Kayfabe Destiny

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    *Will Neilson's music hits after a commercial break, he is wearing a neck brace after suffering a roundhouse kick from Antonio 'Anarchy' Stark backstage, the crowd are cheering for him as he enters the ring and grabs a microphone*

    Will: You already know why I'm wearing this neck brace. Antonio Stark, a man I've fought many times on the independent scene, decided to show up and kick my head off. He is just too selfish, he gets his own locker room and pretty much anything he wants.... he gets. I mean.... I can't get a McDonalds whenever I want.... and still Tony is allowed his own bloody locker room!

    *Crowd boo at the mention of Antonio Stark.*

    Will: In other news, as you know last week I defeated Rhys Haze to advance in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, I gotta give it to the guy... he put on a heck of a match. My agent Jeff has informed me that I face Buster Gates in the semi-finals. Buster Gates, is rich, he lives in a huge mansion and he even has his own servant! In order to win my match against Big Boy Buster, I have to put his rich, selfish, cocky ass through a table!

    *Crowd cheer and start chanting 'Kick his ass!*

    Will: Ha, thanks guys! Don't worry I will kick his ass, it's at the top of my to-do list. Anyway, jokes aside, Buster I hope we can put on a hell of a match, I bring my A-game, you bring yours. When I defeat you, I will be in the finals and I will defeat whoever stands in my way! Whether it's pink haired freaks or old school talent, I will fight them all! Because you all know, that you can't..... change...... destiny.

    *Neilson drops the mic and gets out the ring, and at the top of the ramp he raises his arm up high to signal the end of the segment.*

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