DEVON Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. My brotha "Sgt. At Arms" Devon has been in TNA since 2005 and is been one of favorites all these yrs, especially when he was in singles competition.

    Since then, he won many Tag Team titles in TNA with his brother Bully Ray as Team 3D.

    He also won Television Title twice and is the longest TV champion in company history.

    Big part of the group known as The Aces & Eights.

    On August 22nd edition of 2013 of IMPACT Wrestling, Devon was pinned by AJ Styles and is now, per stipulation, gone from TNA.

    So long, Devon! OH MAH BROTHA TESTIFY !!!! :testify:

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  3. You've got to TESTIFY to that :testify:
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  4. I'm sure he's taking over a behind the scenes D'Lo type position. Don't fret Test, he'll show up again at some point.
  5. How is this appreciating one of the greatest tag wrestlers of all time? How is this appreciating the greatest TV champ in TNA history? You gotta learn your craft around here brotha and show some respect to your black brother! :testify:

    Plus, check his twittah, Devon seems to be gone fro TNA completely
  6. Word going about is that he is full on leaving actually.
  7. Damn, guess I was wrong. That's a real shitty move on TNA's part letting him go with no real goodbye.
  8. Dem Dirtsheets said he had an emotional goodbye to the audience after the taping ended so I think he did get to have his goodbye moment. And to be fair, his character and the set up kind of negated the heartfelt goodbye in front of the TV cameras thing. That's reserved for babyfaces 9 out of 10 times.
  9. At least a Bully firing him from the group angle or something. Who gives a shit about off camera stuff? 99% of us didn't see it.
  10. Kayfabe look into this, why should any of us give a fuck about Devon's send-off party? He was one of main bad guys, one of the guys who betrayed TNA by joining the Aces. He was the company traitor 101. Why should Hogan let him have his little party? Devon stabbed everyone in the back jack.

    Non-kayfabe, he got a standing ovation from the crowd post-TV taping, and a proper send-off.

    For a traitor heel on TV, I think its fairly enough from TNA.
  11. I'm waiting for ppl to appreciate Devon a bit.


  12. Kayfabe wise have him regret his actions, side with AJ last night, Bully's kicks him off rips up his "contract" and he has a tearful goodbye. Simplicity. We've put up with a lot worse logic than that before.
  13. Devon and Kaz have great chemistry!
  14. Who's the man? :((
  15. Remember when Devon pinned HHH so hard Trips was scared of the brother?
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  16. Brother Devon was the greatest gimmick to exist
  17. Brother Devon was the greatest gimmick to exist
  18. It's always sad to see a veteran leave,I wish him the best of luck going forward.
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  19. Is Devon gone from the company, now just taking a backstage role, or will TNA work him back into a job via some general wrestling trope? I know it was story based to have MEM members talking shit to him after he got pinned, but it just felt wrong to me. I'd rather have Aces & Eights just pull him out of the ring or something.

    Sad part is, this current run in Aces & Eights is the most I've enjoyed Devon since ECW.
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