Derrick Rose

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Asskicker, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Simply amazing. 'Nuff said.
  2. D.Rose <3
  3. Dude is overrated as fuck. Him winning MVP last season was a complete joke. He is good, but he isn't the reason the bulls win. The analogy I like is that he is the icing for Chicago, but it's their defense and rebounding that is the cake.

    Bulls stand no chance of beating Miami in the playoffs. Zero, zilch, nada, none.
  4. Dude he is not fucking overrated. He doesn't necessarily carry the Bulls but he is fucking amazing. Him winning MVP was for real as he helped lead the team along with Coach Thibodeau and the rest of the team to the best record of the season and to the eastern conference finals. He deserved it like no other. He sucks this season because of the fucking injuries but if he can be healthy for the playoffs then they can beat the heat. Especially with ticked off Bulls after yesterday's game.
  5. You are a Bulls homer, so I won't blame you for disagreeing with me. The team getting to the Eastern Conf. Finals has nothing to do with MVP, because it's a regular season award. He is a wannabe Allen Iverson, plain and simple. He puts his head down and tries to run through the defense to get to the rim. His jumper is streaky at best, hit or miss, but more often miss. He's good, a top PG no doubt, but he isn't the most valuable player in the league and this season has proved it. The Bulls are like 15-5 without him or something similar. IMO last season LeBron, Kobe, Durant, and Dwight were more valuable to their teams, and I had Rose 5th in the MVP voting.

    They can't beat the Heat. No way, no how. Once Miami puts LBJ on Rose it's a wrap. Look up Rose's stats from that series last year, they were abysmal. He shot like 35% from the field and had more turnovers than assists. They can't score on Miami unless they are getting second chance points. If you want I would be happy to make a sig or title bet with you when the time comes for that series.
  6. We on bout Tom Brady best QB of the decade?
  7. I asked Eli Manning about this inquiry and he said he isn't impressed with Brady. :haha:
  8. Surely u mean Peyton?
  9. Eli has defeated your boy in two Super Bowls.

    Manning is the best regular season QB of all time, but his playoff performances are always going to taint his legacy, and this is coming from someone who still has a Peyton Manning poster on my wall from the time I was in like 4th grade.

    That being said, all 3 are HOF QBs without question.
  10. HAHA I know just trying to wind u up as I know nothing bout NBA!

    Brady my man as a Pats fan but Eli and Peyton are defo greats!
  11. @[Dolph'sZiggler]

    I agree to you about this season. Derrick Rose is awful this season and he's been out most of the season too due to his poor way of avoiding injuries. But either way I can agree with Lebron James being really good but as a Bulls fan and seeing that game on thursday he was such a douchebag(So was D-Wade to Hamilton but I'm a big fan of Wade since he's from Chicago and I got to see him play basketball once outside of the NBA) Or else Derrick Rose last year was great and him being MVP is well deserving to me IMO. I still believe the Bulls can beat the Heat in the playoffs because Bulls get intense like no other with or without D-Rose and Bulls lead the series against Heat this season once again but hey, you never know. But we can do a bet just for the fun of it!
  12. Alright. No need to make the terms until the series rolls around, if it rolls around. Just something like a month long bet where the loser has to chance their title to whatever the winner decides.
  13. Yeah lol. But hoping the knicks can beat the heat to get rid of them in the first round. Probably wont happen though!
  14. Knicks are a dangerous team.. you better hope the 76ers don't wind up in the 7 seed and the Knicks in the 8.. they would give Chicago all the could handle in a 7 game series.. same with Miami. I don't know that they could beat either team, but I could see New York taking the Bulls or Heat to 6 or 7 games.

    In the West I think the team nobody wants to see in the first round is Memphis. Looking like they are going to wind up the 5th seed against either the Lakers or Clippers. Personally It think the Grizzlies would take out the Clippers in the first round if that is indeed the matchup.
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