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  1. Okay so last night I announced I was in the process of developing a Supervillain comic; well in speaking with my consultant who has done some work with Dark Horse comics he made it pretty clear in order for it to have a chance at being a successful series I would need to add superheroes for my villain to face off against throughout the comic's story lines.. The initial issue will be the origin print and then issues after that will feature the heroes officially chosen..

    This is where I am going to need some decently important assistance;
    I'm looking for 3 Heroes; I'm currently tweaking some ideas for my villain including; his "side kick" and some other side characters involved in the comics, so I still have yet to give much thought on these heroes that he's going to face off against.

    • I don't need an origin story behind the idea of the character per se, unless of course you have one. One of my favorite pieces of this hobby is designing the origin stories but I have no problem implementing an already existing one.
    • The powers/abilities of the hero should be somewhat original; I know that there have been several super powered figures in the comic book world but there still are some concepts left untouched and if you can't think of any, throw out some ideas for less popular ones that have been done before.
    • I don't have a preference for gender when it comes to the hero, nor the race. To be honest if you have a serious idea for an alien related hero I can see what I can do to work with it.
    In addition to the heroes I'm looking for 2 other side characters in the world I need ideas for a law enforcement representative (ie: policeman, lawyer, judge, DA, mayor) and also am looking for ideas regarding a mafia boss/kingpin.
    • For the Law enforcement character I just need the basics; relative age, hair color, estimated height/weight, full name and organization involved with.
    • In regards to the Mafia Boss/Kingpin, it's pretty general.. I need the family name (crime family name), the actual name of the boss, the estimated age, any sons/daughters as heirs, height/weight and then what activities are the game involved with.
    I appreciate any ideas thrown my way, I don't have TOO much time involved in this at the moment between finishing up my 2 year college degree and then working full time. But if I can get some solid ideas out of this over the next week or so then I should be somewhat on schedule still.
  2. I have a (sort of) origin story... I will post it in a bit.. still working out a few things.

    I'll also think up things for the other stuff as well... I love comic books and getting to be creative like this is fun for me.
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  3. Yeah I've always wanted to make one; unfortunately I think I'm going to be stuck in every phase aside from official pen & ink design for awhile.
    I have people who would be interested in taking up the job but unfortunately I'm going to have to stash aside a little bit of cash here and there to pay for him to do the work.
    Although that makes it kind of better because it allows me to take proper time to have a decent first start up issue for someone with VERY little experience.
  4. Copied and pasted from my Windows Notepad lol....

    Stan(ley) Greenwood



    spilled forming a gaseous cloud in his basement... being hermetically sealed
    his basement held the gas in place until he opened the door and breathed in a large blast of it..
    He ran to his home emergency exhaust system and hit the switch as fast as possible.
    The system took in all the gas and fire blasted it in a contained environment
    to make sure that none escaped.

    Unfortunately what he breathed in could not be removed.

    A week later, weird sensations. Zoomed (telescopic) vision sporatic... unexplained spurts of strength.
  5. still thinking
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