Did Roman Regins make a mistake on Monday Night Raw July 13th show?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sobiru, Jul 17, 2015.

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  1. So talking about Monday Night Raw July 13th show, we had an Ambrose Vs. Wyatt match.

    When Wyatt's entrance was finished and the lights came back on, you could see Roman Reigns is running behind him.

    I couldn't help but think about he was supposed to be standing behind him already, while it was still dark and prior to the light switch.

    You know, to give it a little more effect. Like giving Wyatt a taste of his own medicine.

    Besides, in WWE, in order to surprise people, sudden appearance and vanishing of the superstars happens in an instant.

    But that running made me feel like the timing was off. I don't know, what do you think?
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  2. Sounds like you may be right, I didn't catch that so I'll go watch.
  3. Yup, Roman's timing was off. It's obvious if you look at the segment and then at the recap from later in the show, were they have cut it so it looks like he was already standing there.
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  4. Maybe he did mess up, but the screw up meant little to nothing. These guys screw up every night and the times we notice we call them out on the internet for something that means nothing. They're not perfect and it happens on live television.
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  5. I didn't even notice that back when I was watching the show, I guess I just liked seeing Reigns taking the page out of Wyatt's book, sneaking up behind him and kicking his arse.
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  6. Doesn't running show more passion and fire than simply standing there?
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  7. Yeah, you're right. That proves it's the way it should have been.

    I hear you. I was just checking if I got it right. It had a little effect and many may not have even noticed it. I believe in the TV business, it's the details that make it exciting. So i believe paying attention to these little details can help them have a better show.

    I agree. It was a tiny detail. Yeah i liked that too, give the man a taste of his own medicine.

    I'd have to disagree. In my opinion, It does show more passion if the room was not dark and everything was normal. You know, like when suddenly someone's entrance music hits and they run in. Running in like that does show more passion and usually gets the crowd riled up.
    But if you want to sneak up behind someone, out in the dark, usually you are standing there already when the lights come on.
    It's a classic scene in horror movies. It's dark and when the character turn some lights on or lit up some matches, there is a creepy monster right behind them. ( Not running)
    And the camera on Wyatt, was in perfect position to catch a pissed-off, badarse Roman Reigns standing right behind Wyatt when lights came on.
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  8. Live show so mistakes are bound to happen. Should have saved it for SD, so I don't have to watch it :booker2:
  9. Yeah I noticed this when I was watching it. Not a big deal at all though, it's going to happen.
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