Destroy The Machine: Roode’s War Against Team MVP

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    This week on IMPACT, Bobby Roode and Eric Young are set to team up against MVP and Kenny King. Since MVP arrived, the biggest thorn in his side has been the It Factor of Professional Wrestling and that certainly shows no signs of slowing down now that Roode has been reinstated by Executive Director Kurt Angle.

    Roode has made his intent clear. He wants to personally conquer MVP, Kenny King and Lashley for the weeks of suspensions, beat downs and more that he has been forced to deal with. Finally getting his hands on MVP will certainly be exciting for Roode — and something you will not want to miss, when it airs on Spike TV at 9/8c in New York City’s Manhattan Center!

    Here, we look back at the problems Bobby Roode has been forced to overcome.

    The first sign that things weren’t quite right with MVP’s reign as Director of Wrestling Operations came when he suspended Bobby Roode from IMPACT. After a blow-up between the two, Roode was sent home to “cool off” and was kept at home for over a month – even being forced to miss Slammiversary.

    Fans overwhelmingly responded with a #BringBackBobby campaign on Social Media, but it seemed we were doomed to MVP’s tyrannical rules and reign. Until…

    MVP’s crusade became clear with Roode out of the picture, he wanted the perfect opportunity to seize the World Title. After suffering a serious knee injury, MVP was taken out of the mix but the stars did align for his faction when Lashley unleashed his wrath on Eric Young and won the World Title at IMPACT, live in Bethlehem, PA.

    The beatdown that followed was unnecessary, but led to Roode’s shocking return – charing through the packed crowd, hopping the railing and saving his longtime friend from further harm.

    After many weeks of clearly abusing his power, change began to come. This started when officials from TNA’s Board of Directors arrived at IMPACT and revealed that they too were unhappy with MVP’s behavior and removed him from power. This paved the way for the Board of Directors to announce their choice as the new Executive Director of TNA: Kurt Angle. Angle made known his intentions to right the wrongs of both MVP and Dixie Carter and that started with the immediate reinstatement of Bobby Roode.

    The reinstatement hasn’t been easy for Roode thus far, however. Facing beatdowns from Team MVP seemingly out of nowhere, Roode had his work cut out for him. This led to wild brawls and a match against Kenny King that saw the two fight all throughout the arena. Ultimately, Roode picked up the win against King and went into the Battle Royal to determine a new #1 Contender for Lashley as a big favorite.

    However, more funny business from MVP and Kenny King led to Roode being eliminated. Now, with weeks of pent up rage, Roode will finally get his hands on MVP for the first time this Thursday. Joining Roode in his fight is another man who has dealt with his fair share of injustice due to Team MVP: former World Champion Eric Young.

    One has to assume that these two former partners and longtime friends will do whatever it takes to make MVP and Kenny King pay for the chaos they’ve caused. Plus, with MVP milking his injury, it will be interesting to see just how hurt he really is when he steps back into the ring for the first time in over a month!

    Don’t miss IMPACT this Thursday on Spike TV at 9/8c.


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