Did Cena bleeding make it better?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. All this talk about how much people want blood, did it make the opening segment better last night?

    In my opinion it did, whether it was accidental or not (which I think it was), it was pretty awesome.
  2. I think the blood made it way more interesting, it really was a great opening to the show.
  3. It made Brock and Cena look good, this was a time when blood was a good idea. It will be interesting to see if Brock works the same style as before or incorporates a more shooting element.
  4. It already looks like he, like Rock, will have special permissions to do and say as he pleases. Which is great television.
  5. Yes definitely. It made the opening segment even more great.
  6. Hell yeah it did. The smile was badass too.
  7. Yeah, for once I actually liked him smiling.
  8. The blood made the tension between them seem uber real at first. I must say the busted lip was probably accidental, but it definitely gave marks and smarks alike a "wtf" moment that they won't soon forget.

    As for the blood, I still don't believe it was a capsule. Real blood, real injury, possible tooth loss, but an accidental hit nonetheless.
  9. Well the punch was real and so was the blood so yeah it made it better
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  11. It made the moment more realistic. More realistic elements make it easier to suspend your disbelief for those "less realistic" moments (I'm looking at you, Mick Foley.....and your mandible claw, too), so, yeah, it made the opening segment one of the best Raw moments in recent history.

    It also was a great Cena moment. Him smiling that bloody grin was fantastic. In fact, Cena's had a few great moments recently (the "old school" Cena rap, this opening segment, the match against Rocky at Mania).

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