Did Sheamus really just get a new finisher?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. He already has two finishers that are better than most of the rosters.. the Brogue Kick and the Razor's Edge, errr I mean the High Cross. Guys like Dolph, Wade Barrett, Miz, ect have needed new finishers for ages.. but Sheamus needs a 3rd one?

    Barrett should have been given this new finisher
  2. Hardly ever see him hit Razor's Edge, maybe that's why. They might be getting rid of it. If it is a 3rd one then I agree. Ziggler should of permanently kept the super-kick to be honest, he perfected (pun intended, your sig) it so well! Barrett and Miz definitely need a new one.
  3. His Razors Edge had no impact. He just slid you along the floor. That's probably why they did it. I'm not sure if Dolph needs a new finisher or just have the sleeper built up. I kind of hoped Wade would use that black hole slam as a finisher it had nice impact or even a knock out punch if they play into his bare knuckle boxing past. Miz makes the SCF work imo. I'm not sure of a new finisher for him.
  4. I always thought it didn't look as painful as people said. The commentators make it seem invincible, sort of like Orton's punt.
  5. Yea I've thought for a while Barrett could use some sort of punching combination capped off with a stiff shot as a finisher in some situations.

    They seemed to be trying to be the Black Hole slam over as a finisher against Orton when they were talking about it would have been over if he hadn't landed so close to the ropes. As of now though he hasn't beaten anyone with it that I can recall
  6. Think he's won one match with it from what I can recall.
  7. I feel like razor's edge or w.e. its called is a decent finisher because the guy always smacks the back of his skull on the met, making it look a little more legitimate.
  8. Sheamus has been getting huge pushes lately, the RR win was one of them, who knows he might be a new world champion after WM too.
  9. Maybe, sometimes it looked okay. Most of the time for me though it just looked like he was sliding across the mat.
  10. Sheamus need to improve his traits as a fighter because in order to achieve a Hall of Fame career you need to electrify the crowd when his finisher is being accomplished, so yeah a 3rd finisher is probably good.
  11. I think WWE superstars are allowed to choose if they use a new finisher or not. The writers just tell them which one to do after they are told of the new finisher.
  12. I don't think Superstars are allowed to choose jack shit, but maybe you are right.
  13. HSeamus is a copycat
  14. He only occasionally uses the high cross these days, so the brogue kick is his main finisher. I'm not sure about his new one, since its pretty good, but not brilliant. As for Barrett, I think he needs some sort of powerbomb variant as his finisher (falling powerbomb)?
  15. He hit a mean powerbomb in FCW.
  16. Barrett can make anything look good.