Evolve DGUSA: Gargano vs. Shingo ending (Open the Ultimate Gate 2013)

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by GrammarNazi82, May 16, 2013.

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  1. This is also a pretty good clip for those who are interested in getting a taste of DGUSA and/or Gargano.

    From YouTube:
    Johnny Gargano battled Shingo for the Open The Freedom Gate Title at Dragon Gate USA Open The Ultimate Gate 2013. The result was one of the greatest matches in DGUSA history with the most controversial ending ever. Watch it for yourself now! See the match now on iPPV at http://www.WWNLive.com On Demand.

    From their email:
    The video features the first free footage of the much talked about match of the year between Johnny Gargano and Shingo from DGUSA Open The Ultimate Gate 2013. See the controversial, polarizing ending for yourself. You can watch this entire show anytime at WWNLive.com On Demand.
  2. Saw this earlier this morning. Such a nice turn. Johnny is fucking money. Too bad Gabe and Sal sucking at producing DVDs so we probably won't see this until like 2014.

    Still love me some Johnny.
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  3. The dvd thing is why i don't really follow this company.What i have seen i have liked but they need to sort themselves out with the dvd shit.
  4. But they won't because "We make more money off of IPPV and online replays". That's what he told me on Facebook paraphrased, so they don't put much focus on DVDs. I told him I hoped he was okay with losing my money then.
  5. Yeah but a lot of fans still prefer dvds. I have seen on other forums dgusa fans saying they want dvds out quicker. Gabe is the businessman after all, if he feels whats best for the company then fine but i will not follow this company properly until dvds become more accessible.
  6. I've said that as well. Hopefully someone will rip the VOD (virtual replays) of this years shows and put them up somewhere soon enough like they did with the 2012 ones.
  7. yeah its just a shame as they have a great roster.
  8. The product and roster are real good. So yeah it is a shame that the business side is hurting them.
  9. On a bright note El Duderino I just looked at Gabe's facebook and they are planning and working on a ROKU and most likely Youtube show featuring best of matches and lowercard and dark matches from events. This can make getting into the product somewhat easier.
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  10. This is what I'm hoping for. I take "free footage" where I can get it and try to watch some of their matches when I can, but their extra slow turn-around time for DVDs is ultimately hurting the product. iPPVs are all fine and good, but plenty of people still want to get the DVDs. Plus then they can pass along their DVD to a friend to introduce them to the product and so forth and so on. Their time-frame for getting PPVs onto DVDs is absurd.
  11. As long as almost all the shows are on iPPV I can usually follow, but it is a shame their DVDs come out so late.. considering the fact Gabe wants to "kill roh" you'd think he'd try and step up their DVD plan.
  12. Gabe is a solid booker who knows how to make stars. Look at Gargano and Ricochet. Those two would not be as big as they are now without Gabe seeing the potential in them.
    But he is not a good businessman. And Sal who runs WWN has Gabe in his ear sadly.
  13. Thats a step in the right direction.
  14. I had wondered about Sal. Sad to hear that then. I've heard quite a bit about Gabe, and I agree when it comes to making stars and doing solid booking, Gabe is great and very talented. But when it comes to business-sense, he's certainly lacking. I wish someone could get through to him that even something as simple as timely DVD releases would better benefit the overall product. Sal, on the other hand, I hadn't heard much about so I didn't know what to think there.
  15. Someone needs to get a hold of the replays of the next 3 Evolve events because they look bloody solid as hell.
  16. Sal is the guy who runs and books Full impact pro. But obviously he is a Sapolsky protege.

    Some DVD distributor (Highspots or smark mark) should get a hold of Gabe and tell them that they could do the DVD editing ON TIME and CHEAP. So that Gabe could get it into his head that he doesn't need to do it.
  17. NOW you're talking. I had just double-checked Highspots a moment ago and noticed that sure enough the most recent Evolve DVD they have is for Evolve 15 -- ridiculous. If he would hand that over to someone else and focus on what he's good at, then it'd be a win-win for the company and the fans.
  18. I wish there was no bad blood with Gabe and ROH it would be great if we saw talent from both promotions work together.
  19. We should start a petition! Up on the barricades! It's not like we are asking for his first born. Get a third party distributor in who can offer decent results at an affordable price. There are tons of independent video distribution companies out there and then a distribution deal with highspots or smartmark and Gabe could actually do what he says he is doing (killing ROH).
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  20. They did at first actually. Steen, Cole, Richards etc have all worked in DGUSA and Evolve. Danielson and Richards came up with the old Evolve concept actually. Then Richards tried to strong arm more pay out of both companies, he had already gotten Gabe to agree to give him the freedom gate belt but he was then supposed to drop it the next night. Davey then strong armed ROH into more money and hopped on over and after that ROH talent cannot appear in Gabe's products due to contracts. At least that is how the story goes. And we know that Gabe can hold a grudge.
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