Did Silva vs Sonnen really lived up to the hype

Discussion in 'Sports' started by shrayan, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. No doubts silvs vs sonnen was the most probable best match in ufc history but it ended quite early although it was scheduled to be for 5 five minute rounds. So did the match set in Brazil really lived up to the hype or did it end too quickly too decide--------what's your thought??
  2. God no. Sonnen made a stupid mistake and it was over. It could have been way more entertaining.
  3. Hyped fights like that will never live up to the expectations people put on them. It was a good fight while it lasted and we got a finish. It was satisfying for me. Chael dominated the first, got two takedown attempts stuffed in the second, and got flustered. He goes from takedown attempts to a random, slow motion spinning backfist that he tried from halfway across the cage and of course Silva made him pay.
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