News Details On How Much TNA Offered To 'El Patrón'

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  2. Can't put into words just how happy I am that ADR didn't sign with TNA. He's one of those guys - like Reigns - with many strengths and many weaknesses. In Lucha Underground, he'll do a great job with the slower, more Hollywood-style backstage shooting... and in other promotions all he has to do is kickass matches. TNA has always been at it's best when it's a more talk-heavy (well... interesting talk-heavy) promotion, and Del Rio doing in-ring promos already doomed him in one company.

    As for TNA's reputation for being a career killer? Don't really know how to respond to that. If you're someone like... say... Johnny Gargano, you can probably become a pretty big star on Impact, but a "WWE Reject" like Del Rio would have been a disaster. Plus, given their current creative direction, where would you put "El Patron" on the show that's interesting?

    Well all the TNA fans are divided on how to feel about the direction, maybe the wrestlers are, too.
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  3. Wow I'm surprised they really offered him that contract given their financial state, $400K for minimal dates is pretty dangerous for them even for a workhorse well known wrestler like 'El Patron',
  4. Doesn't TNA watch WWE? Dude doesn't need money, he's rich! He has like 1,000 badass cars/scarves.
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  5. I would imagine they don't watch it too often, although there was a time last year when like everything WWE did it seemed like TNA was matching it.. (ie: DB winning the title & then EY won the title in TNA).
  6. The only thing that was crazier to me than EY winning the title was that so many TNA die hards were like marking out over it.
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  7. Don't get me wrong EY is one of the more likeable roster members (aside from some of the shitty storylines he's been apart of during his TNA stint) but I just didn't see him going over like that.
  8. Don't think they should be offering that much money for one guy. Plus, yeah, not sure it'd work so well in there.
  9. I think a reason why TNA is considered a "career killer" is the apparent stigma that WWE won't pick you up if you work for or have worked for TNA. Like if you sign with TNA you can kiss wrestlemania good bye.
    The last TNA guys that were signed were Xavier Woods and Sting. And Sting has his amazing career to use as a barganing chip to boot.

    Most of TNA's roster in that regard seem to be made up of people who either don't think they will be picked up by the E/are happy working on TNA's level, or have been in WWE and don't want back.
  10. I don't think Del Rio is ever going back to WWE, so the stank of TNA extends beyond just WWE not wanting you.
  11. I heard TNA wanted him exclusively for 400K which is batshit laughable, apparently their main sell was "recognition". LMAO, a fed watched by 300,000 people a week (at best) wants to attract a former WWE star and multiple champion by offering him laughable money and "recognition"?

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  12. I think those 400K were offered to him just to change his ring gear. :adr:
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  13. Idk from everything I read it didn't sound like it was an exclusive contract.
  14. Skimmed through your post and to be honest, when I saw recognition for the first time I figured TNA wanted ADR because HE was going to give THEM recognition :lol1: oh, TNA
  15. The first report from a month ago, TNA wanted him exclusively.
  16. Interesting, that is most likely the reason he didn't want to sign it then. He seemed to be fine with the $400k for minimal appearances most likely because he could do some other money making work with ROH & Lucha..f TNA were smart they should've let him do other work so they can get recognition as well
  17. It just shows how delusional the TNA plonkers are, them thinking they're "No. 2" matches Dwight Schrute thinking he's the Assistant Regional Manager.
  18. From my perspective, it's too bad that they couldn't get something done to get him on TNA. I'm a fan of El Patron, so I would have enjoyed seeing it.

    On the other hand, he's the AAA World Heavyweight Champion and I wonder how much of his unwillingness to sign with TNA has to do with Jeff Jarrett's new promotion, considering that AAA has such a good relationship with JJ and they may have asked him to hold out so he can appear on GWF...or GFW....or whatever it's called in the future.

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