we are partners then we will make sure this team is unstoppable, but if we are facing each other then son get ready for a war. This is just the start of the last dance.'

    *Chris spins the microphone in his hands He looks around with a smile on his face. He seems like he is getting back into the groove of being in front of a live crowd again. He hams up for the camera for a moment before returning to speaking.*

    'Now, I Let’s talk about one of the men who I think should be captains of one of these teams “The Sinner” El Pecador. This man has been here since day one and so have I. This masked warrior held the championship I fought for and now I may be teaming up with him or I may be wrestling him and both will be an honor. I’m the type of man who will go to the ends of the world to my chance at the world title. El Pecador you may be a good wrestler, but you get distracted too much in the ring and when we meet at Democracy Rules I know it will be an amazing moment. Now, lastly, there is one man who I have a bit of history with…'

    *Chris removes his jacket and his entire mood changes. His eyes are now filled with a fire as he moves to an empty corner and sits down. He looks around and nods.**

    "This guy, “The Black Heart” Azrael, Me this is almost two years in the making since we had our first meeting. You ran away from it and once you showed your face in my kingdom son, you done messed up now. You think your film like crap will shake me? I invented doing that son!
    You say you have no limits, only the cocky fools think that. If you don’t reach your limit you can’t break that limit and if you truly want to be about no limits well, you have not done half of what I did my whole goal is to break limits. I Come in every night and amaze these people who pay to see what we do. That’s why I’m out here and not off filming something to air online. Now If we end up on the same team I’ll deal with it, but if you end up facing me I will show you how much I have evolved. "

    *Chris rises up from the corner and steps back into the center of the ring. He signals the cameraman to zoom in on his face. He points at the camera with a smile of rage on his face.*

    Azrael , El Pecador, Al Blizzard, Ryder Parks, Aleks Grayson, Slate Bass, And Alex Valander look into my eyes and read my lips! This Georgia boy will earn a shot at the championship f you don’t know. Now you know.I’m the best and in case you didn't already know and in case any of you forgot. The Amazing Classic always puts on a 5-star match. I’m better than the best and I will make damn sure I’m walking out of Democracy Rules on the winning side.
    No matter what side anyone is on, this is just one more shot and I ensure you that I will give it my all!.

    *Chris Drops the microphone as his music hits and the group walks out. The camera stays on Chris as he raises his right hand with one finger in the air as the video feed fades out.*
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    Old Tactic For A New Scene
    written by: Finniis

    *The video begins playing with a “blink” like motion coming over the camera, revealing to the viewers a dimly lit room. The camera focuses on the light source, an electric lantern that is seated between where the camera is and another chair. A few “blinks” and the shot goes dark again. It takes a few moments for the noise of someone typing on a phone to slowly creep in, making the camera shot come to life, looking up slightly to find where the noise is coming from. Through the search it is revealed that someone is sitting in the chair, having it turned backward for the person to lean on. The camera looks back down, clearly representing a man trying to get his senses back*

    “Oh, he’s awake! Okay, okay act cool Aleks … act cool.”

    *The voice is oozing with a tamed southern accent and the camera follows the light from a phone being lightly tossed. It sees it land in a black duffel bag, landing perfectly to illuminate what looks like a black leather strap with gold studs in it. Similar to that of a title. The camera “blinks” a few more times, slowly lowering towards the ground*

    “Nah nah nah nah, you will not pass out again, you hear me? I’ve been sitting here for two frigging hours.”

    *The sharp sound of someone snapping their fingers twice makes the camera look towards the person groggily. From the dim lantern we see that he is wearing a white tee, having a watch and two rubber wristbands adorning his left arm. His legs are covered by worn jeans and his feet are occupying a pair of well broken in blue Converse*

    “Good, you’re at least semi conscious. I can work with that.”

    *Aleks looks the camera up and down, adjusting his sitting position, taking on more of a comfortable manner*

    “First just let me say, I’m really sorry for having to …

    *He twirls his left hand in an attempt to speed up his thinking process*

    “Forcefully appropriate you. I’ll admit … I’m a little rusty on my camera guy taking skills.”

    *The camera looks around the lit area, only able to see the duffel bag and what looks to be a kendo stick half shrouded in the darkness. The camera focuses back on him, showing him scratch the back of his blonde hair, looking off to the right*

    “Used to do this all the time … Like every month. Was like Netflix but with cameramen delivered to my doorstep instead of movies … course they stream now but, you know what I mean.”

    *Aleks stops his scratching and clicks his tongue, resting his arms on the backrest of the chair, looking at the camera intently*

    “You seem a little confused for a guy taken suddenly and tied to a chair. So for your sake I’ll cut to the chase. Shame though …”

    *Aleks looks sadly at the lantern*

    “I was gonna show you my Zoltron collection … “

    *This sad look continues for a few seconds too long before coming to a close when Aleks suddenly shoots his head up, shrugging as he says the first three words*

    “But fuck it, onto the part the audience … and you, actually care about! What Aleks has to say about his match at Democracy Rules.”

    *Aleks does a little trumpet sound, using his hands to play an air trumpet. After this little action he uses his hands to mimic those of an old timey game show host, adopting the speech pattern as well*

    “Ah yes … Set in lovely Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this particular city will see eight men tear each other apart in a randomly drawn tag match, all for a shot at championship gold whenever they want. Can you imagine the action? The thrill? The uncertainty? … Can you hear the roar of the crowd?”

    *He scratches his nose, chuckling lightly as he places his arms back down on the rest*

    “Ahhh ... I slay me. Anyways, in case you don’t know, the captains are gonna be picked by the fans and after them follows the team members randomly. Allowing bitter enemies to be placed together or even allies to be split apart. It’s actually pretty clever .. on paper. Ya see the thing about this kind of match is ... it relies too much on respect .. and no one taking part in it actually respects each other enough to follow whoever gets picked. Hell, I wouldn’t even follow me if I got picked.”

    *He leans into the camera*

    “Have you seen half the crap that I do? I go on suicide missions regularly. I probably would’ve died a long time ago if not for Jane patching me up.”

    *Aleks leans back, stretching his back before continuing*

    “ “But Aleks… “ I hear you saying. “If you don’t want to be a leader, then who do you want to be one?” And I would say, a very astute question, but the answer is simple … It doesn’t matter who gets picked! We’re all gonna turn on each other!”

    *Aleks laughs rather loudly, giving a jester a run for his money with the laugh. A few seconds is all it takes for him to calm back down*

    “I mean look, A for effort Board of Directors and Bookers. You guys clearly are trying some cool ideas and all, but let’s face the facts … You have eight wrestlers, some who have a bad history with each other, and you're forcing four of them each on a team to earn a chance at a title. I’ve seen actual brothers turn on each other for just a whiff of championship gold. Might as well have made it an eight man dance, elimination style, where the winner gets the Lion’s Gold Case. Would’ve made more sense, and save ya some hassle ... but what do I know? I’ve only been competing for fourteen short years, I’m not a professional bookie. It’s not like I know how wrestlers work.”

    *The Crazed Prince reaches for the shaded kendo stick, pulling it from the darkness. It’s covered in scratches and the bamboo is frayed. In one side black painted tally marks can be seen, totaling to twenty three. On another side the engraving of a name is visible … Lucy. The wielder twirls the weapon elegantly, signalling his immense skill in holding it*

    “But I’ll admit … I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. I mean, I get to face eight guys in complete anarchy. Just the thought of hitting an AK-00 on all of them alone is enough to get me going.”

