did anyone else notice what big johnny said

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by reaver666, May 25, 2012.

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  1. i watched over the limit and i watched raw but i realised something and was wondering if anyone else has to.

    big johnny states he hired big show back the day before over the limit so tehnically a active wwe superstar interfered with the match.

    shouldn't big johnny be fired
  2. It was a mistake written in the script. wwe later claimed that john had only a verbal contract with him on saturday and wasnt legally signed back until monday
  3. thanks


    i honestly believe lesner would have been a better choice than show
  4. Yah but he's feuding with Triple H. According to the story, he quit so why would he come back?.
  5. Because he's Brock freaking Lesnar!
  6. I think the shame is we all knew it was going to be the show, that was possibly the worst "match" i have ever seen. It's times like this i wonder why i hated Shane-o-Mac so much as a kid, at least he got into the ring and didnt waste my time with garbage like that.

    Either way, I am down with the angle he had, he just needs to have someone around, and Otunga is either ready or unable to get the push into the heel leader role for Johnny he should be in. (obviously he just got back as well, so who knows)

    I wish they had to pretend to screw Sheamus around even more, he's decent but to me he gets more chances than Hulkamania and lately has wrestled about as well as David Arquette. Brogue kick first time (always miss) followed by someone running into his leg within a quick couple moves and ends. How many people here called Jericho being the one who had to be pinned, and honestly had to question if Sheamus was really going to have to luck into the W at ppv. Just my opinion, but ADR Sheamus match is going to be good only if ADR wins, and i barely, barely want him to win because i would really love to see him get a push into bribing stars into losses or possibly even "buying" a belt opportunity out from under someone, a change in attitude could make me forget the annoying entrance and get more into his actual in-ring skills, and see more of the armbar. Nearly anyone is better than Sheamus right now, I'll bet anything he goes into the next PPV with some kind of injury making him the underdog, and he will push through it for some BS win. Oh, his ankle is broken in two places, and he has to use a crutch in this match, but if he uses it as a weapon he will get a DQ, How will he win tonight? By having someone run into his foot, while he holds it up as high as he can. Thank God at least it's someone like ADR who can sell it.
  7. Everyone noticed, well I did. Later that night they had Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler cover up for that mistake, that error was pretty huge.
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