Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. know this is a friendly place


    Anyone battled depression or had to help someone who's dealt with it?

    Just wondered as I'm currently battling it hence the period I was away?

    Tips or advice or just general chit chat

    Thanks guys.
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  2. Yep I think everyone has now and then. My sister is Bipolar so I come across it a lot. It all depends on your individual situation on what advice is best for you, and I doubt you'd want to reveal a personal situation on here which I completely understand as I wouldn't want to.

    One piece of advice I can give, is if it's bad enough to seriously affect your life then you need to go to a doctor. Depression sounds like something everyone goes through and it is, but if it's a serious level of depression it's just as bad as quite serious mental health problems.
  3. Been tested for Bipolar recently and came out ok but am currently on meds for it all. Quite happy to chat on here tbh as it saves me constantly pestering all the ppl close to me for help if that makes sense?

    Had it years on and off which is why they tested for Bipolar as have episodes of both mania and then depression but overall been diagnosed with depression.
  4. I don't have a lot of experience with mental health other than some family member's annoying OCD. I have gone through small lapses of depression but it's only lasted a few hours max. Probably not even close to your case but I try to sleep it off or distract myself until I have something to work on or look forward to. I hear that good conversation can be a big help, too.

    Maybe get together with some "mates" as you guys call them, even if you don't feel up to it. Friendly company might make you feel better.
  5. Well it's good that you have medication and have acknowledged it to be depression. It gets dangerous when it gets to the stage where you don't want help and you just want to end it all. It's great that it's not bipolar as it means it's curable/controllable. Now what you need to look at is lifestyle for example.

    I'm probably not the best to ask since I'm a "If you don't like something, don't do it" type of guy. Was kicked out of school for that reason. You live once :emoji_slight_smile:. But reason I brought that up was, work. I know you work often and sure money is great but does it have a dampen on your mood? On your days off are you a LOT better or just typically better as everyone is on days off?

    Continuing on with lifestyle, are you still comfortable with going out? Depression eventually leads to anxiety which leads to never wanting to leave the house, which can lead to serious mental health issues. If you are comfortable that's great, just don't lose that.

    Next is doing things which you enjoy. Personally, I like to swim/work out or jog if I feel shitty. Exercise just takes my mind off crap. iPod goes in, jogging gear on and I'll run until I'm tired. Everyone will have different things, I'm guessing in your case it's music since you're a big music fan (biggest music mark on here :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:). You seem to enjoy coming on here which is great too, if it takes your mind off things that's great, you just need to work on reducing the amount of "crap" that goes on, balance is key.

    By the way, don't feel ashamed or embarrassed asking for those around you for help, they can help you a lot more than we can despite what is posted here, since they know you more and can actually physically do things to help. I advise counselling by the way, it's great if you speak with someone you click with.

    Hope this helped. How do I know this stuff? Experience and I studied A-level psychology and was pretty good until I cba'd college.
  6. I've been suffering from it for a few months now. It's awful. Some days I will just be unhappy from waking up until going to bed .

    Don't share if this is too personal, but does anybody else suffer from recurrent thoughts of death? I'm terrified of it and I sometimes can't get it out of my head all day. Any time I do something good I just think - this will make no difference when I'm dead, this all means nothing.

    I suffered from it when I did though because my social life just became non-existant. I speak to mates at school but because I was constantly grounded and having to go in early I never seen any mates and got depressed.
  7. I do a lot have some good friends atn who have put up with a lot from me through it all as not always the nicest person in the world.

    Love my job even though it's not what most would call great I enjoy it and the stress of it it's kept me going a lot.

    had anxiety and panic attacks a lot sometimes came outta no where when it was bad I couldn't even walk the shop.

    I dont drink excessively, I do smoke :emoji_slight_frown:

    Honestly mate couldn't explain it it's just something thats always seemed to be there no matter what.

