Kayfabe Devil's Demise.

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  1. *After the first match of Summerslam is over and done with, the titantron flickers once again. The crowd boo as they are expecting Victor Sokolov to send another cryptic message to the WWEF universe. They are indeed greeted by the sight of Victor Sokolov's dark room, but Victor is not there. Standing in his place is a tall figure, his face cannot be seen and he begins to talk.*

    ???: Ever since I began wrestling for this company, things have changed. From championships to careers.... everything is different. Sitting on the sidelines is awful, watching friends and foes alike wrestle their hearts out, and you sitting there... not able to do a single thing if something bad happens. One man, has been on a path of destruction, and it's not going to stop unless he is finally put to rest at Summerslam. Three falls... two men... one winner, one loser.

    *The crowd cheer, as the know the match that the mystery peroz. is talking about, is the Devil's Playground match between Victor Sokolov and Rhys Haze. Footsteps can be heard, as it seems the figure is walking around the room in a circle.*

    ???: If the devil is not put down tonight, this company is doomed. As two men lose their contracts, one man sets his eyes on other targets. One by one, people will fall down, until the devil is satisfied, and I'll tell you this.... it takes a lot to satisfy someone like him, even crushing a persons skull into cinderblocks ain't enough to make hi.m happy. All he wants to do is cause chaos, he wants this place for himself. He doesn't care about anybody, but himself! Rhys Haze.... win... win for yourself.... win for this company... win... for... me. I'll be seeing the rest of you tonight.... peace out.

    *The crowd are even more excited, as the titantron flickers and goes back to normal. And just by pure coincidence... up next is the Devil's Playground match, loser leaves Precision forever.*

    I think you know who's coming back.