News Devitt = Finn Bálor

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Sep 25, 2014.

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    That's a pretty cool name to be honest. Finn is an old Irish warrior game that roughly means "Surely"/"Sure". and Balor is the king of death and demons in Irishi mythology. So his name roughly means Sure Death.

    Debut video:

  2. Don't call him Shirley...

    It seems like an alright name tbh
  3. Balor has to be easy as fuck to chant.

    "Bay-lor! Bay-lor!"
  4. Sounds like a b movie actor name.
  5. Finn Balor is fine, but Prince Devitt is badass
  6. Bay-lor? Sounds like gay-lord :awyeah:

    But seriously, can't wait to see him in action already
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  7. Not a bad name, now we're just waiting on Steen's new name or they gonna let him keep that.
  8. I dunno, I would've liked it much better if they let Kenta, Devitt and Steen keep their real names... Sucks they didn't, they're probably gonna change Steen's as well, guess I'll have to get used to it.
  9. My idea of him wining a KOTR tournament and becoming King Devitt is now out the window.
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  10. Finn Balor? I doubt that becomes an internationally known name. He may as well just be called 'Sure Death' because nobody is simply going to look it up.
    It sounds like the name of a child or somebody who's gonna get their a** whipped.
    They should urge him to change it to something different, something that says he has healthy T-levels.
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  11. That's why Fergal Devitt, Prince Devitt or simply Devitt are better names than Finn Balor.
  12. Of course we would all prefer they use the name that they had when WWE signed them but unfortunately most of the time that won't happen.. After thinking about the names a bit I really do like them they're not horrid let's just hope they work well with how athletic some of these new guys are.
  13. Remember when removing the mask off of Sami Zayn was a bad idea?

    I see no reason to hate on the name. If a man called Dolph Ziggler or the Miz can be world champion, then so can a man with a popular Irish first name and a last name taken from the king of the dead.
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  14. You've got a good point there, sir. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Time will only tell.
  15. It doesn't have to be their real names. The Shield members picked 100% perfect names despite their well known indy background. Bray Wyatt works great, too.
    Fergal and Kenta are picking names a jacka** would pick. They're only picking names they are used to hearing each day in their homeland.

    Pick names that North American's will warm to. Simple, right?
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  16. So having an indy background means you pick bad names?

    So rather than getting a name that is unique and stands out, they should be white washed? You expect a Japanese man to wrestle under a named like Bronson, or Jackson?

    They both picked names that work well. Because they are easily identifiable and easily chantable. Both first and last names are two syllable, easily made into chants.

    Sorry but I cannot agree that they picked names like Jackasses.
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  17. I never said Zayn removing the mask was a bad idea. It may not have been the best, but fans overreact.
    Dolph Ziggler is a name north american's recognize. The Miz is a spin off the Rock.
    I have no idea what Finn Balor means. Nobody does. North american's aren't going to look it up every night he performs.

    Finn Balor is a jobber's name. If he wants his name to be 'Sure Death' than he should call himself Sure Death. Impossible, right? Pick a simpler name.
  18. Finn Balor is not a jobber name. It's just as respectable a name as Dolph Ziggler, if not more.
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  19. For Devitt that is the case but Kenta has two three syllable names now right? Hi-de-o and It-am-i

    I'm with you though I like the names regardless..
  20. Still pretty easily chantable.
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