Kayfabe Desecration, Disdain and Reappearances.

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    Unlike the last segment we saw, the setting is almost a complete opposite. The only sound audible to the camera is the sound of rain drumming on the windows. The camera peers over to a window in the almost unilluminated building. Drops of rain are running down the window, almost like they're having a race to see who can leave the sole window of this run-down structure the quickest. The walls of the room are filled with graffiti and vandalised concrete blocks, as it looks like the building could honestly collapse at this point.

    The atmosphere is as eerie as it could get, but now thudding sounds can be heard getting closer and closer. The camera reverts back to its original position. Suddenly a silhouette appears from the shadows. The figure is breathing heavily and quickly takes a seat in the middle of the room. The building is so dark, the only thing descriptive thing that can be taken from the figure is that the person has black, slicked-back hair. As the rain quietens down, so does the heavy breathing of the figure and is quickly taken over by a heavy, raspy voice of the man himself.

    "You know, some monarchies are remembered well. There's Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of my native country of England, but this monarchy currently in Precision makes me sick... "

    The man looks around at the vandalised compound and then proceeds to look back at the floor, however still speaking to the camera.

    "Funnily enough even growing up in London, there were worse run down places compared this, graffiti, destroyed buildings filled with litter and inhabited by vandals. Although, this is not why I am here. I am here for a completely different reason. I am here because I set out to destroy something, that will destroy the organization we all know and love."

    The man now stands up still with his back to the camera, he walks over to the window and places his hand on it. He looks out at the dark night sky. His right arm goes back down to his side, as he clenches his fist and continues to speak.

    "I know I'm not the only person gunning to take down the Monarchy and I won't be the last, but I know I owe it to the fans, my fellow competitors, and Precision itself. This corrupted and destructive group must be stopped. I promise that the Monarchy will be stopped and I promise that I will reveal myself to Precision and it's fanbase, but for now, I will stay in the shadows where I have been awaiting my reappearance and trust me, that will happen sooner than you think."

    The camera slowly fades to black, with the sound footsteps becoming less and less audible. The camera cuts back to the audience who seemed very confused about what that segment means. The only question now is who is this mystery man?

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