Did 9/11 attacks effected WWE show?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Feb 7, 2015.

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  1. i mean during 9/11, decrease in audience, something like that show cancellation.
    what actual happened in wwe during 9/11?
  2. Smackdown was supposed to start being taped the night of the attacks, but they cancelled the show that night and held it live two days later on Thursday instead.

    They also kept a graphic of the American flag in the background of the entrance-way for a few months after the attacks.

    Also, Kurt Angle wasn't supposed to win the WWF Title from Austin at Unforgiven two weeks later (despite the fact that all signs seemed to point in that direction.) However, they wanted the first post-9/11 PPV to have a happy, feel-good ending, so they decided to change it to Kurt Angle winning instead.

    Also, they introduced a Arab-American superstar named Muhammad Hassan a few years later in late 2004 with the purpose of getting him mega heel heat (although if not for the hate for Muslims coming off the 9/11 attacks, the way his character was written in some ways could have almost been portrayed as a babyface), and he in fact got so much heat that they were forced to kill the character off not even a year later due to the large overabundance of complaints and hate-mail they got over it.
  3. The 9/11 attacks (along with the Chris Benoit files) helped to create the John Cena persona we see today.
    The Marine salute, the 'Hustle, Loyalty, Respect' and the 'Never Give Up' mantra are all a collective representation of a dedicated member of the U.S troops.
    WWE wanted to create another hero to combat the situations in the Middle East just like they had done with Hulk Hogan in the 80's and 90's (vs Iron Sheik and Sgt. Slaughter)

    Had 9/11 never happened, you'd be seeing a different John Cena. The show would still be PG, but the Marine persona never would have come about.
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  4. I doubt Cena's personality would really be any different. Him saluting the troops is just a simple gesture, it's not exactly a necessary component of his entire personality. Obviously they wouldn't highlight his love and support of the troops if we weren't at war, but his persona doesn't completely rest on that either. The whole "never give up and never say die" babyface is as old as time itself.
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  5. Nevermind WWE, the 9/11 affected the entire world... for worse. The society has become way more pussified since then. Bunch of fucking pussies everywhere.
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  6. Off topic, I know, but I always found the "Hustle" in that phrase funny. It means two different things and one most definitely does not fit with "Loyalty" and "Respect". And since he was that heel rapper guy way back when I always have that thought in the back of my mind because the more negative meaning of "Hustle" really identifies with that persona IMO. Would be an excellent excuse to slide back into a heel role which most people want to see (except the kids). That's a pipe dream really though. /tangent
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  7. I never understood the Hassan deal. WWE wants major heat, gets it and kills character because of it.
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  8. When you were in gym and people told you to hustle, i doubt it meant the heel portion of it.

    And we would have the same cookie cutter Cena either way, because he'd still be make-a-wish champion and really fits the mold for what a megastar looks like. I doubt much changes in WWE with 9/11 and tbh, they probably profited and were better off for it. One of the man teams that can thank the attack on 9/11 for success.
  9. It wasn't their call. UPN (the latter being the station that used to air Smackdown back in the day) were receiving so much hate-mail over the character that they pressured WWE to get rid of him. USA were getting hate-mail over it as well back when Hassan was still on the Raw brand.

    The pussification of society (or at least of a select number of people) led to the character's demise. Shame, as it was originally planned to have him challenge Batista for the WHC at Summerslam the following month in Washington DC of all places. Would have loved to have seen that mega heat.
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  10. I agree with your point but would like to add that 'The Marine' movie may not have been made at all had it not been for 9/11.
    In other words, his character would be very much the same but the John Cena persona may have been replaced with a slightly different gimmick.

    I can envision him having a boxer time gimmick, similar to 50 cent (who used to be a boxer, but transitioned into rapping).
    Translating a boxer gimmick to fit WWE wouldn't be difficult. He'd be a child friendly version of Muhammad Ali (a man The Rock partially modeled his persona after).
  11. I dont know 9/11 had anything to do with Cena Marine Theme. He turned face in 2003 and dissed on everything.
  12. Yes it did. The following Smackdown, Kurt Angle fought Osama Bin Laden in an iron man match, but Osama left the arena in the middle of the match. It took The Rock years to find him and that's why Jinder Mahal is fired.
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  13. Agreed. I know it pissed people off but that's the point, he's supoosed to do that. Be the major heel. It's wrestling folks, not real life, their job is to create controversy.
  14. It would have been interesting to see how they would have handled the tag team "the twin towers" if they were still around on Sept 11.
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