Diaz vs Maynard tonight

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Nov 30, 2013.

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  1. anyone plan to check it out? rest of the card is pretty weak
  2. Here. I don't really dig the ultimate fighter show so much, i've watched a few seasons and the matches are just lacking for the most part. 30 minutes of drama, 18 minutes of commercial, and about 6 mins of each fighting and people cheering/judging/dana white.

    Will watch the fight though, and maybe a little of the card.
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  3. I'm a sad bastard who's alone on saturday so probably.
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  4. I'm here for you bb
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  5. Nate went fucking HAM

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  6. Summarise what happened? Didn't even know this was on (can't watch it anyway).
  7. Diaz unleashed a 1,000 punch combo and had Gray out on his feet. Once the ref stepped in Gray tried walking away like a zombie and just collapsed in a heap

    oh and of course Nate celebrates with hand gestures and bicep flexing
  8. Lmao good. Is Maynard a jobber though? What's next for Nate?
  9. Maynard was in a #1 contenders match before this fight. He and Nate had fought twice before (only once officially since TUF fights don't count on your record) and split 1-1. Gray is good, no scrub.

    Next for Nate? Idk. So many good LWs I wouldn't mind seeing him fight Thompson again, the dude that made him look so bad in his last fight before this one
  10. Thompson? Think last Nate fight I saw was him getting humbled by that black dude that looked like and moved like Kofi Kingston.
  11. Henderson? Yea that fight was even worse than seeing Nate get KO'd.
  12. Thompson was after Henderson? Thompson KO'd him? wtf happened to nate :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. Dude fights the best guys in the world and shit happens.

    apparently I found Nate's next fight, your boy Diego Sanchez wants to get fucked up again

  14. Sanchez trying to talk his way into a big fight he doesn't really 'deserve' is sort of lame but that would be a war
  15. Hope Nate kills him
  16. Did you see what El Nino did to him? That was FOTY IMO even though it was a beating.
  17. Nah no idea who El Nino is
  18. Gilbert Melendez ho
  19. Obv a pussy then
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