Dexter Season 8 Discussion Thread (Potential Spinoff)

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Apr 21, 2013.

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    My thoughts if you watch the show.
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    Say if Dexter were to get killed and his son Harrison got some weird ass trait just like his father. By the way Deb kills Dexter. Deb feels bad and takes care of Harrison. They could make it so he kills people and has the same trait as his father and he sees Dexter just how he saw Harry. I'm not all into spin-offs, but just a thought.

    Also, just for shits, this awesome ass track that gets you somewhat pumped.
  2. NOOOOOOOO, I'm going to miss it so much when its gone :upset:
  3. Never watched Dexter. If a spinoff will work then I am sure they will do it. Nothing else really to say.
  4. Tonights the night. :dexter:
    Same here. :upset:
  5. If you watch the likes of The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad, this is also a good recommended show.
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  6. I watch The Walking Dead, may give it a try :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. You won't regret it, it's absolutely awesome. Especially seasons one and two.
  8. Season 2? That was placed 3 on my best season order.
    Season 4 and 1 topped it.
  9. There is a commercial airing around for this. Anyone have a video link?
  10. Hopefully the last season is better than the shitty seasons we've had lately. Doubt it though, especially based on that preview.

    Honestly glad it is coming to a close. It will never be as good as it was in the beginning + S4.
  11. I predict it to at least beat the last 3 seasons. So it'd be placed number 5 automatically which isn't so bad.
    Plus whoever produced that 24 Blood theme song should get a fucking nobel prize. It always gives me chills.
  12. I could probably film myself wanking and it would be better than the last 3 seasons of Dexter. So not exactly saying much.. it will be better by default just because they can get more ballsy with storylines and such
  13. Would watch :joeyryan:
  14. Yo
    Not sure if I'd be down to watch you beat it.
    You didn't like Season 6? I thought it was decent with a twist kinda in the middle. Also, I expect some of the main cast to die leaving Deb to possibly kill Dexter.
  15. S6 was the best of the last 3 IMO, but still nothing groundbreaking. It had an interesting theme with the religion and Dexter thinking about 'what he believed in' but it was anticlimactic towards the second part of the season
  16. I guess it kinda was. Also when he kidnapped his son, that shit was whack. Forgot how Brother Sam died though.
    Although I marked for that special appearance from Bynie and they somewhat had an update on Arthur's son.
  17. Bynie lol. I forgot about the Trinity son bit. Brother Sam was a good storyline that they fumbled.. Dexter has sort of been like WWE in that aspect of late. They might have a decent idea but just fuck around and mess it up soon after.
  18. Bynie, Brian Moser, same shit. lol
    Season 5 was shit from like the beginning excluding the first few episodes to the end.
    Season 7 they fucked up really bad. Like real bad. I can take them making Isaac gay, but when they kill him off and shit in such a pathetic way?
  19. Yea that was pathetic. I remember in the thread on here we had all started to become a little interested in that storyline and then it was over. That was just pathetic

    edit: pathetic

  20. Pretty good coverage of all seasons.
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