Did the Rock come back for the fans.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Danielson, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. Do you think The Rock came back for the fans? He is one of the highest grossing actors in recent years, and the money he earns in the WWE simply doesn't compare.


    Did he come back for the benefit of himself? What do you guys honestly think? I'm interested in knowing.
  2. Combination me thinks. I think it actually bothered him how people said he was a part timer and shouldn't have taken the WM main event spot from Punk. He wanted to prove to them that he does care about the business, and has already made way more appearances than he did during the feud with Cena. I'm sure he also wanted to be champ again for himself, thats gotta be a good feeling, having thousands of people cheering for you. Also, I think his daughter was pretty young during his first WWE run so she didn't really get to see her dad in action. I think she's old enough to watch now, maybe he wants her to see him at the top of the mountain.
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  3. Good response, thank you. I still hold it to be true that he is more here for the fans than anythign else, but those determining factors aren't ignorable. I'm sure it didn't hurt knowing he would be champ etc. etc.
  4. I'll put my answer as....like someone famously said years ago.... "I did it... I did it for the Rock!"

    ~Three Said That~
  5. Yeah, I'm with Perfect. He seems like he genuinely loves entertaining people, and I'm sure he knows a lot of people are disappointed with the product and want the AE to come back, but I doubt it's the only reason he came back.
  6. Yes IMO, the Rock seems like a really genuine guy and I think he's back because he loves it. Did anybody else notice the way he appeared to say 'than you' to Punk right after he pinned him? Obviously means a lot to him.
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  7. :sad1: maybe he did. I wish there was a way to certaintly know.
  8. I did not, if that's true, that's awesome. I'm going to watch now.
  9. Yes Dwayne did come back for the fans he loves the fans and considers WWE his home. Also he didnt come back for the money as he makes alot more money doing movies
  10. Indeed a combination.

    He loves the fans, and I think it was a challenge for him as well to become he champ once again.
  11. This.

    Rock seems like an awesome dude, he has a great philosophy on life. It wouldn't surprise me if he's mainly here for the fans, but there's still that kid inside him who just wants to dominate WWE.
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  12. He definitely mouthed something and I'm pretty sure it was that, can't rewatch now though, computer's messed up lol.
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  13. Rock came back promote himself. Ditching the Rock and calling himself just Dwayne Johnson wasn't helping his star power. Since returning to WWE we've seen him in a lot more major movies and not that Disney crap, so I think part of that would have to do with him returning to WWE and raising his popularity.
  14. As mentioned, he did it because he wanted to prove people wrong (especially Cena) when they said he didn't care about WWE and didn't have a true passion for wrestling. And he wanted to prove to himself too perhaps.
  15. He came back for the nice payslip.
  16. :george:
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  17. I don't think $$$ had anything to do with it. You could argue with me about it being for his ego but $$$.... Naw, not buying that.
  18. Considering he'd make what like, $15m-$30m per movie (if it's big like Fast 5, GI Joe etc.) and he's only on like $6m/year MAX at WWE, it's not for the cash.

    Gonna re-watch where Rock pinned him now to see if he did mouth something.
  19. Found it, gonna cap it and upload.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOuXV31JvJc&feature=youtu.be

    He says 'thank you' at 5 seconds in, so turn the volume up and watch his head like go side-to-side with Punk then roll for the pin.

    Nice one Rockie, and for R'Albin for noticing this.
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