    *He stops the weapon, sliding a finger across its wounds*

    “It’s kinda sad actually … they have no idea who they’re stepping into that ring with.”

    *Aleks reaches the cloth covered end of the weapon and twirls it once more so that the tip rests on the ground, holding it like a cane*

    “But boy are they in for a surprise.”

    *He smiles cynically before snapping out of it into a happy look*

    “Well, I wish them all luck before I crack their skul-”

    *The Crazed Prince of Hardcore is interrupted by light suddenly entering the room from a door being forced open. The light illuminated everything in it, revealing memorabilia hanging on the walls and shelves. Even a mahogany desk with a computer can be seen. Inside the lit doorway stands a woman, her purple hair tied into a messy bun. She is wearing only a “Shazam” shirt, leaving her legs bare. A huge smile is on her face*

    “Who wants cook-”

    *Her expression changes to shock and anger as her eyes adjust in the light to see her husband and a tied up camera man, his recording device duct taped to his hands and around his face*


    *As quick as a flash the camera shuts off, canceling the feed, leaving static in it’s place*

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    === 14:58 30/07/17 - VIDEO UPLOADED TO RWK.COM TITLE: Confused... ===

    *The opening shot of the video is a familiar one, Deacon MacFarlane is stood at the front and centre of frame in navy jeans, black boots and an off-white tee with a confident smile on his face. Surrounding him is the apartment he shares with his client which is, as ever, chic, spotless and decorated with tasteful monochrome. Behind him is his client, RWK's first and 120-day-reigning European Champion and the former #1 contender for the Imperial Championship, El Pecador. His attire is no surprise as he blends into his black-and-white habitat with his completely dark wrestling gear: boots, tights, gloves, his trademark mask with its glossy black adornments and his leather wrestling jacket. He is stock still on his black leather chair and appears to stare through his mask into the lens, as Deacon begins to speak*

    Deacon: Quite frankly, there are times when you could almost believe I was speaking to a brick wall, not the world, in these videos. When my client's European Championship was stolen from him by Michael Kelly, everyone and their dog wrote an article speculating on the downfall of the formerly undefeated El Pecador. Then what happened? Well, not to mince words, my client kicked the shit out of Azrael and became #1 contender to the Imperial title held by Nick. Then at RWK Peace of Mind, Nick retained his title over El Pecador. My client and I took a week's holiday abroad 24 hours after that match to reflect on that night's events and all that time, despite the apathy of the man behind me on the topic, I kept up to date. Up to date with a crazy déjà vu online alternative universe where, once again, predictions foretelling the downfall of Lucha Libre's Darkest Child ran wild.

    *Deacon takes a deep breath in, as if to calm himself, but then shouts at the camera and continues in a slightly raised voice*

    Deacon: Why?! It was proved to you all after Cold Day in Hell that not even defeat can slow my client's path of dominance. The fact that the world wishes it would doesn't make that any more true after Peace of Mind. Our holiday gave my client a chance to analyse, refresh and reset - that's all he needs. So anyone who says that Peace of Mind will leave El Pecador unfit, physically or mentally, for Democracy Rules, can shove that idea up their arse.

    *MacFarlane pauses again and, this time, when he continues it is indeed in more calm tones*

    Deacon: Now that the issue most closely discussed around my client is out of the way, I'd like to touch on one more thing so we can truly turn our attentions away from the past. My client and I extend professional congratulations to Nick on his win at Peace of Mind. The Imperial Champion proved that he is-

    *Deacon is cut off before he can praise his client's former opponent by El Pecador, moving for the first time in the video to lift his right hand off his knee and hold it up, palm towards the camera. MacFarlane stops speaking immediately and his head drops. He sighs with a strange mix of frustration and resignation, then looks back at the camera and continues even more quietly*

    Deacon: ...and congratulations is all that needs saying. I am not paid to exalt Nick and the most important thing, other than- no, including the result - to come out of Peace of Mind was that Nick could not make El Pecador tap out. It was Nick, not me, that said in the build-up that the only true victory was a mental one. Nick, you broke my client's body just a little more than he broke yours, but you came nowhere close to breaking his resolve. For that reason, along with his unrivalled success in the history of RWK, you can rest assured that El Pecador will be back for your title. Finally I would like to briefly...

    *Deacon makes a point of looking over his shoulder at The Sinner. Pecador doesn't move at all, making it impossible to tell whether he is accepting, challenging or ignoring his spokesman's words. MacFarlane seems to guess that he has a go-ahead, since his sentence appears to continue uncensored*

    Deacon: ...congratulate Michael Kelly on his recovery from injury and wish him good luck in his European Title match at Democracy Rules. I hope you prove that it takes a special class of competitor to beat my client in any small capacity, and win El Pecador's title back so he can kill two birds with one stone later on: clearing the first blot on his record and reclaiming what will anyways be his belt. Speaking of RWK's next event, I'm impressed by the unique concept...

    *For the second time, Pecador lifts his hand to cut off MacFarlane in his prime. This time Deacon just rolls his eyes, as if he was expecting it, before delivering his next line in uncharacteristically deadpan fashion*

    Deacon: ...although it's worth bearing in mind that it probably won't see a second year, since there can be no democracy in a kingdom El Pecador rules. Anyway, it is at this pay-per-view that a two-month, two-match process involving my client and seven others will commence to select the first holder of the Lion's Crown. A piece of headwear which entitles its owner to a match for any RWK Championship, which they must decide to use a month before they want their match. At Democracy Rules there will be an eight-man tag team match with team captains voted for by the audience, online. At this point in the voting it seems a foregone conclusion that El Pecador will be one captain, just as it was as soon as the idea and contestants were announced. The winning team of four in this tag team match will advance to RWK Last Rites, where they will square off in a fatal four-way to determine the winner of the crown. In addition to the tension that will inevitably happen when four wrestler egos are thrown into a team, there is tension built into the match's stakes. If your teammate screws up they could screw you out of a potential world title shot and even if your team wins, you know you have to beat all three of those teammates in a month's time - friends will become enemies, no two ways about it. There's an inevitable temptation to soften them all up a bit, too, and everyone will be checking their backs for just that. All that considered, anything really could happen at Democracy Rules. Great chemistry between teammates unveiled, breakout performances, the whole thing disintegrating into an eight-man brawl.

    *Deacon releases a chuckle then that sounds as if he'd been stifling, then resumes with a grin and a patronising tone*

    Deacon: Or maybe, just maybe, with the standard of competition in this match, El Pecador will annihilate the entire opposing team on his own if that's what he thinks is necessary, and do whatever it takes to ensure none of his teammates get in his way either. He'll make use of teammates willing to follow his lead, but will be no happier about it than if he has to kick their head in for interfering in his task. Of course, teams will be selected at random, but let's jump on a trend like it's a fidget spinner and run through the potential options. Except we'll be evaluating based on what my client wants: obedient teammates that'll stay out of his way when he so wishes and challenging opponents to make a statement on.

