WrestleMania Did the youth movement gain any momentum last night?

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  1. So we are one day removed from mania now. Most people from what I can see think that the undercard matches were the better matches of the night apart from Punk vs Taker. Did the youths of the business like Bryan, Ziggler, Shield and Fandango gain anything from last night? Was there anyone in your mind who walked out of mania with more momentum than when they came in or was it all for nothing?
  2. People started saying Fandango's name right :yay: That's the best part.
  3. There's a youth movement?
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  4. Youth movement? Can I have some of your drugs, Stop?
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  5. :facepalm: I read the title and thought it had something to do with the youth fanbase.
  6. Bryan and Ziggler aren't exactly the youth.
  7. Ziggler is what 31? That is very young in terms of wrestling years
  8. Well I think Daniel Bryan made up for his mistake last year with Kane letting him get the final blow. At least a bit more confidence in himself and solidfying the tag team.
  9. Guys, I think we need to have 'the talk' with this one.

    Not that talk, I mean the kayfabe talk.
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  10. I've kind of been wondering about that..... :urm:
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  11. Eh? What do you mean?
  12. Do you know what kayfabe means?
  13. I do now,I just looked it up on wiki now but wouldn't it mean like everything we watch on WWE is all kayfabe, just gimmicks to please.
  14. Well Fandango got some air wrestling time and got his Wrestlemania moment over a multiple time world champion, so that made him look decent now. Bryan and Ziggler put on a decent match, nothing good or bad from them, although Daniel got his Wrestlemania redemption now. Swagger/ADR was just meh from a fan standpoint, they didn't get really over. The Shield is still looking good when it comes to wins. Getting a win over three world champions continues to make them look strong, but it wasn't really over since they've been doing this for a while and there was no real story build from this. Wade didn't gain anything, neither did Miz that much besides a white strap. CM Punk did look good though during Undertaker's match and was part of the Match of the Night for the majority of people, so while he did lose, he did look very good.

    That's all I guess.
  15. Cena won
    Taker won
    Trips won
    Henry won
    Kane won

    Shield won
    Fandago won

    Yeah, movement alright!
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  16. In a way yes. Every wrestler portrays a character. Some just take parts of themselves and enhance it (Guys like Cena, Daniel Bryan, Punk and such) and some play out more out there characters (Kane, Undertaker, Fandango).

    The ends of matches are pre determined and done for entertainment value. What happens from start to finish of the match is mostly freestyled though.

    It's like a drama show in a sports universe.
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  17. I actually feel bad for Jericho though. Out of all the part timers in Wrestlemania, Jericho is the only one who returned and wrestled every week, and did house shows. As his reward he got to job and one of the few veterans that lost at Wrestlemania to a debuting wrestling :dafuq:
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  18. Bryan got the pin in the tag match. Ryback went over Henry in the end by shellshocking him after the match.

    that equals 3 "old timers" going over and 4 younglings (Bryan, Shield, Ryback, Fandango). So yes, the youth movement did gain some but not that much, since they were not given that much time.
  19. That's because Jericho is old school. He's doing what most old wrestlers did back in the day. Just job to younglings. He was never that up the card so he could be in a taker like position or with Rock' mainstream appeal to justify the protection he has.
  20. I'll give you Shield and 2/3 chents of Fandango, but Bryan and Back... No.

    There's no youth movement if that youth movement isn't happening in the main event scene or at least uppercard.

    Midcarders getting some wins is OK, but not even close enough. Rock came, made nobody. Lesnar came, made nobody. Cena is 10 yrs at the top, he made nobody except Punk. HHH made Batista and that was 8 yrs ago. Miz went from main eventing to a pre-show.

    Shield is the only TRUE youth movement going on right now in 'E.
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