Did the USA football team not make it into Olympics?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Did the USA football team seriously not get into the olympics for football? I just read a post from a scrub on another site and he mentioned it.
  2. Nope.
    El Salvador beat them and stopped them going through.
  3. Holy shit I'm loling hard, but quite upset I won't get to see smexy Clint and Lando.
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  4. Didn't even know El Salvador was a country.
    I thought it was a character on GTA. :otunga:
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  5. No wonder they beat US, none of them want to return to this beast volcano.

  6. Clint and LD wouldn't have been at the Olympics anyway. Our younger teams always suck. We don't really develop good players while they are still that young generally speaking.
  7. USA doesn't have good players at any age. :dawg:
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  8. Whatever you say chief.
  9. Holy shit. :dafuq:
  10. I'd love Clint in the center of Man United's midfield tbh. Bradley looks like a hot prospect too and they have two solid keepers. Also, Gomez ftw.
  11. :finger:
  12. Crayo, America sucks at football. All they are good at is Track and MAYBE Basketball. Also Swimming.
  13. How is it a maybe in basketball lol? You have Lebron, Durant, Kobe, Anthony and Harden amongst others.
  14. Yeah but Spain's not that bad.
  15. Yes they are, here are a couple of the people that are gonna play:
    Show Spoiler
  16. I've heard Spain are decent with Gasol and a few others but still US team is gonna tear it up IMO.
  17. Spain's team won't be nearly as good as it was 4 years ago IMO. USA will cake walk to the gold
  18. Oh, no wonder all of you are saying USA is going to kill it. I haven't watched USA basketball since 4 years ago against Spain. But they have Ricky Rubio :sad:
  19. Ricky Rubio is recovering from a blown out knee noob.

    Seriously, is there a sport Spain suck at? Apart from cricket, we're the GOAT's there.
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