Dexter Season 7

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  1. I'm about to check out episode 2. Been anticipating it since the bomb was dropped at the end of ep 2

    Also a bit intrigued by this Louis guy, though it's obvious Dexter will take his ass out at some point during this season lmao
  2. Loving the start to the new season indeed. I'm sure it's going to be one of the best seasons now that Deb knows about Dexter's "Dark Passenger", I'm pretty sure Louis isn't going to last long if he keeps F-ing around with Dexter.

    Think I read somewhere earlier in the year that there will be a eight season as well.
  3. Anyone see the teasers for ep 3? The locket that dead girl had has a seeking device on it. Did Dexter take it?
  4. I didn't see it. When I download the eps they don't usually have the teasers included.
  5. Mine did. Teaser included:

    Show Spoiler
    The russians tracked the locket and found it on a boat, and shot the person on it. Could've that been Louis on Dexters boat?
  6. MEH

    not a great ep IMO. They handled the whole Deb finding out thing about as lame as they possibly could have. Very predictable. I also don't give a fuck about this sidestory with the strip club. YAWN

    fast forward to the end of the season and Louis will be dead and there won't be any real development between Dexter and Deb. Another subpar season in the making
  7. What about the LaGuerta (spelling?) side story? Where do you see that leading?

    I see her finding out about Dexter, trying to arrest him but Deb kills her.
  8. I was gonna check out this show but it seems a bit repetitive, someone getting away for seven (eight, eventually) seasons. I also heard last season was quite terrible.
  9. Don't really care about that bitch and never have. She's a terrible character IMO.
  10. I also hate her, I've been hoping they'd kill her off for a while now!
  11. Me neither, but don't you just love the idea that she might be killed off?
  12. I marked hard when Luis got popped
  13. I was going to post something like this earlier, it would seem that he didn't last as long in season 7 as I thought he would.

    Interesting that Deb is kinda' accepting what Dexter does.
  14. It's exactly what I expected to happen. I hope she snaps and tries to arrest him instead
  15. I hate fucking Maria too.
    I just finished Episode 3 and I have a feeling they're going to kill Quinn.
  16. Any of you guy's watch the latest episode yet?
  17. Just watched then, it was alright.

    What the fuck was with the gladiator guy? No seriously. Why did he do that? lmao
  18. I'm D/L tonights episode, hope it's a good one.
  19. Who watched on Sunday? :otunga:
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