Details on why WWE pulled Alberto Del Rio

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Oh god, ADR vs Orton, I know Dolph'sZiggler will be pleased. In all seriousness, that could be the most boring feud of 2012. Why they haven't used him in the tag-team division yet baffles me.
  3. I dont think ADL is even that big of a superstar, i cant stand him!
  4. I'm a fan he just needs to change a bit.

    @[Dolph'sZiggler] , I wanna hear your opinion.
  5. I've said before I think Vince really puts ADR on a pedestal, and he probably has another big push in mind for him when he comes back and thinks he is somehow above this pissant feud.

    Interesting that they say they have plans for an ADR/Orton feud (which IMO would produce some amazing matches) bu I wonder if that means ADR to Smackdown or Orton back to Raw.
  6. ADR to SmackDown I think. The matches would be great but the story/promos will be unbearable.
  7. ADR and Orton? Oh, how... interesting.
  8. You're a stupidly obsessed Randy Orton fan, do you really hate ADR or something?

    Also, since Randy has a new catchphrase the promos would go like this.

    Randy Orton: My name........... is Randy Orton (BIG POP)
    ADR: My name, my name is Alberto Del Rioooooooooooooooooo (couple claps).
  9. The WWE Universe will be clamoring for ADR by the time he finally returns. Clamoring I say!
  10. I'm not stupidly obsessed, I just don't see why ADR would get pushed. I don't like him as a person.
  11. Del Rio had boring subject matter in his promos--- far from his fault. Outside of that what could you possibly have against the guy? He wakes up in the morning and shits excellence
  12. Or he wakes up in the morning and bores everyone.
  13. [​IMG]

    He's probably one of the top 3 best workers in the WWE.
  14. Says the Orton fan.

    PIPEBOMB :pity:
  15. I'm not saying he's not, I'm just saying that he bores me.
  16. Sometimes... a facepalm is not enough...

    Orton's a solid worker and the matches will be nice, but as you say, the promos will be unbearable. Hopefully Del Rio practices more lines, and the feud will be a "Hurr, you attacked me in a random irrelevant Smackdown match! I must beat you down for the next four weeks since I'm the unhinged Viper and noone escapes my strike!" You know, like his feud with Kane... And Barrett... And Cody...

    How on earth is Orton as over as he is?
  17. cuz Randy's a bad boy lol. i think alberto is still getting used to speaking english here so maybe he's been studying a bit 2 get better.
  18. No matter how good his English is, he'll still bore me.
  19. Del Rio is so great that Orton blatantly ripped off his catch phrase, but of course put his own monotone spin on it.
  20. i love alberto nice idea to push him
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