    *Deacon folds his arms and looks away from the camera, as if contemplating. He raises one finger on his left hand*

    Deacon: First - in the alphabet only - is Al Blizzard. This inclusion suits us wonderfully, as an opponent he's about as much threat as a sea breeze and as a teammate it seems from his lack of self-confidence that he'd be honoured to watch on as someone like El Pecador carried him to Last Rites - which my client would prefer to him getting in the way. But it's a pretty sad inclusion, isn't it? Even Blizzard knows he's nowhere near the standard for this match, seeing as he'd only feel worthy to cash the crown in for the European Title. But Al, if you don't believe you have the potential to be the best in the history of this sport, you are in the wrong sport. It's not your losses that will make you a weak, confused failure for the rest of your career - it's that you don't even believe in yourself. You made two videos, in the first you walked out to talk like an eight-year-old to a visibly bored crowd, then badly edited on some royalty free sound effects. Then you made a second at odds with the first, reflecting the angsty edgelord we all were, ten or fifteen years ago. Whispering about the release of a demon... wow, that really does horrify me. But only because Chris Young is a notorious patchwork of personalities and you've somehow managed to rip him off. Blizzard reeks of a lot of things - some of it might be because he's scared - but the strongest thing is confusion. He hasn't a clue who he is, where he's going, why he's here or what he's dealing with. I'll be surprised if he can remember which team he's on at Democracy Rules.

    *MacFarlane laughs to himself again, then lifts the second finger on his left hand*

    Deacon: Speaking of Chris Young... well he's alright, isn't he? I mean he had a good N-JPW run, he's one of the most widely travelled wrestlers active today, an impressive workhorse and, on his day, a solid competitor. He could've been European Champion, in fact, but for the determination of Christopher Jordan that took a lifetime of being overshadowed to build. The "Amazing Classic" is a bit much, but he's the sort of mid-tier talent my client wouldn't mind teaming with, and Young is another who probably wouldn't feel a need to get in this man's way. But then Chris Young is the second man in this match that is deeply confused. He's never settled on a set of allies to keep for more than a few months, and he can't decide what they mean to him. If he knows anything about Frank Kanyon's purpose then he hasn't mentioned it, and I hope Ashley is just his sister but... if Lilith is as bored with CY as the rest of us, I doubt she cares. And he's not just confused about his company, but about himself. While Blizzard did nick the "demon" thing from Young fairly directly, neither of them were first to that inner-monster-alter-ego sort of façade. Let's see... Spawn, Jack Rogue, Victor Sokolova, Red King, Azrael and - to a lesser extent - Arno Frye, to name but a few.

    Deacon: El Pecador doesn't need an act to deploy when he needs a PR boost. He is a man, no more and no less, who happens to mask himself to respect his training. It's just that he is the most skilled, athletic and hard-hitting man in pro-wrestling history. Hell, no wonder people think it's only a persona to cover up a big softie underneath, they've been conditioned by all those people to believe that every wrestler has some theatrical hell-beast inside! But back to the fake demon at hand. Chris Young is a journeyman but has never been a main eventer or a consistent champion. For someone who has had such a long career of believing himself to be the best in the world, he's a pretty catastrophic failure. If my client has to face him, he'll have no trouble at all. Young isn't on the level he claims, and never even has been.

    *Deacon lifts his third finger, mischief building in his expression*

    Deacon: Speaking of failures, Alex Valander is here. Blizzard apparently wasn't proof enough of RWK's desperation. He's been given a path to gold despite the fact he lost his debut at Peace of Mind and might be the most generic competitor in history. If anything has been done more than an inner demon to excuse testosterone aggression, it's the guy who "hates the people" for publicity's sake. Nick, Joseph Diamond, Tyler Keenan for most of his career, Buster Gates, Robert Blake, Ryan Blake, Aaron Harrows, Jason St Pierre, Michael, the list goes on. My client has had his frustrations, but at least has the brains to realise that his energy would be wasted with any focus on the crowd. Valander is just another forgettable addition to that list and, one way or another, he'll be forgotten forever at Democracy Rules. If he cooperates, he'll be a footnote on El Pecador's victory. If he is an opponent or gets in my client's way, he'll have his memories kicked out of his skull as his memory fades from public consciousness. His genericness is indicative of yet another man who hasn't worked out who he is - in this case he hides the fact behind pantomime obnoxiousness.

    *Holding up his fourth finger, MacFarlane moves on to Valander's debut opponent*

    Deacon: In contrast - but then, not at all - is Ryder Parks. He is dedicated to being a people pleaser in the ring which appears to be the diametric opposite of Valander, but he is similarly focused on the audience at the expense of his opponent. And again, as his eyes for popularity show, he depends on all of you for his validation, strength and identity - everything he should hold strong within himself. At Peace of Mind he was entertaining and effective in dispatching Valander, sure, but his exterior of certainty would crumble under my client's superior scrutiny. Parks is a rookie, at the end of the day, and another product of management scraping the bottom of the contendership barrel. Democracy Rules will serve as a reminder for cocky upstarts like him that El Pecador is the one true contender to the Imperial Championship - there's no-one on his level of skill, success or prestige. After he demolishes the field, no-one will forget that again.

    *With his pinky exposed like he's drinking tea, Deacon moves to the fifth of the seven potential opponents for his client*

    Deacon: Parks wasn't the only one to impress at Peace of Mind either. Slate Bass was emphatic in beating Prince X, who is certainly a higher calibre opponent than Alex Valander despite his frivolity. My client has a certain interest in Bass as an opponent, he considers that the man who definitely isn't the Head Pimp in Charge might provide a relative challenge. But Slate too doesn't really know who he is, just what he's not. I credit him for realising that putting on an act didn't get it done, unlike Blizzard, Young, Valander and maybe Parks, but he has left himself as no-one. Ambiguous, uncertain of his principles, torn between angry bitterness, the allure of sophisticated solitude and the hormonal strength of lust. A man who is so scatter-brained would be a liability to work with and someone so aggressive would inevitably get in my client's way. El Pecador looks forward to seeing Slate Bass... but hopes they are drawn against each other.

    *MacFarlane realises suddenly that at this stage he has run out of left hand fingers. Awkwardly, he unfolds his arms and begins to count on his right*

    Deacon: Continuing the theme of "impressive but confused" is Aleks Grayson. "The Crazed Prince" begins to show his intrinsic conflict in his oxymoronic nickname, but it runs deeper. His destructive record is at odds with his desperation to be liked, he frames himself as the fun, people's guy, but gets into their hearts by exploiting their ingrained... bloodlust. *Deacon winks subtly for the camera* You're another my client is interested in. Well, not really. He's slightly impressed by your past but you're yet to do anything statement-worthy in RWK, like El Pecador has been doing since day one. Even outside this company... did you ever kill a man, Grayson? Not even out of murderous intent, but simply out of putting your goals before not only another's career, but their life? Precisely. You're not on my client's level of devastation and if you're put opposite him, that gulf in class will be flaunted at Democracy Rules. In your video you gave a pessimistic view of this tag match that would make you a very suspicious teammate too, so let me give you another warning. If you initiate the "turning on each other" that you predict, or otherwise have your eyes on anything but the win, my client will send you the way of your four victims, and snap your precious kendo stick over your already bleeding head.

