Did they make the correct decision by continuing at Over The Edge 99?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. The Owen Hart incident was terrible but let's say you're Vince McMahon, what would you have done? Arguments for carrying on with the show include you're in a vicious war with WCW who could put you out of business and you have thousands of people in the arena and watching on TV possibly losing you a lot of revenue if you have to refund everyone. The show should have been stopped as you could see the wrestlers were greatly affected by the incident. Watch Undertaker vs Austin as an example of that. Finally it could be seen disrespectful to Owen and his family to continue the show as if nothing had happened. Do you agree with Vince's decision or not and why?
  2. I disagree with Vince decision just b/c someone die on then useing him in the show is how he die! Even though that were in a war it was the wrong that could refund and gave then a redate the next week or something like that. did not need to have the show! But Vince ego got in the way of that!
  3. No, you have to continue. Or face the epic lawsuit. Which sounds insensitive but you have to continue the show. The fans are there to believe the performers are "larger than life"

    The mistake was announcing his death during the show. You NEED to contact his family first then report it to the performers afterwards. How would you feel about learning about you husband/sons/siblings death on a wrestling PPV.
  4. I have no problem with them continuing the show. Although it must have been hard for the wrestlers and I'm sure they could have refunded the price for the tickets. But I don't think it's a big negative thing that Vince decided for the show to go on.
  5. Never watched the PPV for that reason, I hate watching things like that happen.

    But Vince had to keep the show going, he just had to.
  6. It's not a decision any of us would like to make and I don't envy VKM having to make the decision one bit. However it was the right decision to continue the PPV however difficult that must have been for people. As someone above stated the incorrect thing was announcing the death live on air this should have been done at a later time after the family had been notified and when it would cause less concern to fans in the arena.
  7. This exactly. They can't announce the death over a live show. That would be more disrespectful than not continuing the show.

    They did the right thing by not putting that PPV on DVD.
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