Did anyone hear about the asteroid?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. I guess an asteroid came close to hitting the earth earlier today, followed by another one they didn't even see coming.

    I guess another one is going to come close again some time tomorrow (12/12), well today my time, but yeah... its going to be bigger.

    Its funny how I never heard about this till today. I mean what if it did hit the Earth... A lot of people would be dead.
  2. I actually did hear about it and the rumors of the one tomorrow coming close. It's scary to think about. I know you're big into reading into stuff so check out planet x nibiru. It's intense and hopefully these things stay far away from us:obama:
  3. I know all about Nibiru. It was blamed for the red sea in the bible. Poisoned 90% of the earth's water supply and a lot of people and animals died. i wont be surprised if it returns. I see it every night. its not close, but close enough to see with the naked eye. its like a pale red star that sits very low in the sky. I thought is was mars but its not. Creepy stuff.
  4. This one really knows her stuff:obama:
  5. Lets just say I am glad I am not a cat cause the curiosity would have killed me years ago. lol I read a lot into what they don't tell us. Its mostly conspiracy stuff but i figured its better to know the stuff just in case, I'd rather know it then not know it and be like everyone if/when it happens. I am not into it enough to go after the government or anything like that. Just knowledge that will be stored in my brain incase these things were ever to come to pass.
  6. Hey you can never be too prepared, right? Anyways i know i've called you a conspiracy theorist before but you never put it like that. Maybe i'll take a lesson or two from you some time that way if any crazy ishhhh goes down, I won't be the first to die.
  7. Haha sure thing. I am not into it all crazy. Some of the stuff ties into my beliefs so its hard to ignore for me. I wont preach it on the corner or anything but if someone wants to know something I am more then happy to talk theories, because as of now, thats all they are. I hope none of the things are happening, but certain things are easier to believe, seeing as the world is the way it is right now. Scary stuff to think about.
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  8. I have a hard time believing this. Asteroids are big, they cannot sneak up on earth.
  9. Of course it did, remember when Nash sneaked on CM Punk :pity:
  10. If an Asteroid was within like 10,000 miles of earth you would be able to see it with a naked eye. They would have seen it coming.
    This is complete and utter BS.
  11. To be fair we passed by the Geminites tonight (the asteroid field which makes up the star constellation the twins) but all those asteroids are too small to make any impact on earth. They would burn up or shrink when entering our atmosphere.
  12. It's all part of a gemini shower that's occurring.
  13. WE ARE ALL STILL ALIVE! ALIVE! It a early chirsmas murroir! NOT! THE EARTH WILL NOT ENDED IN 2012! :pipebomb:
  14. Good to know. Might have to bust out the ol telescope leo
  15. Wondering if Brit or Danny can help are there any decent books on topics such as this and conspiracy theories? I kno i could read it online but I find book form easier.
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