Impact Destination X: Predictions

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Crithu, Aug 15, 2017.

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  1. So, I am caught up with the show and am ready for live Destination X episode this Thursday. I am actually really excited. All of the matches on the show look promising and the build was good. So, I'm going to give my predictions for what we know.

    P.S. I will not cover AEP vs Low Ki as I'm pretty sure it is not happening. El Patron was stripped of the titles and his suspension has not been lifted.

    This is the match with the least build out of all of the matches, as Sienna has been focused on Karen lately. It was only revealed on the show last week that Gail Kim would be her Destination X opponent. While there was little build, I do believe that this match has the potential to deliver. As for who will be walking out of the show with the Knockout's championship, I believe that Sienna will be retaining. Although I do think that Gail will regain the title before she retires, I think that it'll be at a later date.

    While we are on the Knockout's division, I would love for them to bring another woman into the mix. With Gail leaving soon (as well as a few other Knockouts that recently left), and Laurel Van Ness and Allie not doing much in the division, you are left with Sienna and Rosemary holding the division.

    This match should be a good one. A ladder match will give these X Division stars the tools that they need to put on an exciting X Division show case. The one thing I didn't get was why Bruce never did anything about Trevor Lee stealing the championship. I know he's been leaning towards heel, but really? However, I'm alright with it as I really enjoyed Trevor Lee wrestling while wearing the championship.

    Who will be able to pull that title down first? I'm probably going to go with Sonjay Dutt. While I would prefer Trevor Lee walking out with the belt, they made a big deal about Sonjay winning his first X Division championship that it would be too quick for him to lose it, even with the lackluster reactions he's been getting.

    This should be a good David vs Goliath style matchup. They have been really playing up that fact that Sydal is smaller than Lashley. Lashley has been using his size to one up Sydal, but Sydal kept getting back up again. This is a similar set up to the Lashley/Richards feud, which adds to my belief that Sydal will be walking out the victor. Personally, I don't think that Lashley needs to challenge for the Unified Championships again yet, and he's likely going to go a little lighter with the talks of his MMA career. I also believe that Sydal will add some excitement and star power back to the X Divison.

    The matches in the Super X Cup tournament have been good, and all of the 205 Live fans should be jealous (but are there really such people?). Ishimori vs Xavier promises to be even better, and I am expecting the match of the night in this one. Dezmond Xavier has really been built up, and I think they are looking to push him as the new star of the division, which is why I believe he will be walking out as the winner.

    Let's be honest, the announcement is probably not monumental. Chances are, this will be a tournament to crown the new champion. I'm guessing it'll be open to all wrestler all over the planet (i.e. the companies they have working relationships with).

    Everything Else:
    OVE debut - I'm pretty excited because the tag team division needs more talent. They'll probably debut with a squash type match or by confronting LAX. Long term, I see this group being heels though.

    Former X Division Champion returning - DJZ?

    GFW Hall of Fame induction - I'm not really sure who they'll induct. You could go with James Storm, Abyss, or Jerry Jarrett (as Karen hinted here).

    Surprise new comer appearances - I'm guessing Taya and Johnny Mundo, but who knows? Exciting that they will be adding more talent to a pretty stacked roster.

    So what are your thoughts and predictions on Destination X?
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  2. Something which could be epic for BP's announcement could be the return of the Bound For Glory series, just sayian.

    Also...I'll admit that logo is clean.
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  3. I am pretty sure Johnny Mundo will show up.
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  4. Dang I'll have to admit that I totally forgot about this possibility. I'll say that if this really is the announcement I will be pretty hyped.
  5. I also see Sienna retaining, unless like you said, they bring in more knockouts. If Gail wins, Rosemary will have literally nothing to do whatsoever. But yes, they definitely need more talent in their division. It has always had the best talent and has actually been booked pretty damn well for a mainstream American televised company.

    The ladder match should be good no matter who wins. My money may have to be on Trevor, though. I almost feel like Sonjay's "reign" was more of a thank you run than anything, and then they can go back to having Andrew Everett chase the title, and building up Dezmond Xavier. I am more than OK with me being proven wrong about Sonjay's run, though.

    I really don't know what to think for the Lashley/Sydal match. My gut tells me that the match will be turned into a match for the vacant World Title, and that that will be the monumental announcement. Another part of me believes that Sydal could win and decide to go for the World title anyway (I believe that's how the stip was explained, at least). I honestly don't know what to expect from this at all, and should therefore add to my enjoyment of this match greatly.

    Dezmond Xavier has been killing it across the US for the past year. They would be fools imo to have Ishimori win this, since they presumably won't be having him as a full time roster member. Then again, if I'm not mistaken, they're doing something like 12 weeks of tapings this week, so they could definitely make his visit stretch for quite some time. This is for sure the match I am most looking forward to.

    I know this may be a stretch, but I believe the announcement is never actually made. Instead, it gets interrupted by X Division Champion, Trevor Lee, who is looking to cash in Option C (since this is Destination X, after all). He claims that since there is no champion at the moment, that he automatically becomes the champion. And I feel like with the way Bruce has been favoring him this past month, he will actually give it to him. Which of course is the catalyst, over the next few weeks/months, of the story where D'Amore, Karen, and Dutch start really, really having issues with his decisions.

    OVE debuting is fucking awesome. I have been saying for at least the past ten years that both Crist brothers should be on TV, either with WWE or TNA. It's super overdue, but I could not be more excited that it is finally happening.

    Former X Division Champion returning could be a lot of different people. I'm not even gonna speculate, I'm just gonna sit back and hope beyond all hope that it's Matt motherfuckin Bentley! Though I suppose I'd be fine with someone like Aries, too

    I hope the GFW Hall of Famer is announced to be Jeff Jarrett. That dude really deserves to be put in already xD

    Hoping it's Mundo, even though that will legit kill basically all my hope in a season 4 of LU.
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