News Did the Illuminati kill JFK?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jeremy123, Jul 26, 2015.

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  1. I choose to wake-up, and believe the illuminati killed JFK

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  2. I choose to be a sheep, and believe that the Illuminati did not kill JFK

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  1. JFK makes several references to a secret society. This was one of his final speeches before his tragic death.

  2. The sheep are those who believe the illuminati crap actually... those are the ones who don't bother to understand what they "believe". lolol
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  3. No a gun killed JFK.
  4. Yep, from my Social Studies classes have told me a man named Lee Harvey Oswald killed him by a gun shot. Later I was told that Oswald was killed by a gun shot by a a man named Jack Ruby. There, that is your little History lesson for today.:fact:

    Oh and I guess I am a sheep then. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
  5. Don't be ridiculous, OP. Anyone who knows anything knows it was the Bilderberg Group. Illuminati is a smokescreen.
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    The video speaks for itself guys. JFK is clearly referring to the illuminati. This is irrefutable proof of their existence. Stop being a sheep.

  7. Lyndon Johnson killed Kennedy.

    He at least orchestrated the whole thing.
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    LMAO fuck off with your horrible 1-2 vote. Pass. He was a patsy, the Illuminati is something shoved in your face to gain your attention while the real plan moves forward. This is a garbage thread and I miss Deth and Brita.

    ETA: So much for my friendly award. I disagree with how this thread was introduced, but that shit above was pretty weak on my part.
  9. I still go with Lee Harvey Oswald who killed President Kennedy. That will get me the right answer on my Social Studies Test.
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  10. A lot of the "one-world government running everything" Illuminati crap is nonsense obviously, but I wouldn't be surprised if there really were some sort of form of higher government/hierarchy/authority out there that had the final say on everything above everyone else. I'm not saying every country would have one, but there could be at least one of them that might.
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  11. I think it's obvious who had the most to gain by Kennedy's death, and his swearing in happened while JFK's blood was still on his wives dress. They were only on the ticket together because they needed each other. Once JFK was elected, it was just a matter of time before he pissed off the wrong people. He did.
  12. Of course there is an Authority in the USA. We see it every week. I am of course speaking of the ultimate authority Stephanie McMahon & HHH. :pity2:
  13. The Mafia killed JFK, not the all seeing eye.
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  14. Your 'evidence' is anecdotal at best, and lunatic at worse.

    I guess I'm better off being a sheep, thx.
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  15. Please do. The video here is poorly done, but that doesn't confirm or deny anything.

  16. Back and to the left.
  17. SEAB!
  18. guns don't kill people, people kill people.

    Any ways, fuck that illuminati bs. it's all garbage.
  19. Guns don't kill people rappers do from Bristol zoo down to bnq.
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