    *Deacon lifts a finger for the seventh time, indicating his client's final rival for the Lion's Crown*

    Deacon: And finally, speaking of people bring brutally beaten by El Pecador, Azrael is in this match too. It seems that the self-proclaimed Angel of Death will be my client's opposing captain from the voting, which is fine. He's an exciting competitor, but it seems a little silly to place him on a par with my client, a man who already beat him, and beat him half to death, in a number one contender's setting at Kings of the Empire. Azrael has since taken often to emphasising the strength of his performance in that match, but is yet to truly address its result and what it proves. He claims he wants only destruction, so I doubt he was proud of losing to a man who would then walk away, scathed but not injured. So, Azrael, why discuss the match at all when you, at best, got half the job done? No man of Black Heart would deal in half-measures, you should know that a good try is no achievement in our world. If you want more of El Pecador you will get it until you've had enough and the self-preservation you're obviously missing is beaten back into you. And your lack of human instinct isn't all in you that is confused. Your people-pleaser past wars with your demi-sadist present, your will for total destruction with the validation you want from a good attempt at Kings of the Empire. So you can take a day off and save RWK some budget with your inevitable second video because you don't need to scream about devastation. El Pecador is in the match; his actions will be heard louder than your words.

    *Deacon balls both his hands, smiles, then puts them behind his back again, where they usually reside*

    Deacon: The key aspect of this match that no-one else is picking up is this: it limits preparation. Seven potential opponents and seven potential teammates to plan for, figuring out ways to attack all of them, with or without others... it's not going to happen in much depth. Those who advance to the fatal four-way at Last Rites will be the team with the best combined improvisation skill, high-stakes experience and performance under pressure. El Pecador is unique in this match in having had championship implications on each of his nine RWK matches and so has been performing at the highest, least predictable level under pressure for months just in RWK. Notwithstanding the fact that my client is the hardest to read and predict competitor in history. He is the ultimate enigma, fluid and instantaneously adaptable to any offence or defence, yet incorruptible, principled and unambiguous. It's very simple - he is everything I have always said he is, no more or less. That means all sane opponents must fear him if they wish to survive him. But in this case, the desperation of management will feed my client inexperienced prey, confused within themselves and blinded by the impossibility of preparing for the hundreds of unique scenarios that could face them. At least four will fall to my client at Democracy Rules - more if any teammates are deemed a detriment and not a benefit to him - and three will be beaten at Last Rites, where El Pecador officially claims a crown of the sort that has always been his. One to physically prove his dominance and superiority.

    *MacFarlane's tone changes to one less grandiose and more sombre and cautionary*

    Deacon: I'd suggest that for Democracy Rules - and for Last Rites - all young children and those faint of heart or averse to hitting their jaw on the floor should please avert their eyes. And the rest of you... prepare for uncomfortable viewing. Between those two shows, seven blindfolded, bewildered baby gazelles will be ruthlessly slaughtered by RWK's one true lion, their graphic demises broadcast live and uncensored to the world. The Lion, clad in black, will survey his kills, his job done, and watch their blood from his claw stain the gold of his crown... with The Sinner's crimson mark.

    *With his farewell prophecy, Deacon sidesteps out of frame to his right, leaving El Pecador alone in the shot. After a second he lifts both hands from his thighs slowly, balling up his right and opening up his left. He pauses again, then suddenly pounds his right fist into his left palm as the video cuts to black*

    OOC: This promo was written, formatted and posted on mobile, hope there's nothing atrociously wrong with it. If there is I'll edit in less than 24 hours when I'm home from holiday. Best of luck to everyone in this match!

    EDIT 31/7/17: Fixed some spelling/punctuation errors and missing words/formatting, etc.
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  8. Jet asked for a 3-day extension earlier but Geek forgot to post it so I will do it now. The new extensions the 7th.....carry on.
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    The scene opens up, showing cutaways of each person involved in the Eight Man Roulette Tag Team Match.

    Every participant in the Lion's Crown Qualifying match is going about their usual business; nothing seems out of order.

    Simultaneously, they all receive a text message from an unknown number.

    The text message reads "Open. :emoji_rose:." and is followed by a link.

    The link leads to a black page, showing a video of rose petals falling in a beautiful garden filled with flowers, trees and thorn bushes.


    A female voice calls from off screen.

    "Can you see?"

    "Look closer, you blinded fools."

    The female voice sounds as if it is right next to the camera as it whispers something.

    "You think this is a game?"

    The camera gets knocked to the ground.

    A pair of dress shoes walks on screen and a lit cigarette falls to the ground in front of the camera.

    The cigarette is stepped on.

    The camera is slowly picked up off the ground, moving up the figure that stands in front of it, revealing it to be Slate Bass.

    "Is this a weak man?"

    "Is this a man you want on your side?"

    "More monster, than man, with a mind torn to shreds?"

    Slate Bass begins slowly walking into the garden, admiring its contents.

    "A sophisticated figure with a damaged soul."

    "A man with nothing to lose, because he has already given up everything, is a dangerous man."

    Slate reaches the end of the garden, where he stops at the edge of a lake.

    "Many view my torn warrior as a weak, shell of a man. 'Uncertain of his principles'... Written of as a lesser competitor after people "potentially get their hands on him'... Seen as 'crazy', yet he is far from it..."

    Slate takes one step into the lake.

    "Slate is more whole now, than he's ever been."

    Slate takes a second step into the lake.

    "Slate has more purpose to exist than ever before."

    Slate takes a third step into the lake.

    "But is he a man that you want on your side, is he willing to take a bullet for you?"

    Slate drops to his knees in the middle of the lake, now being submerged up to his stomach.

    The camera begins to slowly move toward Slate.


    "He will do no such thing."

    "No person controls Slate; no person holds the capability, or the honor strong enough, to have Slate Bass."

    "However, Slate will handle each and every single one of his partners and opponents alike."

    "As a means, to an end."

    "Whether he helps you, or sacrifices you, it is all for the greater good."

    "At the end of this match, Slate will be standing tall."

    "Whether it is by himself, or with his teammates beside him, well, that's their choice."

    The female reaches out in front of the camera and picks a rose from a rosebush.

    "El Pecador."

    "Al Blizzard."

    "Ryder Parks."


    "Aleks Grayson."

    "Chris Young."

    "Alex Valander."

    The camera is put into a fixed position, behind Slate Bass.

    For the first time, the female is seen on camera, albeit from behind, as she walks towards and kneels beside Slate.

    Her hair jet black.

    Her outfit is a blinding white colored romper.

    A sleeve of thorns tattooed across both arms.

    The female puts her arm around Slate's shoulders.

    "These are the names of men with frivolous needs and desires."

    "These are the names of men who hide behind something, anything, to make themselves feel unique and feel whole."

    "These are men that live lies so grand...even they believe those lies to be truth."

    "These men are weak of mind."

    "Those who believe they are strong of mind, body and soul have not yet realized the truth."

    The female gives the rose to Slate Bass.

    "Only once your mind has been released, your body been broken, and your soul has been shattered can you ever, truly, be strong."

    The female and Slate embrace, holding each other closely.

    "Welcome, to the Garden of Eden."

    Slate Bass stands, turns towards the camera with an enraged look on his face, grabs it and forces it into the lake, as if he was trying to drown it.

    The female's laugh is muffled by the water.

