Did anyone here enjoy heel R-Truth?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 31, 2013.

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  1. The guy was so much better as a heel. The conspiracy angle had great potential.

    Amazing promo:

    The guy would be fantastic as a midcard heel.
  2. I loved him as a heel. That was when I first started watching WWE again and I really thought he was main event material. Then he kind of just fizzled out to the midcard. So did Miz, but Truth was far more entertaining.
  3. I don't know one person that disliked heel R-Truth. He was (in my opinion) at his best in his run as a heel.
  4. I loved heel R-Truth while I hate face R-Truth. Him and Miz were cool together.
  5. God dammit yes, he was entertaining as hell. Turn him back now!
  6. Me and my dad enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty cool and funny, but for the most important part, fresh. It felt like someone has finally climbed out of the midcard, and earned his rights in the main event, it didn't feel forced. The gimmick seemed to hit the fans hard too, because it was true. Cena was basically everywhere and it did feel like a conspiracy. I knew he wasn't going to win the WWE championship from Cena on his first try, but it was nice to see something fresh from WWE until they decided to fuck him up and fuck him over.
  7. I really enjoyed his run as a heel. I couldn't wait for the next guy to get got!
  8. Man, I loved it. Laughed at every segment he was in and even when he was a bit more serious with the conspiracy stuff I enjoyed it. Funny how that went nowhere now he's boring and buries Cesaro and Barrett randomly on weeekly shows.
  9. His initial heel-work was hilarious. I even liked him when he briefly teamed up with Miz, too bad he had to ruin it with that wellness violation though.

    Loved this segment:

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  10. I loved him as a heel. I found him hilarious and so did my dad, although my dad still does find him funny, it isn't as golden as his heel run. The awesome truth tag-team could have been something, if R Truth didn't mess up by getting suspended. It's about time they make him heel and it'll be another golden run.
  11. Loved him as a heel, and I have trouble naming one guy I know who didn't enjoy his run, lol. Surprisingly enough, the same, broken record known as R-Truth was arguably the best thing in WWE (maybe along with Mark Henry) from his heel turn till Punk's shoot (and continued to be one of the best things after that). They seriously messed up on something which had potential to be huge. He needs to turn back heel. Actually, I wouldn't mind an Awesome Truth reunion, while on the subject. Loved that team, too!
  12. Still don't understand why they turned him face when he commited the violation. I mean, sure, it was a way out, but did they really have to do it?
  13. Not a fan of the guy but yes he was better as a heel.
  14. Yeah I was really big on R-Truth when he turned heel and I was really disappointed when he didn't beat Cena at Capitol Punishment because he could have had such a great run, he was really on a roll at the time.
  15. Good promos, poor wrestler.
  16. I'm pretty sure the general consensus was that heel R-Truth was amazing and was from the get-go pretty much. One of the forums I was on before this one were really praising the him and that convinced me to check out his heel work (as I wasn't watching at that point, and wouldn't start watching regularly until the Raw Roulette for obvious reasons) and as you may have figured by the parenthesis I wasn't a fan. In fact, I thought it sucked but I did appreciate the deviation from the norm of characters. Still, I didn't get any enjoyment watching him (sans like one promo he did with The Miz). Granted I haven't seen all his early promos , but I've seen all the ones post-shoot (as I stupidly watched Raw live). Just another thing I disagree with the majority of the IWC on.
  17. Yeah we both thought it was well presented.
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