Did Ryback have sex w/ underage Stephanie McMahon?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. Wtf was up with that match? So lame. That is where they are taking his character? To be a generic chicken shit heel who gives up in matches to 'save himself' for the PPV and be 'smart' ? Holy fuck that is terrible.

    Even as a Ryback hater I find this disturbingly bad.
  2. This thread title >>>>>>>
  3. underage Steph... :gusta: :fap:

    WWE is just retarded, Nothing new. They were high on him, yet they have him lose every PPV match. They seemed to try and get him over ("feed me more!" chants, etc) then they turn him heel :harvey:

    Typical #WWElogic.
  4. Can't say I'm too upset though. Idc for Ryback at all :tyson: :happy:
  5. Definitely. He sucks dick, it is just interesting to me to see if this is some sort of legit burial and he is being depushed/possibly punished or if this is legitimately something they think can help get him over as a heel.
  6. They made him look like shit big time. His gimmick is that he is an unstoppable machine pretty much. And The Miz makes him call off his own match.......so sad.....

    But I have a feeling that Ryback is gonna act like his leg is injured at MITB and Y2J is gonna be like "I got this" and Ryback will limp. Y2J will smile then Ryback will get a huge ass grin and you find out that he was faking the injury the whole time. #MindGames.

  7. That is a bearable storyline for some heels, but Ryback? Just plain stupid. Not saying it's not where they are taking it, because nothing WWE does would surprise me
  8. If WWE keeps up the "Ryback is a pussy" storyline then I don't see this happening. But if the rumor for Ryback vs. Mark Henry vs. John Cena is true then I could see this happening. It would be like "Ryback likes to play games with your mind" that's what they would do with it lol. But it would fail so much.
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    Nice booking WWE. You've taken your Ryback fanboys on this site from 2 to 1. Good job!

    It's not believable booking, you've turned this guy from "dude who can eat up 3 guys for breakfast" to "dude who can get beat up by Miz" just so he can turn heel, just so he can face with Cena, just so he can lose and get buried big time. And why do heels have to be weak as hell like this? So counterproductive. As you say they have to give him plenty of time off and reintroduce him with a big bang.

    And no, nobody buys Ryback as a "smart heel who picks his spots". He's a fucking neanderthal. This heel turn is an absolute catastrophe. Last 3 times he's come out I have been completely apathetic when he came out. Just can't care about the guy any more
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  10. Just when I think WWE can't fuck anything up, they fuck Ryback up even more. It's nothing more then pathetic, leg injury or not, the Ryback who beat the shit outta three guys would have AT LEAST stood his ground. It wasn't the fact Miz won, I could understand that from the leg injury, but at least have it to where Ryback didn't want to give up, and Miz was just working the leg to much or something. But making him ask for the match to stop, that was pathetic from someone who claims to be a monster. Maybe Ryback accidentally scratched Vince's limo or bite him when he was sucking his dick, but he just looked pathetic.
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  11. Ryback is dead. Take him off TV for a while and try to save him.
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  12. Needs a year break. Have him work on his ring work/promos while off TV, then have him return and push him to the moon as a tweener.
  13. Remember when heels actually seemed like they had a shot to beat the champion? Other than Henry recently, I can't remember the last guy Cena was the underdog against. When I was a kid, even though I was confident the Hulkster would pull out another victory, they still built up the heel enough to seem like they could take Hogan out. These days everyone knows Cena is winning no matter what. Not to mention the way he can't even lose dirty on RAW with a distraction last night. It's just annoying. So no one should be surprised they've made Ryback a pussy since turning him.
  14. Literally... yes literally... to the moon. I never need to see him ever again.
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  15. The issue with WWE and Ryback is, he won't have good matches against every kind of performer. He needs a certain kind of guy in his matches to come across as interesting and currently WWE has pretty much every main eventer doing something else. He will turn into the next Sheamus.
  16. To the moon? God no. He isn't talented enough. The aura is gone, and he just isn't that good. He can become the beastly staple of the mid card, but he doesn't belong at the top of a card.
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  17. I've been saying this for a while, and it's quite ironic. The point in time I like to mark as "from this point on they've only done stupid bs with Ryback" was when he squashed IC champ Miz in two minutes. From that point on they pushed him to the ME non stop, made him lose PPV match after PPV match, Shield beat his ass and he did nothing about it, lost, lost, jobbed to Henry at WM (won't lie, I marked out but lol) then they turn him heel and make him cowardly. I had already given up on them booking Ryback correctly but this is just a joke, the guy waves off a match vs Miz? Good grief. To think they'll have him come back from that by beating Jericho. I was a Ryback fan but his booking has been bad to the point of no return. I doubt they'll take him off TV though, it'll just be one of those things we have to live with.
  18. Ryback has obviously pissed off Vince real bad to get this treatment I feel sorry for the guy he deserves better
  19. Here lies the problem in WWE. Heels are being fed to Cena and made to look shambolic. That WWE title has meant dick since Rock won it.
  20. The one thing that seems a wee bit strange in all of this is that extreme rules they tried their best to make him look strong in defeat (yeah i know so it would make the Cena rematch viable, but still), and even though he lost again at payback it wasn't a complete burial (ok it put him back a long way, but wasnt making him look really week), and then they come up with this, maybe we all reading this wrong and it's the start of a mighty Miz push and superstars are so scared of is figure 4 they just give up when it looks like it may even come close to being a possibility of being put in it, was never overly enthusiastic about Ryback, but this is just silly and well if it carries on like this i can see 3MB gaining a new member

    So to answer the topic title no, it wasn't Steph but the way they keep burying him, it may have been Shane