DiBiase Career Change?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Extraterrestrial, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Ted DiBiase has put out feelers for acting gigs but reportedly is not interested in moving to Los Angeles. DiBiase is one of the names who have been talking about leaving WWE. Word going around was that he was staying with WWE until the end of the year and then would make a decision about his future.
  2. Well, I don't really blame him for not being happy in WWE, they're not using him. Don't know whether he's a good actor or not though.
  3. I wouldn't really notice if he left he doesn't do much as WWE aren't using him as much as they should but I wish him luck with his acting.
  4. He's a pretty bland guy. I always thought Rhodes was going to be the breakout star of that pairing. His brother was/is the more talented one. The best of luck in your future endeavours.
  5. They don't use him so can't blame him for looking at alternative employment.
  6. I actually liked Ted, but I guess he can't stay there just to watch the show like we do. lol
  7. I like Ted. I feel for the guy. They have not used him since his injury and he should be getting tv time, not sit down time.
  8. I like Ted and he is a damn good wrestler. I hate that he is being misused. He deserves better
  9. I like Ted, but I don't blame him.
  10. Don't blame him. I wouldn't want to sit around when there could be other options. Hope he does well whatever he decides.
  11. I will flip the fuck out if he leaves the company. One of my favorite guys in the company.
  12. They don't use him at all. I can't blame him for leaving and trying to do other things.
  13. Don't blame him. He was good in Marine 2, actually. Or just be a model, Ted. I need your arse in my life!
  14. Does he have a nice arse? I haven't seen it in awhile.


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