Ring of Honor Destination America signs ROH TV

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, May 27, 2015.

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    Well May has turned into a very interesting month in wrestling
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  2. So ROH runs at 7/8. And Impact moves to 8/9, for a few months at least.
  3. Full press release.

    Be honest. Who saw this in the future when ROH was bought by Sinclair in 2010-2011?
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  4. "Guys, we are screwed." - Dixie Carter
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  5. Lol it'll be interesting to compare the viewership between the two.

    I'm confused by this? are you talking about time it starts airing?

    ROH will be airing from 8PM Eastern Time to 9 PM Eastern Time and then TNA from 9PM Eastern to 11PM Eastern (TNA is still 2 hours right lol?)
  6. Yeah I got the timezones confused.
  7. oh alright cool, was just making sure that's what you were going for.

    Cool to know I'll be able to watch ROH on TV in a prime time slot rather than at 1AM on a Saturday or Sunday.
  8. Source: PWInsider

    Regarding Ring of Honor coming to Destination America next month, the episodes will be the ones owned and distributed by Sinclair Broadcasting. They will debut over the weekends for Sinclair affiliates and then air Wednesdays on Destination America.

    ROH and Destination America have reportedly been building a relationship over the past few months and it's said to be independent of what's going on with Destination America and TNA. Destination America reportedly wants pro wrestling on their network and they want to be the "destination" for the business.

    This is not confirmed yet but word is that ROH will air weekly on Destination America at least through the end of this year, possibly longer.
  9. Sounds nice for ROH but they need more international deals.

    So what, did D-A just fuck over TNA? I'm laughing at this entire thing (mainly because of MVP being, rightly, pissed off on Twitter) but what the fuck is going on :O
  10. Lol TNA. Some how, some way they always make me laugh.
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  11. Do they? They've been running for 13 years without international TV and done fine. Don't rush things.

    ROH continues to expand because they don't care about "competing" with other companies, they just keep doing their thing the best way possible.
  12. This is pretty cool in the sense that right after Impact people will tune in on ROH.
  13. Other way around. ROH leads into impact.

    And even if ROH only pulls half the ratings on DA that TNA do, they'll still be profitable since DA are just buying a ready show, not producing themselves. And ROH got to keep all their other TV syndication deals (which already pull ratings equal to TNA according to Sinclair) to combine the DA ratings with.
  14. Highlights from Meltzer on all of this.

    What a pleasent surprise to wake up to for the ROH roster.
  15. So what is this, like 4 wrestling shows on Wednesday? ROH, Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground and NXT?
  16. Yup. Wednesday night warfare.

    Only ones not affected is NXT since they are on demand. They aren't affected by when people watch as long as they do. ROH as well but not in the same way since they air on the weekend as well and online.
  17. LU > > > > >
  18. I had a great laugh when I read this. Wed nights are the wrestling nights now lol
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