Di Canio it is!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Acailler, Mar 31, 2013.

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  2. Further to this:

  3. It'll be interesting to see how the players react.
  4. At least when Sunderland lose I will be entertained now.
  5. Well played Sunderland, you deserve eachother.
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  6. You should check the conversations I'm having on twitter twitter.com/acailler

    I'm enjoying arguing with the creator of Football Manager about this....
  7. Brilliant. Someone who will kick them up their arse when they're not performing and will drop them if need be. Also David Miliband will not be missed, did nothing for the club.
  8. Maybe, but come on, he's a self proclaimed fascist and has been pictured numerous times doing nazi salutes, does that not bother you?
  9. What he does is not my concern. Roman, not Nazi salute. Pretty much the same thing but he's not a Nazi..
  10. Plus he's a referee assaulter.

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    Hancock is a fag for the way he fell

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    Also who gives a shit about his political views if he wins matches? I know it's a bit of a bad stance to take but I don't care about the man personally as long as he wins matches. We have a player up front who's due in court for about his third assault charge, a LB who was arrested for kidnapping (not guilty I think) another who was arrested for clocking a woman, as long as he's not killed any body or raped them let him have his views IMO
  11. Fair enough, I mean I love him, I think he's hilarious, but he hasn't really proven himself yet, he got a team promoted from division 2, and the players and fans hated him, he will either be a huge sucess or a catastrophic failure imo.
  12. The fans loved him... they were protesting when he went I believe, also the players hated him? That's news to me a few fell out with him (that lad they sent on loan to Birmingham in exchange for Rooney and Clarke but that's all I can think of.)
  13. I don't know mate, it's just how strongly he presents them, he believes that their is one superior race which I don't care about, he's a nutter anyway, but it's how strongly he presents them, I don't want them rammed down my throat especially if the majority of people don't agree with them. I just wouldn't want him in charge at the Boro and that is saying something given we are bottom, or second bottom of the form table in relegation form and only 6 points away from the relegation zone if we get beat next week.
  14. :please: don't get relegated, we need some pride in this league when all the Sunderland fans run to Old Trafford.
  15. Tons of Swindon fans have been tweeting in to some show or something saying they feel sorry for Sunderland and he was a joke, just read it on the SMB, that is all I've heard of it though tbf so they could just be trying to wind Sunderland fans up. Same with the players also after he left apparently they were all tweeting that they didn't care or were happy or something along those lines.
  16. I hope not, but if it carries on this way it's a possibility, a small one but still, we need a turn around and quickly otherwise it could happen, we've only got 7 points out of a possible 42 I believe in 2013 which is relegation form, hopefully there is just too many teams in between us and the drop though, disgraceful really considering we were top 3 at Christmas.
  17. O'Neill had all the PL experience in the world, look where that got him. In this game, you don't need top level experience. You need a team that is motivated by their manager to perform at their highest level.
  18. This is the weirdest league on the planet this season I swear down, we're in 19th I think and we're like 3 points off of 13th, it's crazy.
  19. Maybe but I don't know if the players can get motivated so quickly, I mean at the weekend, Bardsley and Gardner looked like the only players who gave a fuck that they were in a relegation dogfight, Sessegnon was walking about like they were safely tucked away inside Europe, maybe this could have worked but I don't think 7 games is enough time for anyone to turn things around, unless he has a honeymoon period but you can't be banking on that happening.
  20. I know, it's so close, we are 4 points from the top six but only 6 points from the bottom three, the only team far away is Baardiff but even they are slipping massively now, I would love it if they slipped into the PO though, the PO is anyone's game atm no team is definitely in it no team definitely out.
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