Did fans ever get bored with Austin v Rock headlining WrestleMania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Brad., Jun 19, 2014.

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  1. Austin and Rock faced each other 3 times at WM in the space of 5 years. Obviously they're 2 of the biggest stars of all-time and they changed the heel/face dynamic and had new storylines, but did fans ever turn against it at all?
  2. I don't think so. The promo battles were always off the charts and the title was always in the line so it was never a side feud.
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  3. Nope. Two of the best characters of all time, two of the best mic workers of all time, two of the greatest stars of all time period, and like McMahon himself said on the Wrestlemania XIX documentary, they were practically made to be the perfect rivals for one another.

    Plus, they only main evented Wrestlemania twice - at 15 and 17. By the time they clashed for a third time at Wrestlemania 19, the feud wasn't quite as hot anymore but it was still entertaining (to be fair, they were originally booked to face other opponents - Austin against Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship and The Rock against Goldberg, but Goldberg not signing in time to properly build a Wrestlemania match forced them to switch the card around.) Ironically, by far their best segment during the WMXIX build was actually one that happened after Raw went off the air. You can see it on Austin's DVD.

    Other than the three aforementioned Wrestlemania matches, they only wrestled one-on-one a handful of other times (only two of these matches being on PPV), so the feud was never really over-saturated and their chemistry with one another was so unparalleled that the fans couldn't get enough of it.
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  4. I imagine you are asking this question due to your vast familiarity with the Cena era.
    Older members here realize that it wasn't until the Cena era that feuds ever really got overdone
    I didn't like Austin/Rock 2, tbh. Face/face is too respectful. The heel turn and subsequent joining with HHH killed it for me.
    Kayfabe wise, I understand why Austin turned. Collaborating with HHH was f***ing awful and made Zero sense to me

    Subpar talent wasn't forced down our throats like it is now.
    On the rare occasion they were *cough Diesel*, they were generally demoted for not being able to hack it
  5. I'm sure some older fans did, but as a kid I ate that shit up.
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  6. I hated Austin's heel turn but for what it was, I still enjoyed the Two-Man Power Trip. There's something I love about two sworn enemies forming a pact with one another to wreck havoc on everyone else (in this case, Undertaker, Kane, Hardyz, Lita) instead.

    You just know if/when the day comes that they finally turn Cena heel, they'll probably try to recreate the Two-Man Power Trip by having Cena and Orton become partners in crime as well... and no telling how awful that'll end up being.
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  7. This. If I were to conceptualize that angle, your quote would either summarize or could even be the thesis for my argument.
    I'd love for Orton to be on Cena's level (or even moderately close), but he just... is not
    For Orton's character to spark, he needs writers who can band together and comprise the hottest angle possible.
    Randy Orton is the worst #2 guy in the history of the business and it isn't even close.
    Cena's true #2 guy is at a Cubs game right now and is true #3 guy is in TNA and calls himself Willow

    I digress. With HHH in charge, he will pitch your idea but I would hope cooler heads prevail and meets Phil's demands instead

    Edit: For the record, I'd like to see WWE get behind Jeff Hardy's heel persona.
    His character would fit in well with the influx of new talent/cult like personalities WWE is introducing
    He could do for Bo/Seth/Bray what he did for CM Punk. The young talent is there, but Jeff's star power could really be a boost
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