Evolve DGUSA Nov 16-17 weekend discussion thread

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  1. Full card is out for DGUSA's show on November 16th. Looks pretty nifty if I'm being honest. Lots of Title matches.

    Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
    Johnny Gargano defends vs. Jimmy Susumu

    Open The United Gate Title Match
    The Young Bucks defend vs. The Bravado Brothers

    Open The Brave Gate Title Match
    Genki Horiguchi defends vs. Rich Swann

    Four Way Freestyle - If AR Fox Is Pinned Or Submits He Loses The Title
    EVOLVE Champion AR Fox vs. Shane Strickland vs. Andrew Everett vs. Fire Ant

    Masaaki Mochizuki vs.Anthony Nese with Mr. A & Su Yung

    Trent Baretta vs. Chuck Taylor

    Ricochet vs. Biff Busick

    Caleb Konley vs. Mr. Touchdown

    Jon Davis vs. Steven Walters

    This looks on paper like one of the best shows DGUSA has planned ever. Great talent from the states, great talent flown in from Japan, and interesting match ups. Only match I am iffy on is Davis vs Walters because I don't know anything about Walters. Plus with DGUSA using New York as their homebase (running most of their shows there now) they are starting to develop a steady crowd and fanbase which can only be good for attendance and the show feel. Looking forward to catching this (in 2016 if I know Gabe Sapolsky and DVDs)
  2. I don't even think the EVOLVE 23 and 24 DVD's are out.....
    Nevertheless, really good looking card.
  3. They are finishing of Evolve 18, so they ain't that far behind on Evolve. But they just released the Freedom Fight 2012 DVD for DGUSA, which means they are one year behind on DGUSA.
  4. JESUS.
  5. Gabe is an idiot and thinks that IPPV is the way of the future. Despite time and time again proving that the slightest mistake can ruin the entire show if you air it as an IPPV.
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  6. Are there any Bravado brothers matches worth checking out from recently?

    I haven't seen them since GBH 12
  7. Their DGUSA/Evolve and RIP runs have been solid. Also they went on an extended leave to NOAH so that's something.
  8. I knew they had been in Japan, I'm assuming they've improved a ton? Always enjoyed their matches, plus it's with the Bucks, so I'll probably be watching.
  9. Didn't see it in the OP, but isn't this the one Chris Hero has a match in? Looks to be a phenomenal card all in all. Maybe one day I can eventually watch it.

    (ETA: Never mind, that's Freedom Fight on the 17th. Wasn't looking at the calendar and got Saturday's and Sunday's dates mixed up. Still a solid lineup.)
  10. Hero is on the night after.
  11. Yeah, just edited to add that after I checked the dates. :emoji_slight_smile: Thanks!
    Didn't see a thread for Freedom Fight, just this one for Fearless, and got my dates mixed up.
  12. Feel free to post the card for Freedom Fight and I'll make this into a super thread.
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  13. Thanks, Stop!
  14. This is the revised card I saw this morning:

    Dragon Gate USA presents
    Freedom Fight 2013
    November 17th - 7pm EST. Belltime
    Brooklyn Lyceum
    227 4th Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
    Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Chris Hero

    Grudge Match
    Ricochet vs. Anthony Nese with Su Yung & Mr. A

    The Final Chapter
    Open The United Gate Champions The Young Bucks vs. AR Fox & Masaaki Mochizuki

    Special Challenge Match
    Trent Baretta vs. Rich Swann

    International Tag Team Attraction
    Genki Horiguchi & Jimmy Susumu vs. The Bravado Brothers

    Bonus Tag Team Match
    Jigsaw & Fire Ant vs. Caleb Konley & Andrew Everett

    Establishment vs. New Talent Match #1
    Chuck Taylor vs. Mr. Touchdown

    Establishment vs. New Talent Match #2
    Jon Davis vs. Steven Walters

    Wouldn't mind seeing both these events, but don't do the iPPVs and don't know how to watch them afterward. Should be a pretty good weekend though.
  15. Fox and Mochizuki is the oddest couple I have seen in a long time.
    @GrammarNazi82 they do online video on demand after the ppvs are done. Basically you rent it online for a set period of time. They also have a deal so that you automatically get the dvd once it is released.
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  16. Awesome, I'll check that out; thanks. Sucks that it can take so long for the DVDs to come out, but would be worth seeing on demand. I'm excited for Saturday's show, as well as Hero's return Sunday against Gargano. Hoping that'll be a good match.
  17. Guessing Cole beats Hero then at PWG? Nonetheless, this sounds amazing.
  18. Booking in PWG doesn't necessarily affect booking in DGUSA. Two separate universes.
  19. I get it, but I guess seeing Hero vs. Gargano twice at two big indy events would be less attractive than seeing Hero vs. Gargano once at DGUSA and Hero vs. ACH and Gargano vs. Cole at PWG, no? My thinking is messed up right now lol, so I apologize if my wording isn't understandable.
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    I don't think Gabe is basing his bookings on Super Dragon's. I don't even think Dragon has told anyone other than possibly Cole and Hero how their match will go. Promoters are just trying to lock down Chris Hero for fear of losing him to other promotions. If Hero for example holds a belt or a top spot in DGUSA (not saying he'll beat Gargano) he can't work ROH and vice versa. They want to lock the guy down since he'll make them money.
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