Details On Beth Phoenix's "Injury" On RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Apr 25, 2012.

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  2. What an absolute pro, hope she wins it back.

    @[Dolph'sZiggler] was right all along.
  3. Dr Dolph strikes again. Sucks they took it off her but it makes sense keeping her and Kharma apart.
  4. :flair: Grats.

    She must've been slightly annoyed. being so close to Maryse's record.
  5. If this is to set up a Kharma feud like we all anticipate she probably doesn't mind too much.
  6. Props to Beth for selling the injury. I doubt she will get the title back soon though as Kharma will have it for a while
  7. Kharma will drop the belt after one day to the best diva on the roster Kelly Kelly amirite
  8. At first I also wasn't sure if the injury was fake or not, I kinda had the impression it was a work because I didn't notice what set it up, but he sold that extremely well. Also found it interesting to see one of the Bellas win a title after all those reports they were leaving.
  9. It looked real to me. I guess she just did a great job selling it.
  10. Kharma to destroy them at ER, thus "ending their careers" or something.
  11. Makes sense. I thought their contracts ended earlier, but then again, I'm not really good with dates. We're already at the end of the month and I hadn't noticed yet. So they're just a quick transition, that's a good thing.
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