    And I do speak to my mates bout it a lot as all my closest mates are aware of my situation and why I seeked help. The post on here was just to see if anyone else had any experience with it for alternative advice.

    Like I said friendly forum so it's interesting to see what ppl's takes are on it.

    Mate I'll talk as I've suffered a lot. Erm in the past I've had those thoughts and I admit when I was younger I acted on them a few times round 18-19 couple of attempts. Not ashamed of it just something that happened. Know how u feel it's difficult but it does get better it's a learning process.

    Dunno if it helps but after I'd tried those attempts I realised hoe much my family and friends meant and would never do it again as they love me and I love them sounds corny but sometimes remembering that no matter what u do theses ppl do helps.
  8. As you can see it's popular with everyone. As I said before (I think), once it becomes too big, it'll hinder your whole life. Counselling etc is a great option, same for you Ryan (especially you since linking death constantly with thoughts is dangerous).

    Depression is like anger, everyone has it, but if it gets too big, you have a problem. But you seem like you have your head screwed on Cloud, you got good friends around you, you enjoy work, you know you have this issue and you've addressed it. Can't ask for much more from someone who suffers from depression (serious depression).
  9. Thanks. It does make me feel better knowing other people suffer from these things as well.

    I only ever once thought about commiting suicide and it was when I got home and my Mum was going nuts about how I disappointed her with my exam results. I honestly just felt like a total failure and just opened my window ready to jump out. Strangely enough my sisters trampoline randomly got moved right below my window that day. I never knew about it and it may sound a little cringey but I almost thought that was a sign that it was the wrong thing to do. Swear down that happened, sounds so made up lol.

    I think this is a great thread btw Liked + Repped.
  10. It's taken a long time to get to this point I won't lie.

    It's a common issue from what I see atm as there is a lot in life that can bring u down without u realising.

    Thats why my love for the WWE is a good thing its an escape for me as are films and music.

    Glad I posted this as ppl may talk and thats a good thing, I just wanted basic advice but had this response which is good.

    @[R'Albin] u ever need to talk PM me mate as I kinda kno what ur going thro won't be the same but I posted this for advice an ppl to talk
  11. Thanks Cloud, really appreciate it :emoji_slight_smile:

    Probably partly a hormonal(sp) thing, but yeah [@Anxiety] I have thought of going to a proffesional.
  12. Mate no worries I've lived with it from roughly 13 till 27 and it's only this year through my mates I've sought help it's hard to accept that something aint right or it was for me.

    Hormones maybe lols but trust me talk to ppl it helps good friends understand and if u cant talk to the ppl closest then there is the Samaritans if ur from the UK if not well there will be a group similar and u can txt or email them or even places like this, it's a good forum as this thread shows PM ppl anyone can help.
  13. 14 years :emoji_hushed: That is a long time... I was sort of hoping it would just be a stage of my life that I would get over ina few months.. I think I might try and get help soon. See if I'm diagnosed with anything because I don't want to find myself saying "It'll go in a couple of months" and then ending up suffering for years.

    It is a really good forum. Great people on here and I haven't come accross any dickheads yet !
  14. Loser's...
    I'm kidding.
    I've been depressed before.
    Xanth won't show me his nudes. :emoji_slight_frown:
  15. I guess you missed JeebaK then?
  16. LOLS

    It's true though despite the banter everyone I've met on this forum is a good person.

    And yeah long time R'Alban tbh half the time I didn't realise that what I was feeling was wrong.
  17. Okay, apart from him :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    That's awful, at least you've recognised it now though @[cloud]

    If anyone needs some comedy you're welcome to read / bump these.

    Also Cloud it's good to see you acknowledged it. I know it sounds cliche but it is the first step to recovery.
  19. You guy's are lame as fudge!
  20. LOLS seabs yeah sorry bum thread tbh just wanted to post and see ppl's take on it all.

    Positive posts though so thanks.

    Why I love this forum well ran by all u mods and everyone has a voice and is a part of the community from what I see.
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