    The feed cuts out and every competitor is sent back to the home screen of their phones.
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    *The video from the website of notorious British tabloid The Sun begins with an obese news reporter in a suit in front of the doors of a closed gym at night, seemingly on the streets of a city. The reporter appears flustered to an almost ridiculous, pantomime degree, when he speaks in his thick Essex accent he sounds as breathless as if he had just finished a marathon*

    ???: Ladies and gents, Davey Taylor here for The Sun, we were just verbally assaulted by a masked… urm… professional wrestler calling himself… *The reporter frantically glances down at a card in his hand* …Eel Peekado? El Peckodore? Sorry for my bad French, but we have just witnessed a truly shocking outburst here - take a look!

    *After an ad break in the video, we cut to shaky footage on the same street seemingly taken from the middle of a crowd of paparazzi. Over the tops of several heads and amid dozens of blinding flashes, we see an evidently frustrated Deacon MacFarlane, carrying a gym bag and wearing a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms. The nearby street lamps are off but the street is fairly dark and there is loud background traffic noise, suggesting that the video was taken earlier on in the same day. Just ahead of and beside Deacon is El Pecador, dressed in similar tracksuit attire but wearing his black mask beneath the light grey of his pulled-up hood and not carrying a bag. The pair are power-walking past the crowd of reporters who are shouting a garbled mess of various questions at the RWK-famous duo, however, Deacon’s frustrated voice can be just about distinguished through the din*

    Deacon: Fucking rush hour traffic, this is why we should stick to mornings, man!

    *Pecador is barely visible when he reaches the front door of the gym as the reporter crowd comes between the Sun camera and Lucha Libre’s Darkest Child, but he can just about be seen pushing on the glass door then, when it doesn’t budge, knocking on it impatiently*

    Deacon: Oh, fucking hell! Seriously?!

    *As it becomes ever clearer that the gym is closed for the day, the paparazzi audibly increase the ferocity of their bombardment and visibly edge inwards, closing around MacFarlane and his client in a wide circle, with no gaps. Deacon quickly tries to push his way through, but the journalists and camera operators shuffle backwards, blocking his path away without ever letting him get too close to them. MacFarlane becomes increasingly exasperated and the body language of the former European Champion seems to tell a similar story. Seeming to go for his last resort, Deacon stands still and then holds three fingers in front of him. One journalist raises her hand and MacFarlane points over some heads to them. They seem to be a woman from the platinum blonde top of their head, the only part of them which is visible from the camera*

    ???: Mr MacFarlane, how can anyone be expected to take your client seriously after he lost to Nick by submission at Peace of Mind?

    *Pecador immediately steps towards the woman, prompting a huge flash of cameras. MacFarlane places a hand in front of him, then snaps at the questioner*

    Deacon: For the same reasons they always did: because he’s the single most successful competitor in RWK history. Next!

    *At this point, Deacon’s impromptu attempt at a press-conference style structure dissolves completely, as reporters shout at the top of their lungs to be heard*

    ???: Who do you think-

    ???: Why won’t your client-

    ???: …in professional wrestling-

    ???: …hidden identity-

    ???: …downward spiral-

    ???: …at Democracy Rules?

    *MacFarlane’s face is a picture of bewilderment and frustration as he tries to piece an entire question together from the audible snippets. Suddenly, one man with a foghorn voice booms over the others*

    ???: Why do you think anyone believes in a killer midget in wrestling more than they would in any other context?

    *The reporters go almost deadly silent, stunned by this journalists’ bending of unspoken rules. MacFarlane is reeling too, but one person is more infuriated than stunned as he shouts back*

    Pecador: How about, “because they aren’t blind”?

    Deacon: Nonono-

    *Deacon frantically, begging, tries to stop his client from answering the question, but it is to no avail*

    Pecador: I’ve been kicking people’s heads in for months but, just for you, at Democracy Rules, I’m going to really put a hole in someone’s skull until their lifeless brains dribble out of their torn-up fucking earholes!

    Deacon: No! No, stop, please!

    *At this point the Scottish-American spokesman may as well be speaking to a brick wall, as his client booms his final words*

    Pecador: And if you – and that means all of you – don’t get the fuck out of my sight pretty quick, I’ll make a start right now on this c***!

    *MacFarlane’s head is in his hands but when the journalists back up quickly, chattering excitedly but slightly fearfully to each other, he looks up to follow his client sheepishly out of one of the quickly widening gaps in the paparazzi circle. The clip fades away with El Pecador storming off along the street, followed by his frenzied manager, and we return to the original scene of Davey Taylor*

    Taylor: I mean… whew, I have no words for that, ladies and gents. The… sport of wrestling is currently enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to young companies like the RWK, “Royal Wrestling Kingdom”, making their presence felt in the entertainment industry across the UK. But incidents like this surely bring into question its credibility, and many are asking why such an evidently crazed individual is legally permitted to mask themselves in public. The Sun has, in the last couple of hours, had a Freedom of Information request to the government for the identity of Mr Peckodoor denied. This was on the grounds that his public anonymity is necessary for his work. The debate about this incident, RWK and professional wrestling rages on, and you can keep up with all of the shocking developments and gossip for this story, right here on TheSun.com!

    *With that, and with another advert at the bottom of the screen, the video fades away*
  11. False Prophets
    The shot opens with nothing but black as the camera is tilted around it is revealed that every direction is consumed in darkness with no sign of light in sight. For a few seconds, the only sound heard is the cold breeze traveling through the air until the shiver of the cameraman can be heard breaking the silence and reassuring the viewer that they have indeed clicked play on the video. After several more seconds a light begins to beam from a distance and as it approaches closer, it is revealed to be Azrael holding a torch. The fire flickers as Azrael brings his face closer into the light. Azrael is wearing a black shirt with the Black Heart logo, black boots, and black jeans. He gives off a villainous grin as he tilts his head towards the passage alerting the cameraman to follow. As the cameraman follows Azrael into the unknown room, the shot is still relatively dark as Azrael places the torch into the holder on the wall before disappearing down the hall into darkness. Azrael reappears after a few seconds with a club and lighter in hand. Azrael flicks open the lighter and lights the club. The fire quickly fills the top of the club and illuminates the second half of the room revealing a familiar sight. We are treated to the same crypt Azrael was in previously with the same concrete block centered in the room, but this time the block isn’t empty it has a skull sitting on it. The skull has a mask over it similar to El Pecador’s and like the other skulls black duct tape across the mouth that reads ‘’False Prophets,’’ The camera turns back towards Azrael who is placing the second torch on the wall. Azrael approaches the concrete block and picks the skull up holding it in his hands before sitting cross-legged on the block.

    ‘’I stated in my last address that I wouldn’t mind allowing El Pecador to stand beside me because I believe we share similar values and I believe we are more alike than he would like to believe. But due to recent revolutions I’ve realized that I’d rather not allow El Pecador the privilege of standing beside me…. Why? Discipline and focus. I understand that Pecador was able to defeat me, but he is nowhere near as focused or as disciplined as I am.’’

    Azrael twirls the skull around in his hand as he stares emotionless into the lens.

