Did the SES have...

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  1. The potential to be the best stable ever? I loved the superstars shaving their head and joining this cult. It had so much potential to be incredible. Imagine CM Punk walking out to fire burns, and 5 seconds later 10+ bald superstars/divas come out as his "protectors", CM Punk being the only one with hair. All followers wearing matching attires.

    It could have been better than Nexus, NwO and Evolution in my opinion.
  2. It had potential to be good but the best ever is pushing it.
  3. It had potential of being good.
    But seriously, better than the nWo?
    Maybe WWE nWo.
    Also better than Evolution?
    Not really.
  4. I generally think it could have with good booking. Nexus is already regarded as the closest competition to evolution/nwo, some say Nexus is the best of all time. I think SES could have been better than Nexus easily.
  5. The thing is nWo and Evolution lasted way longer than Nexus.
    Plus New Nexus kind of ruined the whole stable.
  6. That's not the point. Nexus in its prime was considered as good or better than those. Imagine if it lasted a year+.

    Now think about SES doing the same, how good that would have been. Punk being champion, 2 of his followers being tag-team champions, diva follower being diva's champion and also being IC champion. Would have dominated SmackDown.
  7. It was alright.
    Nexus was great when it started, but after Summerslam and the whole Cena leaving thing ruined it.
    Nexus had potential of being great , but on how long it lasted and booking ruined it.
  8. Once again though - that's not the point, if Nexus or SES were booked correctly, they could be rivals to evolution and NwO. That's my opinion of course. We all know WWE will never create a stable to rival those because of how crap they are at booking monster story-lines, but the thread is about IF they were booked how they should be booked, could they be considered as the best of all time?
  9. Nothing will be better than nWo period.Maybe evolution, but not the nWo.
  10. SES was powerfull in a strange way..
    I liked the gimmicks with the baldies and all of that.

    nWo and Evolution were bigger, but something quitte different.
    Different in goals, being something, different superstars in it.
    nWo and Evolution had top guys in the stable. CM Punk was the only top guy in it, besides that, just a 'woman picked out of the crowd' and Festus. A different sort of stable. Very rare, but at the same time, shocking and powerfull.
  11. I could imagine having Punk in the locker room coordinating attacks, have him win the strap, give Gallows the IC and give Serena the Divas title, while Mercury and ???? win the tag team titles.
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