Details on Swagger's arrest

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Let's hope this blows over and doesn't affect his run.
  2. I can't see WWE simply ignoring it TBH :sad:
  3. Sorry to say he needs to be punished.
  4. So the worst offense is DUI? Makes sense. Positive that it won't harm his push.
  5. I hope they turn a blind eye to it.
  6. ^They will, at least for the time being (concerning his push). He may be fined behind the scenes and given a serious talking to, but he won't be suspended or depushed.
  7. Hey, Cameron just got arrested for DUI and trying to bribe a police officer, nothing happened.
    Evan Bourne's still employed despite his drug issues.

    More I think about it, more I realize nothing will happen to Swagger.
  8. Does this count as a strike against him for having marijuana on him?
  9. He got pulled over for driving 10 miles over the speed limit, that's it?
  10. whats the point in going to jail for 2 days?
  11. No. That is for a positive drug test. Nobody can prove that Swagger was high or that the weed was even his.
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