    ‘’Allow me to break this situation down for the….. Small minded individuals who are watching this video…. Better known as the fans or my competitors, specifically El Pecador. If I were like these many fans who believe anything they are told, then I’d look past El Pecadors flaws and focus on his strength and intimidation. I’d sit there and watch as he sits in that chair frozen like a statue and I’d think to myself…Oh god, this man is scary... This man is a machine… This man is focused and very well disciplined.’’

    Azrael shakes his head as he chuckles vilely.

    ‘’But that’s where these close minded fans are wrong. I don’t fear El Pecador because I already know I can take a beating from anybody and I certainly don’t base my perception of El Pecador off of what I see in his pre-taped and rehearsed videos. I know that everything we see of El Pecador is smoke and mirrors… Nothing but an act. I am aware that several different people have attacked El Pecador for being a fraud in the past, but open your mind for a moment and hear me out. I’d like to steer away from the rehearsed videos and focus on live action… I want to focus on El Pecador’s in ring credits. El Pecador has one of the best records in this company…. At a mid-card level and during his reign as European Champion Pecador would be victorious on many occasions, but all of those wins can be questioned as the level of competition was simply…. Mid-card level and there just wasn’t a single man or women that placed El Pecador under pressure and forced him to go above and beyond…. Until he finally choose to face some top competition and the real El Pecador was revealed…’’

    Azrael smiles maliciously at the camera as he continues to twirl the skull in his hand.

    ‘’Firstly let’s turn our attention to RWK: Peace of Mind which is the event that Deacon MacFarlane stated would be the culmination of everything El Pecador had fought for and that the empire ran by El Pecador was finally beginning…. But the level of completion and pressure may have been overwhelming for ‘’The Sinner’’ as at RWK: Peace of Mind all of these revelations were destroyed by Nick. El Pecador and Nick went to war, and this match would showcase many of El Pecador’s skills including his strength, toughness and his skill as a brutal fighter, but as many of these close minded fans focused on the resilience and toughness of El Pecador they were oblivious to the lack of discipline and focus showcased by Pecador. In the final moments of the match, the pressure was reaching boiling point as El Pecador went for the pin on Nick…. At this moment Pecador believed he had done all he can and was about to become the RWK Imperial Champion, but at the count of two Nick would kick out and send El Pecador into a world of uncertainty and self-doubt… Pecador began smacking the floors like a child as the lack of discipline was on show… As Pecador threw his tantrum, Nick would capitalize and knee Pecador in the head before locking in the Brooklyn Bridge and breaking what was left of an already broken El Pecador.’’

    Azrael steps off the concrete block and continues to hold the skull in the palm of his hand as he slowly approaches the camera with an evil smirk stretching across his face.

    ‘’I was the other man to test El Pecador’s discipline… I kicked out of countless pinfalls and sent Pecador into a tantrum as he became uncertain of his own ability’s, but in the end, I made the mistake of not executing the Final Termination with better caution and Pecador was able to defeat me. In the end, I was brutally beaten, but El Pecador was also brutally beaten. I was held down for a mere three count. Not a second longer. I was able to get up and walk out of there unscathed…. As for Pecador, I’m sure he was feeling the pain of that shoulder after the suffering I put it through…’’

    Azrael gets right in front of the camera and kneels down staring into the lens with a violent look.

    ‘’I can admit my faults because I don’t care what these fans or fellow competitors think of me. I admitted that I lost my focus last month, and Will Neilson was able to capitalize on that, but that’s why I’m here in these dark, cold underground dungeons. I am reasserting myself and reassuring I am focused and prepared for RWK: Democracy Rules…. Pecador I’m very excited about the prospect of facing you…. I already know how to break your mind…. I know what it takes to make you snap, and that lack of discipline will be the deciding factor when I stand tall over you… I’m going to close the gates to the forgotten empire and end your ascent to the main event once and for all…’’

    Azrael chuckles wickedly as he turns away walking back to the cement block and sitting cross-legged on it as he places the skull at the bottom of the block still in visible sight.

    ‘’I’d like to now address another competitor or team member, in this case, Alex Vander. I plan on keeping this short as there isn’t much to say about this man…. Vander showed up at RWK: Kings of Empire and decided to continue the fueling of his ego by degrading as many of RWK’s wrestlers as possible, also preaching about accomplishments I’d never heard of or cared of and then was swiftly defeated in his debut. I mean I don’t need to say anymore. I don’t need to waste my time on a man that no matter how many losses he suffers he will continue to fuel his ego and tell himself he is the best…. I will squash you inside sixty seconds, and I will assure you suffer indescribable amounts of pain…. Forcing you to run back to whatever hole you crept out of….’’

    Azrael runs his hands through his hair and cracks his neck as he stares into the camera emotionless.

    ‘’I don’t show mercy…. I don’t care if you’re a helpless rookie or a long time veteran I will inflict endless amounts of pain and enjoy every second of it… It also doesn’t matter if you’re a funk lover…’’

    Azrael gives off an unpleasant smirk as he places his hands together.

    ‘’ I’d like to now turn my attention to the...’’

    Azrael pauses for a moment as a look of displeasure crosses his face

    ‘’The…. Jive Talkin'…. Pimp Walkin'… Funk Lovin'…. Booty Whippin'…. Pimp master….’’

    Azrael keeps an expressionless stone cold face throughout the entire sentence.

    ‘’Mr. Slate Bass… That’s right the man who once degraded many of his opponents by mentioning that none of them knew who they were or knew their true identity, but all along it was Slate Bass who was hiding behind a fake personality. Bass rented out all of these clubs, women, extras and portrayed a funk loving imbecile… Why? Simply because he couldn’t dare stare into the mirror and portray the person he truly is. Bass couldn’t dare be the man he truly is because he needed the acceptance from the audience and he knew these fans wouldn’t support or respect a man like himself… Bass knew his opponents wouldn’t fear him; thus he created this character that was full of confidence and hid his insecurities and self-doubt. As I’ve stated in the past, I don’t care for the audience members because I don’t need their approval. I wrestle because it gives me an opportunity to do what I love… Which is punish people. I love every second I’m in that ring hurting my opponent, and I could care less about what a bunch of mindless sheep think of me… In the end, once NGW shut down and Bass was out of the spotlight he truly took a hard look at what he had become and when he arrived in RWK he still hadn’t found who he truly was as he still plays a fake character. Bass acts mysterious, and the audience think it’s interesting and intriguing, but who am I kidding? It doesn’t take much to please them. Bass is just another lost soul attempting to find his path, and if he is a part of my team I will lead him to victory, but if not I will torture his lost soul….’’

    Azrael steps off the cement block and receives a sealed envelope from the cameraman before sitting back on the cement block cross-legged. Azrael rips open the envelope and proceeds to read before producing a sinister smile and dropping the letter on the ground.

    ‘’Finally, before I return to my preparations I’d like to address a thing or two regarding Chris Young. I’ll keep it short and straightforward Chris. Am I off filming some film shit while you’re entertaining audiences? I’m here preparing for RWK: Democracy Rules and these fans as I’ve stated on countless occasions I couldn’t care less for. I don’t need to arrive at a live event, stand in the ring and receive the fans approval. I don’t need their support to feel better about myself. I don’t need their comfort…. Chris while you attend live events and try to win over the fans I’ll be here. Alone… Isolated…. Focused... And preparing because when these audience members do see me, it will be at RWK: Democracy Rules and they will be in for another showcase of pain and devastation… Continue winning over their support Chris because at Democracy Rules you will just be another fallen hero.’’

