Did the Post-WM RAW crowd make New Day Turn Heel?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by C.M. Shaddix, Apr 7, 2015.

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  1. So here's the story... In the Lucha Dragons debut they teamed with New Day to take on Acension and Cesaro/Kidd. Since it's the Post-WM European crowd, they cause total anarchy, so they totally just backed the Lucha Dragons the whole match and shit on New Day. Is that why WWE is now about to make New Day turn heel? It's happened before with Batista.
  2. They would never turn anyone heel based off the reactions of only one crowd, especially the post-WM crowd since it's considered an anomaly compared to your average WWE crowd anyway. There's been rumors of them turning heel for awhile now. Keep in mind that the original idea for The New Day gimmick was rumored to be something closer along the lines of the Nation of Domination than a bunch of stereotypical black congregation members (or whatever the fuck they're supposed to be.)

    Also, Batista wasn't turned heel only because of the reaction from the Rumble crowd, otherwise they wouldn't have kept him as a babyface for several weeks afterwards. It was because pretty much every town they went to kept shitting on him in favor of Daniel Bryan and it eventually reached such a fever-pitch that the Bryan marks were literally hijacking the show. Hell, he even got a mediocre reaction on the night of his return. If the only negative crowd reception that Batista had ever gotten was from the Rumble crowd in Pittsburgh, you can bet that Batista/Orton would have still headlined WMXXX as originally planned.
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  3. I have no idea where WWE got off believing these a**holes could be suited as babyfaces anyhow.
    Were the Spirit Squad babyfaces? No. When Daniel Bryan began his 'Yes' movement, was he a babyface? No.
    DDP, too, had a similar motivational speaker gimmick in WWE, that was just a wolf in sheep's clothing.
    The list goes on and on. Anybody that is overly enthusiastic with themselves is naturally suited to be a heel.

    I'm surprised the Uso's aren't heel, but I suppose there is a difference if you're just 'having a good time' as opposed to insisting upon yourself as the people I mentioned repeatedly did.
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  4. Quite a few crowds have turned on them, and the rest doesn't care at all. I'm sure they've been planning this for a little while.
  5. I think the Rumble crowd in Philly started the whole 'New Day Sucks' chants.
    Before facing TK & Cesaro at the Rumble, I don't remember them getting a single pop.
    So, turning them heel is a good idea. I've been wanting to see The New Day as a heel stable from the get-go and right now, I like their character progression, so a full-blown heel turn should be there real soon.
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  6. New Day needs a New Gimmick
  7. no
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  8. Anything they can do with New Day at this point would be more interesting than what it is now.

    The crowd is part of it, since Mania season. But, the fact that they're never getting cheered or responded too in any fashion is probably the biggest reason of all. They have potential, WWE just needs to quit making them so scripted and goody, goody.
  9. No waiz, this was always the plan from what I understood out of the backstage chatter.
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  10. Well... lemme ask ya'll a simple question: What SHOULD WWE learn from the New Debacle?
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