News Destination X to Take Place in NYC on June 26th

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  1. In New York City, everything is larger than life and this embodies TNA’s X-Division, where there are no weight classes and no limits. Today, TNA is happy to announce that Destination X will take place during the June 26 event inside the Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center in New York City and will broadcast as a special episode of IMPACT on Spike TV during the summer.

    One of the most celebrated divisions in all of pro-wrestling, the X-Division has come to exemplify the meaning of TNA – Total Nonstop Action. The death-defying athleticism of X competitors is something fans have been captivated by since its debut. Every year, Destination X has been the flagship show of the division and, for 2014, we’ve made it even more extreme!

    With many surprises in-store for the event, one major question is will Sanada make it to Destination X as the X-Division Champion? If so, will he use Option C to cash in the X-Division Championship for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship?

    Since Option C was created by Austin Aries in 2012, both competitors who held the X-Division Championship have successfully cashed in to capture the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X.

    Will it happen again? Don’t miss Destination X LIVE from New York City on June 26. Get your tickets now!

    Additionally, TNA is giving fans a voice in the show! Beginning immediately, use the hashtag #MyDestinationX on Twitter to tell us which X-Division Superstar you most want to see at this year’s event. Your vote can be any past, present or even FUTURE X-Division star! Get involved in the conversation now!


    Awesome. Hope this announcement sells some more tickets and creates more buzz around TNA, along with Great Muta being announced for the taping day earlier.

    Expect Low Ki to come back at the show, it's 100% sure. :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Sounds good. Can't hurt to see Sanada getting a title shot, and shows filled with X-Division action are normally fun to watch.
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  3. Can't wait, Sanada getting a title shot excites me just like Sabin's big summer last year did. Also, if TNA listen to the fans and get guys like Manik, Dutt and Petey Williams in the event (just to name a few), I will be a very happy fan.
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  4. I believe Low Ki and Homicide are a lock to return on the show, plus the familiar X Division names like maybe Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Rashad Cameron, Trent Barretta, hell maybe even the Amazing Red or Shark Boy.

    Destination X is usually a fun show, I hope in 2014 it will be no different.

    EY/MVP vs. Sanada can be fun main event, I guess (if Sanada chooses to use the Option C clause, that is). I don't see Sanada pulling an upset, but who knows. Chris Sabin pulled one last year.
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  6. Joey Ryan and Shark boy, and I'm 100% in. Hell i am down to see Destination X live almost for sure, love the ultimate x with Sonjay Manik and more most likely involved.
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  7. I'd mark my tits off for Spud and Ryan segment. Or even better, King and Ryan segment. Imagine the swag in that seg.
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  8. Saw a sign while I was out in Jersey today that Joey Ryan is doing an Indy show with Tony Atlas and Doink the Clown. Shame.

    May go to this, I doubt it'll be too expensive
  9. Damn man, fuck.

    Well I can always fap to this at least:

  10. Wow TNA pulling all the stops out here mid summer I guess. Never realized these two were going to be so close together, but I'm there bro (in front of my TV)
  11. * TNA has confirmed that the Hardy Boyz will be competing at Destination X on June 26th.
  12. I hear Rhino has been confirmed via Twitter..

    Jeff Hardy vs Lashley for the strap tomorrow at an event prior to the show on thursday.
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    But **** *** *** ***** back in PA :/ check the spoiler topics
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    Get the fuck outta here with the spoilers, you chump.
  15. whoops, sorry had a loud mouth, sensored my post...
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