Kayfabe Devil's Playground - Conclusion

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  1. *It's over, the match is done and Rhys Haze is victorious. Both men lay down on the floor, both drenched in blood, the cell is quickly raised as multiple medics rush the ring and tend to both Victor and Rhys. 3 minutes or so pass, and still Haze nor Sokolov have moved an inch, but as the majority of the medics switch over to put Rhys Haze on a stretcher. Victor rises up, blood still dripping from his head, he stands up, but just barely. The medics tell Victor to sit down so his injuries can be checked.* As Victor attempts to sit back down again, the crowd burst into "Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye.' Victor stares down the crowd and his rage begins to build, he punches himself, thinking it's all a dream, but when he realises it's not, he loses it completely. He rolls out of the ring as multiple medics try and follow him, but get viciously pushed away. Sokolov pulls out a barbed wire bat from underneath the ring and starts to hit every single medic in sight with it, many times. Victor even hits a fan with it, before going back in the ring and hits Rhys Haze with the bat, the crowd are in shock. But suddenly Unknown music hits...

    *The whistle sounds, and the opening of the song plays. A mysterious figure walks out, the arena is in darkness, apart from one spotlight on the figure. The music ends, as words flash on the titantron.... "I'VE BEEN OUT FOR TOO LONG... I NEED MY REVENGE. YOUR DONE SOKOLOV."

    *The lights come back on, and the intense music begins to play. Victor is shaking his head in the ring, shouting "No.. no fucking way..." As the bass drops, the figure drops the hood and reveals himself. It's Will Neilson. The crowd erupt with cheers and the usual chant of "HOLY SHIT!". Will takes it all in, before flagging Victor and runs to the ring, he slides in and stares down Victor, Sokolov goes for the punch but Neilson blocks it and gets him in a powerbomb position, but instead of lifting him up, Will lets Victor dangle, Neilson steps over his arms, and is into the Belly to Back Mat Slam position. After a few seconds, Will jumps forward bring Victor down with him and he connects with the brand new "Neilson Clash" (original fucking name.) Will picks up Victor and throws him out of the ring, he then calls medics over to finally help take Rhys out to an ambulance in the back, they do so, and Will quickly picks up a microphone and starts to speak.*

    Will: Hey... it's good to be back. As I said earlier, it's been awful watching from the sidelines. Watching Victor destroy people, and watching them suffer. I wanted to do something about it, but I couldn't.... the doctors hadn't cleared me to return back to the ring. Yesterday was the day, they finally told me I was able to wrestle again, and so what would be a better day to come back than.... Summerslam. Victor is gone, I'm back. I'll see you all next week...: oh and don't forget, I'm still Mr. Money in the Bank.... and my eye is set on the prize.

    *Will salutes to the crowd and walks backstage, the crowds cheers die down. As Summerslam cuts to a commercial break, Will Neilson is behind the curtain saying "It's good to be back, let's see how long this will last..." before running off to find Rhys Haze and the medics.*
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