    Azrael stares blankly into the camera as the camera cuts out into darkness as the shot ends.
  12. August 1st, 2017
    Seattle, Washington
    5:00pm PDT


    My, oh my!

    The feed starts with a familiar voice being heard off camera in a joyous tone. Soon thereafter Ryder Parks walks into frame, proudly showing off his Seattle Mariners jersey.

    A mariner wins it!

    Ryder laughs and claps his hands, rubbing them together for a bit thereafter.

    My Seattle Mariners might not be flying so high, but I’ll be damned if I’m the same way! Hell, the Mariners should sign me! I’m already batting 1.000 for my career! I’m sorry, what’s that? My cockiness is showing?

    Ryder surveys the room for a second before becoming fixated on the camera once again.

    What cockiness? I said it before man, if you can cash the checks that your mouth writes for you, then you’re not cocky, you’re confident! And I know there are a few of you out there that don’t particularly like me. Be it because of my big mouth, my obscenely long hair, or simply pure jealousy, there were some of you that thought, and probably hoped, that I’d crumble under the bright lights of RWK, but hey, here we are now. One match, one win for Seattle’s Favorite Son.

    Ryder creeps up towards the camera, putting his hand up next to the opposite side of his mouth as he whispers to the camera.

    Psst, that’s me.

    Ryder resumes his normal position, eyes locked on the camera.

    Now, I know I may seem a bit too confident for a man who seemed deadset that he was going to win his first match anyways, but if there’s one thing this profession has taught me in my short time in it, it’s that anyone on any given night can win. Even if the odds are insurmountable, immeasurable, incomprehensible, inexplicable, unfathomable, yes I’m only doing this to show off how many big words I know, but you get my point! The wrestling business is fucking crazy! I’ll spare you the bumpy road analogy for now because I’m not trying to sound like a broken record over here. Trust me, if I wanted you guys to hear a broken record, I’ve got some of my mother’s old ones stashed away in the closet somewhere… although I don’t exactly have a record player, so I couldn’t even try to play them if I wanted, but who’s asking the questions here, me or you?

    Ryder pauses for a moment, thinking to himself.

    That was a question in and of itself, wasn’t it? And so was that last one. OK, let me stop sidetracking and get to the heart of the video already. As many of you may have seen, our next big event is Democracy Rules, a show in which all of you in the RWK fanbase have a say in something for every match on the card. The majority of those decisions come down to match stipulations, but my match… my match is a bit different. You have a different decision to make, and I? I have bigger prizes at stake, because I am one of the eight men that will vie to find out who will be the first ever Lion’s Crown winner, a crown that will grant its winner a European or Imperial Championship match anytime they want, with the one caveat being they must announce their cash in a month beforehand. And step one to crowning said crown winner…

    Ryder points at the camera and smirks.

    See what I did there? You like that? Step one is to have an eight man tag team match, and your vote is to decide who will be the two respective team captains. Now truth be told, I’m not too worried about whether I end up a captain or not… what I am worried about are all of my potential allies and enemies in this contest. And since I’ve got seven subjects to talk about this time instead of one, I’ll skip over the bit where I ramble on and on about how I’m the best wrestler in this match… I’ll skip it for now, at least. Now, let’s whittle that number seven down to six because let’s be real, I think I said a lot of what I needed to say about Alex Valander last week, and even more so when I beat him in that RWK ring. So, as far as I’m concerned, he isn’t worth me using anymore oxygen on his already spoiled namesake. Let’s find someone new to talk about, shall we? Let’s talk about the man who, I guess you could say drew first blood, and that is the man who first made comments about this matchup, Al Blizzard.

    Ryder chuckles for a moment, pushing his hair back from his face.

    Al Blizzard. I don’t think I’ve met a man with a more fitting name than that...Blizzard. It’s very indicative of your time here in RWK because you, my friend, are cold! No wins in your opening two matches? And you called me underwhelming?! Come on, man! I only needed one match to get my first win! Where’s yours at?! I mean, with your comments here, I guess it’s not hard to see why you haven’t won yet! You said yourself that you don’t think you’re ready for an Imperial Championship match, so if you win this match, you’re going for the European Championship! And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the European Championship, but seriously?! You have the chance to become RWK’s major champion, and you’re gonna turn it down because you think you’re not good enough?! If you don’t think you can be a world champion, then I don’t know why you are wrestling, let alone why you’re in RWK! I feel like I just wasted even more oxygen talking about you because I really don’t think I needed to make you look any worse than you’ve already make yourself look!

    Ryder pauses to give himself time to breathe after blowing up a little bit.

    I’m gonna have to pray tonight that I don’t end up with you on my team Al, because if I do… let’s just… let’s move on here. Let’s move on to a man who… a man who is unlike any other in this match. That man is Azrael. I’m sorry, would you prefer “old blood,” seeing as how you called me fresh blood? I mean, at least it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever been called, but it certainly is one of the strangest. I get it though… I know what the game is here, Azrael. It’s fear, isn’t it? The pacing at which you speak, the emotionless stare, the sickening words you use… well.

    Ryder steps up closer to the camera.

    Two can play that game, son. You’re a very good wordsmith, Azrael, I’ll give you that much... good enough to maybe scare some of the people in this match… but not good enough to scare me. You wanna pass yourself off as some sort of twisted, unstoppable force when in reality… you don’t even have a winning record in RWK, do you? No, you don’t… you even dropped your last match to Will Neilson. That little notion of you being able to annihilate me as you put it… not looking so likely anymore. Don’t get me wrong... you still are one of the more accomplished men in this match and I also wouldn’t mind teaming up with you… but if our paths cross under a different circumstance… you’re the one that should be prepared for a fight. Because that seed of doubt is there, isn’t it? Losing your last match, and now seeing that I’m not scared by this little charade you’ve got going on. Nobody else may see through it, but the smoke and mirrors you produce don’t phase me, Azrael! Because I know that that mirror… it’s cracking. And it’s gonna break soon. And I’m not one to vandalize other people’s property, but trust me… if it’s the Angel of Death I gotta get through to get closer to that Imperial Championship, be it through the air or on the ground, mark my words, I will send you back to the hell you came from!

    Ryder moves back from the camera and clears his throat.

    Apologies if I got a bit out of wack there… I’m just not a man who takes too kindly to those who try to frighten me. And I’m also not a man who takes kindly to those who breeze by me in their promos, which is the perfect segway to my next opponent… Chris Young. The “Amazing One.” The man who simply described me as a “youngblood.” I don’t know what it is with you weirdos and your obsessions with my blood, but that’s not the important part here. The important part is what you had to say about this Lion’s Crown match,and well... the basis of what Chris Young had to say was something I would expect to hear from my local senior citizen’s home. It was just a bunch of focusing on his past and not on what he’s done recently. What has he done recently, you may ask? Well, besides losing his European Championship match to Christopher Jordan at Peace of Mind, he hasn’t really done much since coming to RWK. Now, I do know of Chris’ past accolades in other promotions that I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention due to possible legal issues, but nonetheless, I know Chris has felt what it’s like to be on the top of the mountain. However, as much as he may not want to admit it, Chris was also, at one time, the new kid on the block. He also had the same drive and hunger that I now have to reach the top... and if he has studied my match against Alex Valander, or any of my matches outside RWK like a true veteran would, he would know… I’m willing to do anything to get to that next level. But look at me, dwelling on his past. The days of the young upstart Chris Young… they’re over. And sure, those years you’ve put into the ring may have given you a bit of this...

