News Destination America has big first month w/ TNA

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  1. Good for the entire Discovery family as well as TNA viewers/fans.
  2. That's good to hear. I've been trying to warm back up to TNA (I was a die hard fan from its inception up until the Hogan years) but even if I never end up liking it as much as I used to, I definitely want them to stay successful and continue to grow.
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    Great to know, with all of the negativity around TNA from last year, they're rebuilding and it hasn't been easy progress but good ratings means the DA and Discovery are firmly behind TNA now to make sure they improve their situation in the US. In fact, I'd like to see TNA build up their midcard a bit more so they're not thinking "oh shit we probably need more World title matches on TV that could probably be on PPVs!" and speaking of PPVs, to do more of them (4/6 a year would be nice) - house show business also needs improving, but perhaps One Night Only PPVs are like their house shows this year.

    Sooner or later, I want to see a PPV in the middle of the buildup to Slammiversary. Let's say Sacrifice or Against All Odds. If Spud and EC3 feud until then, do a big Last Man Standing match there. Stuff like that - and Aries can always cash in on PPV.
  4. I want ROH to be the thing but Sinclair is keeping them to a tight budget, they don't want them spending money so frivolously.. which I think helped them out pretty good in '14.
  5. Sinclair folks just want ROH to fill in 3 AM time slots for 5 bucks. Makes me mad
  6. ROH isn't even apparently on air in the UK, which sucks. Thus why TNA is doing so well here, we get TNA on a free to air channel that includes Impact, Xplosion and all PPVs. Then when we get the UK tour, we get great attendances - even if Glasgow did look a bit underperforming.
  7. Good news for both TNA and DA.

    I'd really like it if promotions like ROH, LUG and TNA became more successful and grew bigger.
  8. We'll see, you never know how things are going to be in the future, I hope big things.
  9. True that, here's to hoping.
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