Did they just run out of ideas or something?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. What was with the most anti-climactic main event ever coming off one of the best PPV's of 2012?

    Cena and Punk didn't even have an interaction, when the whole reason John vs Punk happened was because Punk wanted to win and have Cena say Punk IS the best in the world.
  2. They have 6 weeks before a filler pay-per-view and have no idea how to use these early weeks.
  3. 6 weeks until the next ppv?.. get ready for fillers galore! im guessing thats the reason.. they can't think of anything to fill 6 weeks
  4. I have faith.
  5. :dawg: This feud is getting worse daily. Seriously great PPV though.
  6. "Did they just run out of ideas or something? "

    I've been thinking this for the longest time.
  7. Couldn't watch the ME, my Internet was trolling me and the video wouldn't load. Anyway, indeed, it was weird.
  8. Didn't miss anything bro.
  9. You just figured this out? :otunga:

    They've got another 15 hours of RAW to fill as 'build up' to HIAC. And yes, I mean 'fill' - Don't expect anything massive. They had good build going into NoC, so now shit builds until Rumble.
  10. They didn't want to be predictable but they also didn't want Cena losing, so this is what they came up with (which is basically a Roode/Aries rip off btw lol)
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