Design Zack Ryder's new ring gear

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by MRJM, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. What does he need new gear for? It's not like he's on TV a lot.
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  2. It may be another effort to resurrect his career with the help of the fans.
    As long as he's still employed, he may as well continue trying since he isn't exactly stellar in the ring.
  3. Fuck him.
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  4. I really enjoyed him on Z but it was pretty obvious he had a limited shelf life. Gotta give him props for trying though.
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  5. Ryder is actually a guy who'd do well as an Indy act.
    In fact, since he's still young he'd be very suited for TNA.
    People should rid their minds of the idea WWE is their dream.
    Just because it is superior doesn't mean its a great place to work.
    If this were almost anyone else, this would be more 'tragic'.

    Zack Ryder will be fine maybe even better without WWE.
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  6. Poor guy, he was so over back in like late 2011 when I first started watching wrestling regularly. I remember at TLC, Ryder vs Ziggler and both guys looked like future megastars. Especially Ryder, while he wasn't 10/10 would wrestle again brilliant, he had the crowd behind him and was young and improving. Then WWE put him in a wheelchair and had Kane push him down several times. Ryder deserves to be a midcard guy like Ziggler right now at the very least... I agree with @Paige Is Hot, TNA seem to be loving the whole "take under-used former young WWE guy" and give him good character and time on TV. EC3 gets to be in the big Carter-Bully feud while even Bram is teaming with Magnus every week.
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  7. Was never a fan of Ryder but, boy, did they bi*** him out.
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  8. I also think Ryder is underused. Although I'm not particularly a fan, he was the most over midcard act back in late 2011. I really don't understand why they did what they did, I didn't watch his youtube show or anything but was it because he got himself over? Idiotic. It really seems like WWE will only do what the fans tell them when they have no other choice, ala DB earlier this year.
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  9. WWE believe it or not, really does take into account the human being behind the character.
    It's not like the Daniel Bryan we're seeing is totally different from Bryan Danielson.
    With Zack Ryder, he's a people pleaser. It was easy for him to puppy dog Eve Torres because that's who Zack Ryder probably is.
    John Cena's onscreen personality probably isn't too dissimilar from his real life persona.
    WWE will cater your onscreen persona some to who you really are. That's why every star is used differently.

    I don't believe Cena or Bryan are the saints WWE presents them, but the side of their personalities that is child friendly is enhanced on screen.
  10. Fuck you.

    Pink and Green attire it is.
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  11. Cleo, i love you
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  12. [​IMG]
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  14. Not sure if Joerulz or the other douchebag.
  15. I have no idea.
  16. Zack Ryders sex appeal/10.
  17. JoeRulz = Candy Colored Clown
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