Did anyone find Vickie kissing Dolph sick???

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Did anyone find Vickie kissing Dolph sick???

    I thought that was wrong shes old enough to be his mother. Also Dolph so needs to dump Vickie and be on his own he can make it on his own WWE need to just do this and Dolph would be a huge star
  2. No, they're both beautiful.
  3. I didn't understand the reason in those two kissing.
  4. Vickie is 44, Dolph is 31. There is a 13 year age difference between them. Adult couples with that kind of age gap are completely normal and thus translates as normal on camera as well. Do your research before saying she could be his mom.
  5. They shouldnt have done it, but it wasnt disgusting. It would have been disgusting if it was Kelly Kelly though, ugh she is hideous.:troll:
  6. I agree, it wasn't necessary.
  7. No I thought it was incredibly arousing.
  8. I got a boner but I thought it was lame. They were already a 'couple' before and even them breaking up didn't lead to them breaking up as business partners. I'm so sick of Vickie being involved with Dolph.
  9. Vickie always liked Dolph so wasn't a surprise to be honest. I think Dolph would be much bigger without Vickie though.
  10. It was better then Mark Henry and Mae Young
  11. It sickened me because I was expecting Dolph to say "I didn't beat Swagger to win you over, I just wanted to prove I'm the best inside this ring, I don't need you, get out of here.", instead, she kissed him. :annoyed:
  12. If it was me I'd of slipped my cock in
  13. :dafuq:
  14. Lol!!!

  15. nope vicki is a fox
  16. Re: RE: Did anyone find Vickie kissing Dolph sick???

    I doubt Vickie has one.

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  17. I'm OK with it really. :emoji_slight_smile:)

    Look, Vickie's hot, and age difference is bullshit nowadays. I'm just disappointed to the direction the promo's taking.
  18. BLFFL, Are you hinting that you were having kids before 16 and pregnant became cool?

    It gets DZ more hate, and i guarantee vicki isnt the oldest he's kissed. At least he isnt Macho Manning on an underager.
  19. I mean it's not wrong in the eyes of the society anymore.
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  20. it was adorable
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