News Devon tweets about defending the TV title!

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    Dont really watch TNA but if this is right, Why the hell are they not putting it on TV? Its a TV TITLE! Plus why is Devon holding it? Give younger talent something!
  2. It's ridiculous that he even has it. It can be used productively with someone else, and he doesn't need it. He has a big enough role in the biggest storyline in TNA right now.
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  3. I think they just want A&8s to have more than one belt (and for them to have at least one belt was my theory before Lockdown).
  4. So give them a bigger belt.
  5. Well, does Hogan remember that the title will be defended "Every Week"?
  6. doesnt have to be on TV, even though the name brings a safe assumption.
  7. The title has meant nothing ever since it came in as the Legends title, its should be retired and chucked in the trash.
  8. Joseph Park can't win the title soon enough, but he will.

    Lets face it, Magnus ain't winning it.
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