    Ryder taps the side of head with his index finger, indicating the notion of knowledge.

    Which would be valuable in a teammate, but with all due respect for everything you’ve done in the past, that’s about all you’re good for anymore. Your body can’t catch up to your words, let alone catch up to me or anyone else in the match for that matter. So your wrestling mind may very well be second to none, but your actual wrestling work nowadays? Second to last. Last is my cousin, he’s god awful. I don’t even know how he and I are related, but that’s another story for another day.

    Ryder reaches over to his coffee table and takes a swig from the water bottle that was on it.

    Ahhh, I needed that.

    Ryder holds the bottle up towards the camera.

    This video message is brought to you by our not-so-sponsors Poland Spring™. Poland Spring™… it’s just fucking water.

    Ryder tosses the bottle off camera and slams his hands together.

    Alright, I am fully refreshed and ready to talk your ears off even further now! And so, our next potential teammate, or opponent, is the self proclaimed “Butcher of Black Haven” Aleks Grayson. I’ll admit, this is probably going to be the toughest competitor to talk about because, well, this is Aleks Grayson’s first RWK match. I’m sure there’s something to be said about a fourteen year veteran who has only just made it here to RWK, but I digress. You know, I remember when I had my first match here in RWK. Seems like just a month ago. Good times, man. Good times. But, uh, let’s not dwell on the past here, let’s focus on the now. Let’s focus on what Aleks Grayson had to say about this Lion’s Crown match. I mean, we could focus on the fact that he’s got a cameraman tied up in his house, which I’m pretty sure is grounds for kidnapping, but hell I ain’t a cop, I’m not gonna worry about it. What I will worry about is the fact that… I agree with some of what this guy’s saying. The mutual respect we all share for each other… very, very minimal. I mean, I respect these guys enough to take them seriously despite me cracking a few jokes here and there, but that’s about it. Combine that with some history between select combatants and a guaranteed championship match, and this tag team match… it ain’t gonna be pretty. But getting back to Mister Grayson, something I noticed about this man is that he seemed to be going for a similar tactic as Azrael… attempting to install fear into his opponents. But instead of the methodical voice tone and the somewhat spiritual aspect Azrael brings to the table, Grayson goes for a more… violent approach. Talks of suicide missions, excitement over complete and total anarchy, this man would have us all believe he is truly a masochist lunatic. And hell, given his accomplishments, he might just be that and yet… I’m still not afraid. Because I said it earlier… I will do anything to get to the next level, and winning the Lion’s Crown is the next level. So, Aleks Grayson, and anyone else I mention in this video for that matter… bring the pain, bring the mind games, bring it all. Any test you give me, I’ll pass with flying colors, figuratively and literally! You may have ended four careers over the span of fourteen years, Aleks… but you’ve got another thing coming if you think I’ll be number five.

    Ryder stretches out his hands, creating some cracking noises.

    Speaking of five, that’s five opponents I’ve spoken on and only two to go. And one of those two men is, arguably, one of the most successful men here in RWK. And that… is El Pecador. Lead by Deacon MacFarlane, Pecador has made quite the name for himself, and he is actually the only man in this match who has held RWK gold by being the first ever European Champion. He is also the man who lost the main event of Peace of Mind to the reigning Imperial Champion Nick, but hey, who’s keeping score? Oh, that would be me! And yet, despite the fact that Nick beat his client, and actually went the extra mile and damn near broke his arm, Mister MacFarlane is still stuck in some fantasy land in which his client is the rightful number one contender to the Imperial Championship. I’m sure in this world Deacon also has himself a magic pony, a mile long rainbow, and a goddamn chocolate waterfall, but I’m not one to judge other people’s desires, so we’ll leave that at that. My point is Deacon MacFarlane has to be the most delusional man in RWK if he thinks his client is still the most deserving man for an Imperial Championship match. You have the audacity to call me the bottom of the contendership barrel? I don’t even know why El Pecador is in this match! None of us do! Your client had his shot and he lost fair and square, and there’s no shame in losing, it happens to everyone, but there’s no honor in continuing to run your mouth after the fact! And speaking of that mouth, it had some other pretty interesting words to say about me, namely saying that I rely on the fans for my strength, my validity, and my identity. Ha…

    Ryder scoffs and jerks his head back to flips his hair out of his face again.

    You think you got me all figured out, don’t you? That I’m some sort of simpleton that you can define in a couple of sentences, is that what you think? Is that what Pecador thinks too? Because if it is, I feel sorry for him… I feel sorry that he has such an inept, brainless, spineless coward doing his thinking for him. What I won’t feel sorry about is, if he ends up on the other team, I will do everything in power to prove him… to prove you… and to prove everyone else that doubts me all across the world that Ryder Parks isn’t just a rookie as you described me, but that I am… a rookie worth watching.

    Ryder takes a pause to smirk.

    And finally, we move on to the last of the seven men in this match with me, Slate Bass. The only other man in this match that, besides yours truly, won their last match here in RWK, so fair play to him for that… but that’s where any possible comparison between us ends. You see, I saw the video Slate sent to the rest of the competitors, and I have to say that this video was rather… intriguing, to say the least. To say that the pimp is no longer in charge would be an understatement on my behalf. It’s obvious that Slate Bass has changed his ways and has really turned the corner here… now whether or not this is all just another character of his or not, I’ll leave that up to your imagination. I’ve got an opinion on my own but for now I’ll leave that to the side. However, it seems as if Slate Bass and his mysterious lady friend, who possibly might be one of his old “work partners” but that’s not the point, the point is it seems these two think that we think of them as a joke, to which I say… yeah, kinda. I mean if you didn’t go with the old cliche of finding your purpose in life and being a reformed man, I probably wouldn’t think of you like that, but hey I’ll give you some credit. You and I are the only two guys walking into this match with some momentum, and as I’ve said in the past I may like to make some jokes but I am, above all else, a professional wrestler. This is all I’ve ever been and all I ever want to be, and so I take all of my opponents very seriously no matter the circumstances. So whether or not this is the real Slate Bass I’m talking to, whether you believe that I’m the one that’s weak in the mind like your friend said, or whether you think that I am some sort of character, it doesn’t matter to me what you think or who you are… I know who I am and I believe in who I am. My only question to you is… can you say the same for yourself? As a matter of fact… can any of my opponents say the same for themselves?

    Ryder stares intensely into the camera.

    That’s a question they’ll have to answer themselves. Cause at the end of the day, my perceptions of these men may be completely wrong, they may be totally true. All I know is that I will walk into Democracy Rules 100% fit and fighting, ready to take that next step. I won’t just be on my A game, I will be on my A+ game, because I said last month that my match with Alex Valander was the biggest match of my young career… well now the stakes are even higher… and so are my limits! I can only hope for their sakes’ that my teammates... but more importantly my opponents... also bring their best. Because if they don’t… when it’s all said and done… they won’t even know that I hit them.

    Ryder winks to the camera as the camera cuts to black.
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