News Destination America "Calling the shots" for TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Apr 14, 2015.

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  2. So...Destination America doesn't like the UK tapings for Impact Despite how great of a crowd the audience is usually....

    The Angle move is...questionable but honestly, The article stated they don't know much about the wrestling business at all so they should really hire someone to advise them on what's best for the company...but at least no Russo, right?
  3. People calling shots in TNA not knowing wrestling..... is nothing new #DixieCarter
  4. When it comes to the subject of "knowing wrestling", isn't it A: subjective, and B: different with different companies, fanbases, etc?

    Like a lifelong fan can easily say "Kurt Angle is a draw!" while having Angle as champ certainly doesn't draw me in. A Kurt Angle return to WWE would be a massive markout moment for many, while him winning the TNA title is a loltna moment for many. Maybe Destination America sees the WWE side of things.

    Speaking of the WWE side of things: Taryn. I can't really speak for the general fanbase's perception of her, but seems like the mainstream still sees it as a pure piss break so may as well pick the girl who looks the best (breast?) on a poster, right? All the people who remember five years ago when the Knockouts were a legitimate ratings draw in a company that didn't have any because they wanted to set a new standard for women's wrestling... may not be too happy. I respect Taryn, but she's no new standard lol.

    Fuck them in general for being down on the UK Tour.
  5. You shut your mouth when talking about Taryn Terrell, she took part in two amazing matches, and outside of Gail Kim I don't see anything more than a circus act from the majority of the others. The Angle shit I understand, none of this is new TBH, TNA has been ran like shit as long as I've been watch it. It's like hating your job but coming in shift after shift because you really like your coworkers and how well everyone works together with the bullshit cards they are dealt.
  6. Yo, did anyone notice...
    Where the fuck is @Testify at?
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  7. I've been asking about that inbred fuck for about 3 months or more now. @Snowman has your leader abandoned you?
  8. There's definitely an objective factor related to wrestling knowledge, though. Someone who doesn't know what a pinfall is knows less about wrestling than you, for example. That has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand but I just felt like saying it. Anyway, if this is indeed true then at least the newtork lives up to its name.
  9. That's true.

    If I'm running TNA, Taryn and Kong are the first people I'm telling that can stay. Would consider Gail but age is a factor, also Havok. The rest of the KO's need to be replaced.

    and idk Test said he didn't have time because of his job but would pop up from time to time. so much for that
  10. Yet the USA Network has no problem airing Raw tapings from the UK (such as they did last night) and it doesn't seem to affect them negatively as they're one of the biggest channels on all of Cable television.
  11. @Stopspot i'd like to claim my subsection back. Deadman's hand should be lead by the champ, so says @GrammarNazi82 and @Snowman
  12. He said a month ago it's not fun anymore, there's no one to troll/fight. He also finally realized TNA blows.
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