Did Punk vs. Kane Draw in the Main Event?, Lesnar Does Big for RAW, More

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Mar 13, 2013.

  2. NAO are kings babay!
  3. Mark Henry vs. Kofi Kingston and Ryback vs. Heath Slater and the Henry-Ryback face-off lost 179,000 viewers.

    ATTN: Kofi, Ryberg, Slater... how terrible are you three if you can combine to lose 180k viewers when appearing on screen with Ratings Henry? You should all hang yourselves.
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  4. :mad2: Racist Dolph. It's fine if Slater and Ryberg hang themselves, but why the African? I should hang you.....a book of respect.
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    Written by CM Punk
  5. Sandow = Ratings.

    Show did well considering the lack of Cena, see WWE he isn't a draw after all :tough:
  6. African? Kofi is Jamaican, haven't you heard? And racist? I'm like the biggest Henry mark on here.

    lol, that is like people saying something racist but then being like "No, my best friend is black!"
  7. Still crazy ratings.
  8. i think Kane/Punk failed simply because of Kane. he stopped being relevant in the main event. i think Punk should have won the match.
  9. I think Kane/Punk failed simply because of Punk.

    Nobody buys that vanilla midget wrestling big badasses like Kane.
  10. who knows. can we come to a agreement that it was both?
  11. Works for me :smug:
  12. It's more down to Kane. Nobody buys him as a big badass anymore, he's a softie because of his comedy angle with Daniel Bryan.
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  13. Some of my best slaves are black.
  14. Speak for yourself. I still check under my bed for Kane before I go to sleep at night.
  15. I knew that mask would come in handy. :ksi:
  16. Outlaws drawing, sounds great. Good ratings overall though.
  17. Who isn't afraid of Kane as oppose to Punk? Kane is this fire controlling random pyscho who hangs out with a dude with a goat beard, and Punk just looks like someone you find at a bar. I'd piss my pants if I turned on the light to go to my room in the dark and Kane was right there. If I saw Punk I'd just flip him off.
  18. Punk isn't supposed to be scary...
  19. :dafuq: But he's part of Cobra, they try to scare people and stuff.
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